She Changed For The Best

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Emeralda Rose Ferrari was abused her whole life till the age of 13 by her mom and stepfather. One day, her parents die and her biological family that she doesn't want adopt her. Go on a journal were she experience lies, love, and violence. Also if you don't know me. Wattpad- Renee__D Hope y'all give my book a try!!

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Hey, first book on Inkitt. Updates will be slow. Also hope you like this book.

Coming up, I always wondered what it'd be like to have a father and why he left me with my mother. Well bitch, that feeling is over.

Ok your maybe wondering how I got like this. A coldhearted bitch. You're probably wondering why, well you should know.

I am sitting in my bed looking for my phone. As I find it, I scroll through. Don't even have a single contact names in my calling list, well except Zion. It's hard making friends since I dont like socializing with people.

I made my way to my closet and got on a white tank tops shirt with black thorns jeans with my leather jacket

I grab my backpack and put the spray paint in it. Probably wondering why I got a spray paint. Well heads up, I am a troublemaker.

I stared at mother in disappointment with a needle in her arm. As I'm walking further into the kitchen, I see the man that I hate, my stepfather.

"When I come back here, you and her clean this shit up." I said while putting on my cold expression while smirking watching him coward in fear.

I walked to my stepfather punching him in the jaw making my knuckles bleed. That's how much I hate him.

They used to beat me and send their friends over here to mess with me but now that I was taught they learned they couldn't.


I am on my way back walking home from school because I had detention and knew I was gonna be late, since it's past my curfew. Probably a few beatings here and there. I kept contemplating whether I should stand up for myself.

I made it to the door and open it to be slammed against a wall wincing from all the bruises and cuts they gave me yesterday.

"You bitch, your late past your curfew and you think that's ok" my so called mother said.

"Maybe we should teach her a lesson." My stepfather said.

Before he could come close to me. I kick my mother hands as she screamed in pain and punch her in the guts. She felled to the floor in pain.

My stepfather came over to me and tried to punch me but I grab him by my hands and kept slamming his head to the table as he dropped to the floor.

I went to the kitchen and pulled out a knife and went to my stepfather and craved anywhere going down from his forehead down to his jaw while he screamed and wrote whore on her caused well I mean she is one.

As I'm through I smirk at them as I see them coward in fear as blood dripped down their face.

"You stupid bitch, what did you do to us." He says.

"My whole life you two messed with me and abused me, well now it's my time to shine."I says with an evil smirk.


I smirked just thinking of that memory. I planned on killing them soon. I walked outside and got on my motorcycle and drove to the school and park in the parking lot, every ok ne started at me. I got used to it but it was starting to get annoying.

I looked around and shouted, " Don't you have anything else to do" I say while walking up the door but I got interrupted.

"Hey bitch" The so called Queen Bee says with fear as if she owns the schools

"Did I something for you to be talking to me" I sat feeling annoyed. I means didn't she learned from the last beating she got from me.

"You can't walk around like you own this school. My father pays a lot of money for this school to have some tramp be better than me." She says with her two minions behind her agreeing like she did something.

"Well this tramp cam fight. I'll give you three seconds before I knocked the fuck out of you" I says staring to get angry.

"Like your going to do anything." She says trying to act tough while in front of the people.


'Just go ahead and teach her on how not to mess with us, my inner thought says.


'Get the bitch'


Might as well

I took a deep breathe and punch the bitch in her nose hearing a crack sound and she shrieked while on the ground. Her minions just walked away from her without even trying to help her. And she called them real friends.

That's right be the smart bitch and get bbn out the way before I knocked the fuck out the both of you.

The bell ring and she was still on the floor acting so I walked over her and went to the locker sand spray painted them.

As I make it to th e classroom, I slammed the door opened scraping the teacher and the students.

"G-Goodmorning Ms. Ferrari ,nice of you to join us" she says trying to act nice when literally she hates me.

"I didn't ask you to speak" I said with cold eyes.

I smirk and walk to the back of the class as she start to teach.

15 minutes into class and I was already bored out my mine. Maybe i could skip.

"Emeralda Ferrari, to my office now" the intercom said as kids begain to whisper.

As I walk to the front, I go to the teacher "I probably will see you in a week so get ready" i say knowing I'll get suspended and walked out the classroom without a reply

I go pass the receptionist with looking at her and bust through the door with a smirk.

"Hello Principal Burkon" i say knowing that ain't his actual name.

I looked around the room and saw the tramp in the seat and two other people standing by the desk

"It's Belcom, not Burkin and please take a seat." He said.

I sat down and put my legs on his desk not even caring.

"So why am I hear" I ask already knowing with a bored expression on my face, which the other people looked at me with suprised.

"You're here because I would like to know why you put to Miss Perrch in the face" he said trying to be stern.

"The bitch was starting to get on my nerves so I decided to do a little damage and plus today I wasn't in the mood" i say with a shrugged.

"Who you calling a bitch" She said with attitude.

Is she dumb?!!

"I am talking to the whole that's sitting beside me on my left" I said while smirking knowing I got under her skin.

"YOU BITCH" she said while putting her hands in the air and tried to slap me (keyword tried) but I caught her wrist and started twisting it while she hiss in pain.

"Did you just tried to slap me" I ask with venom in my voice. She is the only person in this room that I'm focusing on.

"Let me go" she says struggling

"Oh now you wanna beg" I said while smirking twisting her hands some more putting pressure on it causing it to spring.

"Ow" she said

"Shut the fuck up whore, it ain't nothing but a spring it'll healed.

"MS.FERRARI, let her go" he said with anger.

"Who the fuck you yelling at" I said while banging my hands on the desk. Now all his anger turned into fear as he coward back in his seat while the other two strangers looked surprised.

"Ms.Perch please sit out by the office door" He said not looking at me.

"What didn't you see what she did to me. When my father gets here, he's going to sue you and this school." She says walking out while I chuckled at her antics.

"Now, Ms.Ferrari, there are other reasons I called you hear."

"Wait is it because I sprayed painted all the lockers" I say with an eye rolled bot caring if I get in trouble.

"No wait, you can't keep doing stuff and this school can't keep paying for your action." He says.

"Who are these people" I say getting ready to leave.

"Oh as I was saying I have something to say" he says looking at me with pity while I raised my eyebrows wondering what he gonna say.

"Spit it out you cunt, I say.

"I sorry to say but your mother and stepfather died in a car accident." He says looking at me showing pity.

"I don't want your fucking pity" I suprising all of them in the room. Did they really think I was going to cry.

"Why are they here" I say nodding my head over to the two mens. "Are these my social workers or something" I say while looking at them while hurt passes their eyes.

They look rich, i thought .

"No these are your other relatives they found while doing DNA testing and you will be living with them." He says while I look at him.

I'm not loving with the people that doesn't want me.

"No the fuck I'm not" I say.


Whew..that was really long.

Hope you guys like it

Check my Bio and follow me.

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