The Watchdog 893

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Chapter 9 | Yubitsume (指詰め

Mister Ôishi came by to bring his co condolences personally. Something Alex did not expected so he was a little off guard. His eyes looked tired, Alex overall looked tired. A small moment in his life where he found happiness with a girl. He didn’t told her but he started to love her. Even though it was short, he was thankful for the moments with Yumi. She learned him so much about a relationship. That is could be so much more and deeper than with Ming.

Yumi always believed a connection between people was something you couldn’t deny or ignore. She tried to stay away from Alex and he tried to push his feelings away for her. But Yumi knew Alex was her soul mate. They started to see each other. Their first date was in the Bamboo forest. Alex loved the place and Yumi loved to see how he could walk and talk about everything. About how he learned so much in Japan Ana wanted to learn more. Their first kiss was in that same forest. It took Alex a while to finally give Yumi a kiss because he wanted to show her he was not a man who just wanted to have a girl for fun, a quick fuck or just a simple play toy. He wanted to show her his respect.

On a quiet place in the forest Alex took Yumi’s hand in his and pulled her a little closer. His free hand stroked her cheek before he whispered:
“With this I shall protect you, I shall love you and keep you safe.”
His lips kissed Yumi’s lips, it was a soft yet all saying kiss. She knew Alex was serious and he knew Yumi was too. Slowly breaking the kiss Alex smiled to the girl in front of him, her cheeks slightly blushed. She looked gorgeous.

“Alex-san, I am so sorry”
Mister Ôishi’s voice brought Alex back to present time and placed his hand on Alex’ shoulder. Alex nodded without saying a word.
“Alex-san I came to tell you something. I hope you will understand some day but it has to be done. Be in my office tonight at 10pm. Don’t be late.”
Mister Ôishi placed a piece of white cotton in front of Alex. His eyes widen and looked up to Mister Ôishi. He couldn’t believe this, why? What did he wrong?

That night Alex went to Mister Ôishi’s house. In his chest pocket the cotton fabric, he was nervous it adrenaline rushed through his body too.
Alex made his entree and saw Yatsumo too. His face was serious almost scared but determined.

“My sons, both your wives were taken from you. Yatsumo-san you did something horrible and won’t be tolerated. Alex, you gave him a reason which is not tolerated as well. I hereby tell you to do yubitsume.”

That was already clear this morning when he brought the white fabric.From the corner of his eyes he saw Yatsumo, he started to defend himself. Alex eyes were down to his left hand, his left pink to be precisely. The knife next to the board what was placed on the table had a sharp and clean blade. One cut would be enough, one hard one who will cut skin, flesh and bone.

Without thinking Alex did what he needed to do. A huge wave of something nauseating hit him but he stood still and tall. After the nausea the pain came but with a special technique for breathing he could manage. Alex wrapped his pink in the white fabric and put it in the wooden box in front of him. He stood up and brought the box to Mister Ôishi.

“Thank you, Alex. Even though your grip on your sword might fee slightly different, I am positive you will survive.”
Alex gave a nod bowed deep for Mister Ôishi and watches how Yatsumo did his Yubitsume. He breathed heavy and looked more tired. Alex chuckles internally. He did good. Alex did this good, clean and with respect.

Alex sat outside watching the garden of mister Ôishi and thought about everything. Even though it was tough here in Tokyo, he learned a lot and started to feel welcome. Maybe not for everybody but slowly there was more space everything
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