Silver Crescent Moon

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chapter 7

Chapter 7

Killian’s Point of View

My alarm is going off at 3:30 am, urg, I am not a morning person. I just hope that someone has made a fresh pot of coffee, if not it’s not going to be a good start to the morning. As I make my way down towards the kitchen, I can smell the freshly brewed coffee.

Sitting at the island in the middle of the kitchen is Hadley and Hunter, I can hear them bitching about something. Goddess now what crawled up their asses. I know this much I’m not going to be dealing with this bullshit the whole way to the Silver Moon Pack.

“Morning Killian.” Hadley is the first to look up.

“Morning Hads.”

“You know I hate that when you call me that.”

“And you know how much I hate mornings and you two bitching at each other over Goddess only know what this time.”

“Hey we weren’t bitching! We’re just discussing rather enthusiastically about whether or not we’re going to find our mates within the Silver Moon Pack.” Hunter chimes in.

“Goddess I hope I find my mate soon. I do not want to make that slut my queen. I don’t know why my father keeps trying to push us together. And the worst part is she knows where my father stands if I don’t find my fated mate.”

“You do know that she’s been ordering all the omegas around and telling them that you’re going to be making her the Queen Luna within the month, right?” Hadley informs me

“What the fuck? I don’t care what I have to do Ashley will never be my queen or my Luna.” I say with a lot venom in my voice not knowing she’s standing right behind me.

“Baby, why would you say that about me?” Ashley whines.

“Don’t call me that. You need to keep your nasty mouth shut. I don’t care what my father says you will never be the Queen Luna. So, stop barking out orders as if you run the place.” I can see the hurt in her eyes but I don’t really care. I can smell the wolf she was just with. “Leave now.”

Hadley and Hunter are doing everything they can not to just start laughing their asses off. I know they can’t stand her either, they’ve made it well known. No self-respecting she-wolf would be going around fucking anything that walks.

“Killian why is Ashley crying?” My father asks as he enters the kitchen.

“Because I told her the truth. That she will NEVER be my queen Luna and she needs to quit acting like she is because it’s extremely annoying. I’ve told you multiple times dad, I want my fated mate. End of discussion. So, please stop pushing her on me, I’m never going to choose her.”

“Fine we’ll see what happens once we get to the Silver Moon Pack. But you only have a month before you are to become the Alpha King. You need to have a queen Luna by your side. All of you need to be outside in about 10 minutes so we can leave.”

“I’m going to go get my stuff I’ll meet you boys outside.” Hadley says as she puts her coffee cup in the dishwasher.

“See you in a few sis.”

I finish my coffee and head up to grab my bags. Normally the omegas would be bringing the bags down and loading them but it’s to early for them they deserve to sleep in sometimes. Besides they do, do most of the grunt work around here.

Walking out the front door I see everyone but my mother. What could she have forgotten this time? “Where’s mom?’

“Grabbing a couple of books out of my office, she thinks we’re going to need them for some reason or another.”

“You know she never goes anywhere without her books dad.”

“I know. Just please get in the car, that way we can leave as soon as she gets out here.”

Finally, my mom walks out of the house, she has the head omega with her. My mom’s arms and full and Susan looks to be writing down everything my mom is saying.

“Thank you, Susan.” My mom says getting into the car. “Oh, and don’t let that wannabe queen Luna Ashley boss you around.”

“Yes Luna.” Susan replies with a very warm smile.

We’re finally, on our way to the airport, looks like we’re a little ahead of schedule. I believe our flight is to take off at 4:30. Which means we should be getting to the Silver Moon Pack shortly after 10:30, right around lunch time.

As we’re boarding the plane, we get word that the Silver Moon pack was attacked again this morning, and for some reason the rogues want the daughter of the Alpha. She is a rarity from what I understand being that she is an alpha’s daughter and an only child.

“What is going on that this pack is being attacked so much?” Hunter wants to know.

“All we know at this point in time is that the Alpha only has a daughter. You should know how rare it is to have your first born and only born to be a female.” My mother Evalynn says looking up from one of her books.

“I don’t think I realized that she was an only child. Do we know her name or anything about her?” I ask hoping to get some type of information.

“All I know is that she is an only child, her name is Sutton-Mae and she is 17 years old, turning 18 within the month.” My mom informs us.

Okay, something about her name just woke up Kian. He’s now jumping around inside my head acting like a five-year-old who got a hold of the sugar dish. “Dude what the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you jumping around like a fucking idiot?”

“You’ll find out soon enough Killian, soon enough.” Fucking pain in the ass wolf. Why does he always do this kinda shit to me? I hopefully once we get to the Silver Moon Pack they’ll have captured a couple of rogues so we can interrogate them for information about why they keep attacking.

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