The Watchdog 893

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Chapter 4 | Something turns out in a lot bigger...

My voice is fragile, the person on the other side must have heard the doubt.
“So she gave you the phone, right? Well you have to see her one last time, bud. She’ll pick you up and bring you to your job. Oh and it can be a little strange for you, location unknown.”

Ehh yeah, right... what the hell. Pinching the bridge of my nose a throbbing headache plays with my head. I don’t know what’s about to happen but something dangerous and dark it will be.

“Hello handsome”
There she is, the girl of my life. As always dressed perfect.
I look at her, do we need to leave now? I thought... as if she’s reading my thoughts she laughs:
“I want to be with you on your last night here, love.”
My last night here? What?
“Alright love, tell me what’s gonna happen. Do I need to say my friends and family goodbye?
She laughs as her small /yet perfect/ frame makes her entrance, her hips away in a delicate way and those legs and heels, my god. With all her charming looks she completely swept me off my feet and I forget my questions. With each kiss she drags me more into this adventure.

With each stroke of her tongue she empties me, my mind and my thoughts and replacing them with just passion and desire for her, more of her. Running my hands through her hair she knows what she does to me. Damn it and there I go... again... when she starts I’m gone.
Her love around me, fuck she’s one piece of ultimate lust that explodes on top of me, taking me with her in her emotions to leave be breathless.

“Now love,” she says when she rolls on to her side leaning on her hand. She tells me I will be blindfolded and won’t see where we are going. It will be a trip through land and air. And it will take a while.
Still high of pleasure I simply nod not giving a fuck about what’s she’s saying just pure admiring her.

All darkness around me I feel myself pushed into a car, listening to the roaring engine I sit back and wait for what’s to come. The one thing my girl and I did was fantastic not to mention the trip after... To stay calm she gave me an injection and whatever will happen now I don’t care as all is vague. My eyelids are heavy as if I’m drunk but this feeling is so much better than being drunk. Holy shit, just let me ride this and fuck yes!

The poke on my ribs wakes me from my sleep /or trip/ and I am told to get out of the car. Two hands take my Arm and help me out before they guide me.
“Watch out, steps are coming.”
I take the steps, walking up the chair feeling the wind playing with my shirt I feel the hand on the back of my head.
“Get in and lower your head, you’re getting on the plane”
To where? I don’t know. But for now I don’t care. Not that I can go anywhere though.

After a flight that felt like hours I arrived at the secret location, guided by the same hands as before I step in a car. The blindfold slowly removed by the same helping hands I blink with my eyes. In front of me sits a big man with dark sunglasses, he takes a long drag of his cigarette and fills the car with smoke. Perfectly dressed in a suit, looks expensive...

“Hello Alex, welcome to my mobile office” he says with a laugh.
“Do you know who I am?"
Nodding to the big guy he starts laugh harder.
He tell me that I’m at the beginning of one thing big, something my dad and he created. But he made a promise to my father, if anything happens to my dad he would take care of his son, that would be me... And now the time was right...
“Now we need to hear you up, son”
A black bag on my lap, when I open it I see daggers, a katana and passports.
“I’ve set up a few things for you, son. You’ll be part of my family.”
“But be warned my son, most of my family don’t like outsiders so be careful”
The questions were flying through my head. Why, what and why now?
"Because I promised your father you needed to finish high school first, son."

I look at him as my eyes widen, suddenly it hits me. My dad had connections... serious connections in Japan. And the big boss was here speaking to me. That means... fuck, that means...
“What do I have to do to prove loyalty to you?”
The big man pulled out a gun smirked when he put the silencer on it.
“Simple job for you, my son. Kill Ming and I know enough.”
Fuck, I needed to kill my girlfriend. Now what, I’m screwed! Whether I do it or not I am screwed.

I take the gun /silently agree with the job/ and get out of the car. Before I close it he grabs my wrist. He hands me another bag and an address.
“In the bag you find more details and money, go to this hotel and get some rest. There will be a suit for you on your room. Ming will be here tomorrow so you have until then to rest. I trust you are on it”
With a nod I turn around and put everything safe and covered.

On my way to the hotel where my room is already booked and clean. The suit on my bed is good and a perfect fit. The note next to it is frightening though.
For Alex, shoot to kill because you are gonna like the thrill. Katana will be next turn, something you will learn.

Taking a long hot shower to let all sink in before I settle myself to read all details and check my weapons. Thankfully for the lessons of my dad when I was younger I knew how to handle these.
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