The Watchdog 893

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Chapter 8 | Blood for blood

Alex sat in his brand new apartment in downtown Tokyo. Mister Ôishi upgraded his home since it was almost two years since Alex was in the family. Alex felt better in Japan. Since a few months he was attached to a female and now he needed to ask for Mister Ôishi’s approval for this relationship, to take it to a next level.

Mister Ôishi was happy to see his friend’s son more happy than last year. Alex worked very hard to prove his loyalty and he had a hard time to fit in. He till has trouble with members but most of the time it was not Alex’ fault. He always knew his position and let the big boys go do their thing whenever they needed to.

“Alex san” Mister Ôishi said to him. 
Alex bowed and when he got told to look up he listened to the words he never expected to hear.
“I know you have found your place in my family. Some members do think different but I know you worked hard for everything. You look happier than half a year ago. What is it that makes your soul smile so much more?”
Alex’ eyes wide. Was it time to tell Mister Ôishi about the woman he’ve met? He swallowed and thought long before he spoke.

“Ôishi sensei, Thank you for your appreciation, it means a lot to me.”
Mister Ôishi chuckled softly tapping Alex on his shoulder.
“Alex san, your father would be very proud of you. And I am too. Please feel welcome in my house because you are like a son to me.
Alex bowed again, this time lower and longer to show his respect and appreciation to his sensei.
“Now speak, my son. What is on that pretty mind of yours?” 

Alex thought another second before he started to talk about the woman he had met. He met her outside yakuza and she didn’t know anything about Alex his family. She only knew he was living in Japan due to work. Mister Ôishi chuckled again.
“Only a woman can make a mans heart glow so much he sends light to his sensei”
Alex chuckled softly knowing he needed to ask his sensei permission and he probably wanted to see her.
“Alex san, what do you want?”
Alex was surprised by this question. He could not tell the woman he was yakuza but if she would find out she would be in trouble. Next to that Alex didn’t want her to be or live in danger because of his family. But could he live without yakuza?

“I don’t know yet, sensei. She is a loving girl and I don’t want to bring danger to her. But yakuza will be a thing for her. I could not tell her, I mean…”
Mister Ôishi raised his voice and told to never lie to a woman because it would harm the soul. Alex should think about what he wants not that he would be leaving yakuza, no Mister Ôishi would keep Alex with him. But they needed to make the decision by themselves. In Alex’ case, he had no other option than to end it if he wanted to keep the girl safe.
“I understand, sensei…” Alex mumbled.

Alex walked hand in hand with Yumi in Arashiyama district. They visited some shops, a boat trip and were on their way to the bamboo forest. This place was calming but also populair and crowded. Alex had bot been talking much but more lost in thoughts. Yumi was a lovely girl and he did love her yet he couldn’t ruin her life with his family and loyalty to his sensei. He should be thankful he was raised by him.
After a long walk and talk Alex and Yumi were both silent. Their hands still in each other’s but both in their own world of questions and sadness. As if a long dagger was pierced in Alex his heart slowly turning it around, just like seppuku... (but then a bit higher in the body) Yumi cried but the back of her hand wiped her tears away. Alex took her hand and raised it to his lips.
“I shall kiss your pain and your tears. I can’t take them away but I wish for you to find happiness and freedom. I cannot give you that.”
Yumi cupped his cheek with her other hand. With a smile she nodded and slowly pulled her hand back. Each second was a stab in his body. He watched her walking away from him but he knew she understood what he meant, where he came from and what his future was.

Four days later Alex sat at home, kneeled next to the lifeless body of Yumi. Her throat was cut, her dress was teared off her body. She had bruises everywhere. Alex was in shock. In her hand she had kept the necklace Alex gave her months ago. The necklace of his mother, a piece of jewellery for good luck and protection. Why did it not protect Yumi. The most hurtful and upsetting thing was the message he received with her body. Yatsumo’s message was very short and clear:


This was what happened if you cross yakuza. An eye for an eye, blood for blood. If Yatsumo was not able to love he would take Alex his love too. So he did...
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