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Immortals book 1 A man, DN made a company and recruited a number of people years after losing his wife and two children. He kills most of his team members and trains the people that remained and another joins in later on. The children discover that he was planning on killing them and have to find a way to stop him. Immortals book 2 and the deadly warrior M also known as the deadly warrior discovers where his father was and helps him out after he lost everything. M dislikes the immortals and works with DN to fight them and kill them. The immortals cannot defeat M on a one on one battle and help each other to try and defeat DN and M Immortals book 3 The Final Battle After discovering that M kidnapped ET and PC, the immortals have no choice but to let M and DN go in order for their friends to live. M doesn't return their friends so GT, EK, PK and ML the second travel to M's ice palace to save their friends and try to defeat M. M tricks the immortals and takes them back to the building to kill them. The immortals other friends arrive to help out in their fight and have to end things once and for all. The master of all universes shows up and the immortals cannot defeat him so they have to travel to different earth's to get other heroes that can help them fight the master of all universes and save the multiverse..

Action / Adventure
Gabriel Tembo
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Immortals is a novel by Gabriel Tembo

it covers 6 books and an additional book, the crossovers life on earth-x






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Nkonge Nkonge: DN 1st

Mkhuzo Lupenga: ML 1st

Mazunda Lupenga: ML 2nd

David Sichimwi: DS

Smart Tembo: ST

Mutoma: Mr. M

Gabriel Tembo: GT/Debo

Emmanuel Kabwe: EK

Precious Kabwe: PK

Priscilla Ciyena: PC

Esther Tembo: ET

Kangwa Kwiibisa: KK

Mwiinga Mayuni: M

Nchimunya Nkonge: DN 2nd

By Gabriel .S. Tembo

Thank you for giving my novel a try, I hope you'll enjoy it and I know you'll enjoy it
Please feel free to comment, share and vote. Feel free to share what you think of the novel
Thank you for reading
Much Love ❤️
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