Silver Crescent Moon

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chapter 9

Chapter 9

Killian’s Point of View

We finally landed and we’re about 30 minutes away from the Silver Moon Pack. As I step off the plane Kian starts going crazy once again, damn wolf won’t settle down. He’s starting to give me a headache, he still won’t tell me why he’s acting like this.

Everyone starts to get into their SUVs, my mom and dad with two guards in the second vehicle, Hadley, Hunter and myself in the third and the other four are filled with the guards and warriors that my parents brought along.

“Dude why are you jumping around again?” I ask Kian.

“You’ll find out eventually.”

“If you’re not going to tell me then you need to settle the fuck down, you’re starting to give me a headache and you’re acting like an asshole.”

“Killian, what is wrong with you?” Hadley asks with a worried expression on her face.

“Kian’s jumping around in my head acting like a fucking moron and it’s giving me a migraine.”

“Hazel has been acting funny as well since we landed and won’t tell me why”

“Ace is as well. Do think they know something we don’t” Hunter states.

“No idea dude.” Three of were just bullshitting the whole way to the pack house. Without even realizing it, we are sitting in front of the pack house and my parents are knocking on my window to get our attention. “Sorry mom.” I said getting out of the car.

That’s when it hit me the most beautiful scent, I’ve ever smelled vanilla and roses. That’s when I see her, with long blonde curly hair cascading down her body. That’s when I see her eyes, they are the most radiant purple I’ve ever seen.

“Mate, she’s our mate!” Kian is howling in my head.

“Are you sure she’s our mate?” I asked

“Yes, I’m positive.” As I’m watching her some guy comes walking out of the front door and puts his arms around my mate. Kian let’s out one very possessive and loud “MINE!” before I can even stop him. Everyone’s eyes snap towards me in disbelief.

“Killian are you okay?” my mother asks me.

I’m doing everything I can to regain control from Kian but it’s not working. Just as I’m about to lunge at the guy who was touching my mate, I hear Hadley say something but I can’t for the life of me comprehend what. All I know is some male had his hands on my mate.

“Hadley what did you say?” I ask her.

“Mate, Killian. I found my mate, but he had his hands on another she-wolf.” Hadley says fighting back tears

“Hadley, don’t jump to concussions just yet, that could be his sister for all you know or some sort of relative.” Hunter says trying to calm his sister down.

Seeing Hadley almost in tears is why I was able to gain control back. But what I don’t understand is why my mate isn’t reacting to me. “Maybe she’s not 18 yet” I hear Kian say in the back in my head. “That’s probably why she isn’t reacting to you.”

Sutton’s Point of View

As soon as the SUV’s stop everyone starts to get out and my heart started beating quicker, and Mae is jumping around like she’s on a trampoline. She won’t tell me all she keeps saying is that I’ll find out soon enough and it’s driving me crazy.

Remi walked out of the front door and wrapped me in a bear hug, as soon as Remi hugs me a loud possessive growl shakes the entire house. Remi and I look to where the growl came from and I’m confused as to why someone would be growling.

I turn to look at Remi and he’s frozen, not moving a single muscle. What the fuck is going on here. The young female that got out of the third SUV is staring at Remi. “MATE” I hear her and Remi say simultaneously.

“Hadley what did you say?” A tall very muscular man with piercing blues eyes said.

“Mate, Killian. I found my mate, but he had his hands on another she-wolf.” Hadley says fighting back tears.

“Hadley, don’t jump to concussions just yet, that could be his sister for all you know or some sort of relative.” The other guy standing next to her says.

Remi lets go of me and starts to walk towards the young lady, she really is beautiful. He wraps his arms around her and puts his nose into the crock of his neck inhaling her scent. I’m so happy that he has finally found his mate.

“Remi, I’m so happy for you.” I tell him as he lifts his head with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face. “Hi I’m Sutton, it’s lovely to meet you.” I introduce myself.

Giggling, she lifts her head off of Remi’s chest “I’m Hadley, it’s very nice to meet you as well.”

“Well, congregations you two. I’m extremely happy for the both of you. Your highness, your majesty, welcome to the Silver Moon Pack. I’m Luna Bella it is a pleasure to meet you.” My mother says.

“Hello, thank you for having us.” Queen Luna Evalynn says.

“I honestly wish it could be under better circumstances. My mate and our Alpha is currently in the cells dealing with a few rogues that him and some of our warriors captured after serval crossed the boarder and starting attacking our pack. That is actually why we reached out for your help. Please follow me to our office and I’ll mind link my mate to meet us up there.” My mother says.

“Lead the way Luna.” The king says.

Walking up to my dad’s office I feel like someone is staring at me, looking over my shoulder I’m right. I see the same blue eyes looking at me almost possessively, I think. Remi hasn’t let go of Hadley since he first hugged her outside.

Once we are all in my dad’s office my mom sits in his chair, the king and queen sit directly across from her. Remi and Hadley sit on the love seat in the corner and the other two guys sit on the other love seat, while I stand next to my mother.

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