Silver Crescent Moon

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chapter 4

Chapter 4

I slip on the dress and I look in the mirror. I don’t look half bad. I open the dressing room door. And I can just see the look in my mother’s eyes. This is the dress I am going to be wearing. There is no doubt about it. My mother has already made up her mind.

“Oh, Sutton you look absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think we need to try on any more dresses.” She gushes while trying to fight back tears.

“You really do look amazing Sutton.” Emily adds.

“Thank you.” I say. “I think you’re right about this being the dress mom. I love the way the color makes my eyes pop and the fact that there is silver throughout. Now let’s talk shoes mom. I would really like to wear a nice pair of silver flats. You know I can’t walk when I wear heels.”

“Well Sutton, since you’re not going to fight me on the dress, let’s see what we can find before I say yes. Deal?” she says.

“Deal.” Now I just really hope we can find a pair of flats my mother will approve of. My mom gets a beautiful rose-colored dress. She pays for our dresses and we head to the shoe store. Once we walk in, I spot the perfect pair of shoes.

“Mom what do you think of these?” I ask her holding up a pair of silver shoes that has a short heel on them. I know I would be able to walk in these without my feet killing me.

“Those are super cute. Let’s see if we can find your size.” I’m so glad my mother approved of the shoes. She found a pair of black heels. We paid for our shoes and we headed to Victoria Secret’s. I knew since we chose the purple dress, I would need a new bra.

Once we were finished at Victoria Secret’s we headed to the jewelry store. My mom said that I would need a necklace, a pair of earing and a tennis bracelet to go with the dress. I’m fine with that as long as I do not have to wear yellow gold. I prefer white gold as we cannot wear silver.

We manage to find a necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. They all have diamond and black diamonds. The set is absolutely stunning. I’m ready to go home. I have not done this much shopping ever. I’m just grateful that I did not have to try on too many dresses.

Once we get home, I take everything to my room and go find my dad. He’s sitting in his office with a drink in one hand and staring out the window. I know what that means. He got some news he did not like. I can’t help but wonder what is going on.

“Hey dad we’re back.”

“How’d it go?”

“Good. What are you thinking about? I know that look it means there’s something important on your mind.”

“Oh, sweetie you don’t need to worry about it. I just got the information out of the rogue. That’s all.”

“Dad his so called “Alpha” wants me as his mate. I’m going to worry about it. I’d rather not have to look over my shoulder all the time. What’s going on? Please tell me.”

My dad lets out a long deep sigh before looking at me. “Alright sweetie but you’re not going to like what I’m about to say. Let me get everyone in here so I don’t have to repeat myself multiple times.”

Next thing I know my mom, Thomas, Remi and two of the pack elders come walking into my dad’s office. Okay now I am really curious, because there are two people in this room who do not know about me. Why are they here?

Once everyone has taken a seat my dad stands up and pours himself another drink. Now I’m really starting to wonder what he was told. My dad usually only drinks when he is extremely stressed. This really can’t be good.

Killian’s Point of View

My name is Killian and I am the future Alpha King of the werewolves. I am 21 years old and I have yet to find my mate and my father is pushing me into trying to take a chosen mate so he can step down as Alpha King of the werewolves.

I told him that there is one pack that I have yet to visit to see if my mate is out there. The Silver Moon Pack. We are going to be going there in three weeks for the daughter of the Alpha’s 18th birthday party. Rumor has it that she is an only child.

My family blood line is that of the verry first werewolf. We are the strongest and largest wolves. My wolf is a large pure black wolf with piercing blue eyes. His name is Kian. But he prefers to be called Killer. I let him know that he is crazy all the time.

His attitude can be a bit too much handle sometimes. I wonder if it’s his ego or that fact that everyone is too afraid to fuck with him and myself. He has made so many she-wolves cower and run away for trying to seduce us. I can’t help but laugh every time. He is determined to find our fated mate.

I want my chances of finding my fated mate to be as high as possible. I do not like the she-wolf my father is trying to convince me to make my queen. She has slept with most if not all the wolves in our pack. I do not want a slut as my queen

Our pack is known as the Royal Crescent Pack. I strongly believe that the only one worthy of ruling by my side, is my fated mate. She is the one who is supposed to be by my side. That is the way the Moon Goddess wants it.

My beta, Hunter, and his twin sister, Hadley, are going to be making the trip to the Silver Moon Pack with me. They have not found their mates either. We are all very anxious to find our mates. I’m hoping like hell that I find my mate within the Silver Moon Pack.

The three of us were born on October 6th. So, we’ve been best friends forever. Hunter and I are both very protective of Hadley. It drives her crazy sometimes. But I don’t really care. She’s like a sister to me. I will do everything I can to protect her.

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