The Watchdog 893

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Chapter 6 | Ichika-san part I

After the last sword-attack Yatsumo felt how his katana slid Alex’ upper arm. There was -almost- nothing better than a fresh cut in human flesh.

“Be careful gaijin, this is the second time, you only have two arms. Next one will be your head.”
Alex gave a quick nod before he checked his arm. He did train hard and a lot yet Yatsumo still could find an open spot on his body to hit him.

It has been for over half a year that Alex was the “American”. Even tough Mister Ôishi was respectful to Alex as he was his old friends son Alex had difficulties with finding connection in Japan. This message reached Yatsumo what made him smirk.
“Poor gaijin, poor boy”
His voice was filled with disgust and no respect. It was so hard for him to train the American while he wanted him dead.

“Gaijin, come and eat with us” Yatsumo said. Alex was surprised and most of all he was alert. Why did he asked a gaijin to join him and his yakuza friends?
Alex wondered what he should think but once home he took a long hot shower. The bruises on his body were there, slowly healing cuts. Scars that made him a walking piece of art, scarification. His head down, forehead against the tiles his hand on the wall, he sighed heavily. How long must he stay, what was going on? His gut feeling told him to be aware but for what exactly he didn’t know. He decided to just go, relax and see but he put a small dagger on his ankle. His suit was smooth and good looking. His appearance was good, from the outside. Something his yakuza family hated. It wasn’t about the inside, it’s all inside, mentally, respectful. Not the beautiful look, face or whatever. You needed to be pure in heart and soul.

A lot of laughter welcomed Alex when he entered. A beautiful place with those slide doors made of wood and rice paper. Alex took of his shoes and bowed before Yatsumo told him to enter. He got a place right next to the door. Alex knew this place was only for the disrespectful men, he was more alert but didn’t moved or asked for another place. He thanked Yatsumo: “Doumo arigatou gozaimasu.” and bowed before he sat. A cup of sake was poured for him.

“Gaijin, something special for you!”
Yaysumo gestured to the door, it opened and a Japanese woman came out. Alex heard about geisha’s but he did not know how to treat them. They were NO prostitutes they were respected ladies who kept the yakuza family satisfied while they were here. The girl was dressed beautiful, Alex blinked twice which Yaysumo noticed. The entire evening his eyes stayed on Alex. Every move he made Yatsumo saw and registered. He whispered something to his right hand before he took Alex out and called a taxi for him.
“Time for you to leave gaijin, family stuff need to be discussed now.”

Before Alex could say something the man was gone. BUT from the corners of his eye he saw the woman on her knees, her back was covered in a thin white nightgown with splatters of blood on it. Alex approached her.
“Are you alright, Madame?”
She sobbed. Didn’t looked at Alex but just sat there while the taxi slowly arrived honking.
“Alright, Madame. You’re coming with me, you can clean yourself and get a new shirt from me.”
The girl nodded before Alex took her arm and helped her in the taxi.

While the taxi drove away Yatsumo watched the entire scene on a distance with a smirk. He took his phone and scrolled through his recent calls.
“Mister Ôishi, sensei, Yatsumo san here. The gaijin is in a taxi with your little niece. Do you want me to follow him?”
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