The Watchdog 893

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Chapter 15 | Decisions to make but first some fun

It was done…
Mister Ôishi’s body was brought to his home where they washed his body. His head conform kite makura north. Alex was familiar with these rituals and payed his last respect to his Oyabun. His face was placed to the west and covered with a white fabric, Shiroi Nuno. A short katana was placed at his body for protection against evil forces during his journey to eternity. Alex saw the small table with a bowl of rice with chopsticks in it, water and a candle. The appointment for burning the body was made, now the family could say goodbye to their Oyabun. They all slept the last night together. It was Alex his first time he slept next to a dead body but our of respect he conquered his fears and did as asked.

Alex sat at the table in Oyabun’s house waiting for the appointment with the rest of the family to read the Oyabuns last wishes. He inhaled deeply knowing the next period would or could be something heavy and hard. Normally they mourn for three months. But when It came to parents it was a period of one year. Alex didn’t had a year since he started the job at sir Maxwells place. He couldn’t be away for three months. Or maybe he could ask… Hell he even didn’t mourn that long when Yumi died. It was not respectful of him though…

The other family members came in and looked at Alex in disgust. He still had the gaijin status and what on earth did the gaijin here? He should have stayed away. A tall man came in dressed in a suit which wasn’t Yakuza. He sat next to Alex and started the meeting.

“Hereby I read Mister Ôishi’s last wishes to you family members.”

He started to read out loud and Alex needed to focus because it has been a while, listening to Japanese was still a bit difficult but when he heard his name his eyes widen.

“Kobun, this is including Alex Montefrère, my wish is that you all accept Alex as your brother. He is officially Kobun too and you all need to accept my choice of taking him in the family. His father and I had a very special bond and I promised his father to take care of him in case he did not return from his job. So I did and made him just like you all, a Kobun, a son.”

Alex knew they all would be angry but he was thankful for this wish. He never felt the same as the other Kobun but that was something he needed to accept, especially after he killed Yatsumoto. What Alex didn’t expect either was he would get Oyabun’s house. Living in his house would mean he would be the next Oyabun. He pinched the bridge of his nose, what was happening, he as father of Yakuza? Ôishi family was his? He couldn’t believe it. Not only it was a huge honor, he also knew his brothers might not agree with his.

“Alex, my son. Your father always knew you were strong and I knew too. It might be something difficult for you as I don’t know much about your live outside Japan nowadays. But I do know you lead your company very well, which makes me think you would lead the family very good. See it as a company and you will succeed. But I also understand, I believe you’re married, life in Japan would be impossible for you. Here I want to give you a change to lead the family as Oyabun or you can choose to select one of your brothers to do so. Unfortunately I have to ask you for another yubitsume. Your loyalty will always be with our family, we all know that. But growing from gaijin to Oyabun is something special, as you might understand. Therefor I ask for your ringfinger if you wish to do other than leading us to a higher level. You have five days to think about it, then you need to tell us your decision.”

Alex thought long and hard not hearing the rest of the words. What… Could he ever… His new job at Adam Maxwell… Could he do both? He needed to make a call to Adam to tell him he would be away longer than three weeks and he needed to think about the offer he just got. Maybe he could do both but he needed to make a plan. And that was something Alex always liked, not only making things happen and leading a company or killing people, Alex was also a man of structure and discipline. A plan was build in different fases and if he wanted to succeed he needed to stay longer in Tokyo to research his possibilities.

When the meetin was finished Alex stayed in Oyabun’s house. He waited till everyone was away and closed the door. He made himself a cup of tea and went outside in the garden. He took of his shoes and socks so his bare feet were on the ground. He always did that when he needed to think. Somehow he felt more connected with the earth, more connected with himself. As he walked around a first concept was roughly drafted in his head. Tomorrow he will do more, for now he was done with the day and needed some distraction. He wanted to get inked for a while and he now had the idea in mind. It would be something to set himself free but on the other hand it would show respect to his family.

Alex stepped in to the taxi and gave the driver the address, he answered Alex with a smirk. He knew exactly where the American would go and what he was going to do. When Alex stepped our he fixed his suit and stepped inside the bar, nodding to the lady of the house. He knew the place and he knew lower level was where he needed to be. Slowly walking down the stairs he entered the world of laughter, leather, lube and entertainment. He opened the fourth room on the left and smirked.

“Hello there, it has been a while…”
A girl with blond hair smiled back and caressed Alex’ cheek with her soft hand.
“Hi handsome American, I didn’t expect you back. How have you been?” she asked while her kimono fell from her small shoulder when her hand grabbed Alex his groin. A growl escaped and he answered her pretty sweet smile with a slap on her cheek.
“Do not touch what is not yours until I told you to do so, did you forgot?”
She whimpered, nodded and took her hand away from Alex.

He opened his jacket and took it off before he slowly unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt. He sat down and gave the girl a nod. Now she knew she could start to bring Alex to higher levels… She would bring him so high that his ink session later would be nothing compare the feeling she gave him. She started and Alex closed his eyes slowly drifting in to a state of mind the girl only could get him. Free of pain, free of problems, free of thinking, fuck even free of love because he went to her for one purpose only: pure lust, nothing more. Love was meant for others, not for her. She was just pure lust and fun.
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