Silver Crescent Moon

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chapter 6

Chapter 6

As I close the office door, I mind link Remi. “Hey, Rem lets go for a run. Mae is dying to get some exercise.”

“Sounds great. I’ll meet you in the back garden.” Remi links backs.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that we have to take extra security. With everything going on my dad just wants me to be safe.”

“Completely understandable. May not be a bad thing. I’ll link some warriors and meet you out back.”

I started walking to the back gardens where I’m meeting up with Remi, once I’m out in the gardens I see 15 warriors in wolf and human form. “How much security do I need?” I link my father.

“I told Remi to take the top 15 warriors with you. The Alpha of the rogues wants you. I’m not taking any chances of you being taken.” My father links back to me.

Sighing to myself I know my father is right. I can’t risk my own safety or the safety of this pack. With so many warriors going with, I really don’t feel like going for a run. But I know that I need to give Mae some time to get out and burn off her built up frustration.

Finally, I see Remi walking out of the double doors. I can just tell by the look on his face he was not expecting this many warriors either. Remi walks straight to me trying not look agitated that there are so many other wolves going with us.

“Are you sure you still want to go? I for one was not expecting this much security.” Remi links me

“I really need to let Mae out. Ever since we heard that the king, the queen and their son are going to be arriving in a few hours she’s basically acting like a five-year-old who got a hold of the sugar container. I’m hoping if I let her run, she’ll settle down some. But who knows with her.” I say.

“Alright.” Is all Remi says.

We head to towards the warriors and they all bow their heads as a sign of respect to me. I’m honestly not one for formalities but I get it. Our top warrior Sarah walks over to me. She’s beautiful and young for her position.

She took over the top warrior’s position when her father died a couple of years back from a rogue attack. She has long straight strawberry blonde hair with the most amazing green eyes. Her eyes remind me of emeralds. If I remember correctly, she just turned 20.

“Morning Alpha Sutton.” She says. “Where are we running to today? Just so you know some of the warriors are going to be following at a distance and some are going to be hiding but are going to be close by. I was hoping to make this run as normal for you as possible.”

“Thanks Sarah. I was think we’d head up the mountain to the cliff. It’s our normal run.” I reply.

“I am going to be running next to you and Remi. And the Alpha did let me know about your wolf and swore me to secrecy.”

“Ahh, okay. Are we ready to go? We should probably have some of the warriors head out a head of us to scout for any danger or rogues that may be up that way.” I suggest.

“That’s a great idea. Warriors!” Sarah yells and all their heads snap to look at her. “Half of you are going to shift and head up the mountain towards the cliff. I want you scout for any type of danger and keep an eye out for rogues. The other half are going to spread out and follow in the shadows and stay out of sight. You will only make your presence known if it is absolutely necessary.”

“Yes ma’am.” They all reply in unison.

Half the warriors shift and head off into the woods. The other half are still standing around. Remi and Sarah heads behind different trees to strip and shift. Me I’m lucky every time I shift, I don’t ever ruin my clothing. So, I never have to worry about where I shift.

Kolt is the first one to come out from behind the tree. I feel kinda bad because I don’t know the name of Sarah’s wolf. Her wolf is beautiful. Her fur is the same color as Sarah’s strawberry blonde hair. Her wolf’s eyes look gorgeous against her fur.

“Sarah what is the name of your wolf?” I ask in a mind link.


“Nice to meet you Rose.” I say as a shift into Mae. “My name is Mae.” Rose’s eyes are as wide as the moon. I don’t think she was expecting me to be as big as I am. I look towards Kolt and motion for us to start heading out. I can feel that Mae is ready to run.

I take off towards the mountains. Halfway up I start to feel as if something is wrong. We haven’t heard from the warriors we sent up to check to see if everything was good to go. The further up the mountain we get the more the hair on back of Mae’s neck starts to stand up.

“Something wrong.” I link to Kolt and Rose.

“You’re right. Sutton, I think you should shift back and hop on my back. I got a bad feeling. I’m getting you back to the pack house now.” Kolt tells me. I do as he suggests. Just as I finished shifting, I hop on his back. Something is defiantly not right.

“ROGUES HAVE CROSSED THE BOARDER!!!” We hear in the pack mind link.

“Remi get Sutton back now!” Sarah yells. “We can’t take any chance of her being kidnapped. Tim, Ben, Brandon and Anthony follow them back to pack house, protect them with your lives.”

Remi takes off towards the pack house with four warriors hot on our heels. In the distance we can smell the pungent smell off rotting garbage, the nasty reminder that rogues are on our territory. Fucking rogues, disgusting filthy animals is what they are.

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