Silver Crescent Moon

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chapter 8

Chapter 8

Axel’s Point of View

Sitting in my office mulling over the information that Sutton might be the daughter of the Moon Goddess herself, kinda has my mind spinning. How am I supposed to protect her for Goddess sakes? The so called “Alpha” of the rogues thinks he can have her, well he’s so wrong it’s not even funny.

“ROGUES HAVE CROSSED THE BOARDER!!!” I hear in the pack mind link. Dropping my drink, I jump out of my window shifting mid air and landing on all four paws. I take off towards the cliff where I know Sutton and Remi were heading for the run this morning.

“Everyone able to fight to the cliffs now.” I use my Alpha tone in the pack link. “Sarah, how many rogues?”

“To many to count Alpha.”

“Where’s Sutton and Remi?”

“Headed back to the pack house, Sutton tried to argue with me about staying and fighting but thankfully she got on Remi’s back and they took off with four warriors to help get them home.”

“Good, I’m on my way to the cliff.” As I get to the cliff, I can smell the rogues and there’s blood everywhere.

It looks like a few of my warriors are injured but I’m not sure how badly. I start tearing into the rogues, ripping their throats out with my teeth, clawing at their stomachs and just tearing them to shreds. I’m done with them attacking my pack.

It just seems like they just keep coming. The grass is no longer green, stained red from all the blood that has been spilled in just the last two hours. We’re holding them back, but in the back of my mind I just can’t help but wonder how long we can hold them.

I don’t even know what time it is at this point, but I need to stay focused on keeping these assholes back and away from the pack house. In the far back of my mind I have to keep reminding myself that we just need one left alive.

It finally seems like they have stopped coming in waves thankfully. “Remember we just need to keep one of them alive.” I mind link my beta Thomas.

“Yes Alpha.”

It finally seems like this battle is over, we are taking three rogues to the cells. “Get them in chains and give them each a shot of wolfsbane, I do not want them trying to contact anyone on the outside.” I order.

“Yes Alpha” All my men say in unison.

“Sutton, Bella are you two okay?”

“Yes, dad we’re fine.”

“Yes, my love. How are you okay?”

“Yes, my angel. We’re on our way back to the pack house now I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

“Sounds good love, Just, so you are aware the Royal family just pulled up to the house.” Bella lets me know.

Sutton’s Point of View

I hate that I had to leave the fight, but I also know that they are here for me. The safest thing for everyone is if I’m here at the pack house. It’s been about four hours since I got back to the house, I guess I should start getting this ready for the arrival of the royals.

“Sutton are you okay?” Mom asks me.

“Honestly mom, I hate just sitting around and not being able to help. I should be out there with the rest of my pack fighting. They’re fighting because of me, because for some unknown fucking reason that asshole who calls himself and “Alpha” wants me.”

“Sutton-Mae Silver watch your mouth. I know you’re almost 18 but a lady should never swear.” My mother scolds me.

“Sorry mom.” Is all I can say as I hang my head. “But what I said is true, they’re fighting to protect me. I shouldn’t be hiding, it’s not fair to them and you know it.”

“Sweetheart what is not fair is some “asshole Alpha” as you put it, is trying to claim that you are his mate before your 18th birthday. We don’t know who your mate is going to be but what I do know is the Royal family just landed at the airport and should be here in about 30 minutes.”

“Seriously, I thought we weren’t expecting them till later this evening.”

“Well, that’s not the case, so go get a shower, get changed into something presentable maybe a sundress or nice dress pants. No jeans and boots. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am.” I stand up and next thing I know my mother is giving me one of her big bear hugs.

“I love you sweetie.”

“I love you too mom.” We let go of one another and head towards my room. Walking in my room I shut the door behind me and head to my closet, I have to go to the way back to find something “presentable”. I hate wearing dress clothes, I’d rather be in a pair of jeans and my boots.

Once I find my white and purple sundress, I start looking for my good cowgirl boots. Once I find them, I head to the attached bathroom, I know I’m running out of time to get ready and be downstairs to greet the Royal family.

Once in my bathroom I turn on the water to let it warm up, hoping in the shower I just let the hot water cascade down my body. Unfortunately, I know I need to make this a quick shower, so I wash my hair, body and face.

Once I finished, I decide to just let my hair air dry and fall naturally down my back. I get dressed as fast as I can knowing I need to get my ass downstairs before my mother comes and looks for me. Fingers crossed she doesn’t say anything about the boots.

Just as I get to the bottom of the stair my mom is waiting for me. She grabs my hand and pulls me out the front door, just as we step out, we see 6 large black SUVs pulling up to the house. Just how many people did they bring with them?

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