The Watchdog 893

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Chapter 5 | The gaijin

Alex sat in his hotelroom feeling low and confused. He needed to prove his loyalty to the big boss, holy shit… Yakuza. His fingers ran though his hair, Ming. His girlfriend brought him in this situation but he actually knew that it was not her but his father. There was always a part of Alex’ father he didn’t knew. Maybe he never really knew his dad completely, for real.

The suit they gave, it was a perfect fit. As if they knew what size Alex had. Mister Ôishi asked Alex to murder the girl he loved. Something he never thought he was able to but now he somehow knew he needed to complete this job otherwise it would be his own death.

Silently he sat on the bed checking the gun and silencer. Slowly he screw the silencer on the gun and aimed at himself in the mirror making a fake poof sound when he pulled the trigger. His eyes shut he imagined how it must look when Ming her brains were splattered all over the place. The brain he used to love, still did. The brain what made him fall in love with her.

“Damn it!” 
Alex threw the unloaded gun on the bed and cursed again. He sure knew how to pull the trigger but to actually kill someone was new to him. He wasn’t sure of himself, could he really do this?
“Fuck, Ming. One moment we fuck, the other moment I’m about to kill you. How fucked up is that?”

The chest pocket buzzed, Alex looked surprised. The buzzing brought him back to reality. He didn’t had a phone when he left home, what the..?
Patting his chest he found the buzzing phone and took it in his hand.


“Yeah… now I need to read it, right?”
Alex hesitated but finally opened the message on his brand new iPhone 12. He loved iPhones but now he cursed them because he was for sure this was bad news.


Alright, sport centre didn’t sound bad, Alex could use a work-out to get his mind back together. Alex texted back with just a UNDERSTOOD and changed from towel around his waist in to the tight fit suit on his bed. He looked in the mirror, a small smirk appeared on his face. He actually looked pretty good…

Meanwhile Yatsumo was waiting for the gaijin. He already hated the outsider because of his American appearance. But Mister Ôishi’s orders were clear: train the gaijin because he is part of the family. So Yatsumo had no other option than training the guy the best he could. He should arrive any minute…

Alex looked at the swords and blades, he knew a gun was effective but he always had a passion for daggers and katana’s. His dad already taught him a little about training with saïs. He took them in both hands and made sure they were pointed away from him, hidden behind his elbows. In front of him stood Yatsumo, his torso covered in ink, intrigued by it Alex got his first cut. The smirk on Yatsumo’s face was annoying but also a trigger, a motivation. Alex took his saïs, still pointed away from him. With respect he bowed to Yatsumo, on his turn surprised the gaijin knew some rituals. He returned the gaijin a bow and raised his katana. Alex’ saïs were now pointed to his opponent and after he attacked Alex’ blocked and fought back like his father taught him.

“Gaijin, you have done this before. Your father was well trained and my sensei.”
Alex gave him a nod. It felt like this man knew his dad more than he did. Alex asked him if he could train here in this place fir a while. His martial arts interest needed to be bigger and better. Yatsumo agreed and told him he was asked by the big boss to train with Alex.
“You’re part of our family now yet you will always be the gaijin. Never forget your place!”

Alex stood there, almost frozen. He knew what his place was and what it meant. Even after his job he still needed to do a lot more than other members, the gaijin name was something he would wear for the rest of his life, at least in Japan.

The next morning Alex looked at the cut on his arm. Not too bad but still a little annoyed he got hit. He was dressed in his suit, gear in place and walked out of his hotel. Ming should arrive at the temple where they supposed to meet in 15’ so he needed to hurry. And there she was... in the crowd, already on his left. Her eyes focused, her hair in a bun and she was dressed in the same suit as him. She looked hot... but hold on...

Something in his head, alarm bells. If she was here dressed like that she probably had the same job as him.
He quickly changed his mind and took a small street on his left. He knew she would follow him. Slowly from behind he heard her voice.
“Hello love”

Alex turned around facing her gun, right between his eyes.
“You were such a lovely boyfriend, Alex. But now you’re dead to me.”
Alex was not scared anymore, he pushed the gun away, crashed his lips on hers before he pushed her to the wall pinning her with his body. Their kiss was raw and hard yet with a last passion. He groaned in her mouth before he took his knife, pulled away from her body. Just enough to stab her in body. Right there where it would be bad to take the knife out again. Her body slowly dropped down, Alex followed until he was on his knees whispering to her:

“I was ordered to kill you and I know you had the same order. This time I was faster, love.”
He took the knife out of her chest and slit her throat to finished the job. His white shirt got blood splattered but he couldn’t care. He took his jacket off with his shirt. His jacket was black and the blood stains were less visible then on his shirt. He grabbed the phone and texted JOB COMPLETED to the only number in his phone. Soon an answer followed. Alex needed to get to the address what was texted. Something told him he wasn’t ready with all this, not yet...
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