Blown by life

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Sianna is a 17 year old girl whose life seems to be jinxed. From her abusive father, her lieing boyfriend to her being bullied at school. How much more confusing can her life get? And will she ever find peace? Well this is where Sianna is Blown by Life.

Action / Romance
Iiyanah Cameron
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Sianna's Pov:
Sianna, Sianna Help! Help! I was awakened by the sound of my mother screaming. For some reason I felt attached to my mother. We had a special bond because everytime something bad was about to happen, I would know. This time was different, I was barely hearing her knocks on the plywood wall. Yes we were poor but I appreciated everything that I had. These sounds could only mean one thing he was choking her again. I quickly called and ran to my mother's rescue only to find him trying to choke the last breath out of her. I barely made it in time I told myself. Daddy, Daddy what are you doing! I shouted. It was like if he was in a trance as if he was possessed. I roughly shook him out of his trance and he got off of her. I held my mother close and cried in her embrace. A couple of minutes longer and she could have been dead. When is this life going to end!My brain screamed. When am I finally going to be free from this hell that I call home? When was he going to stop? I hated my father's guts but not to the point were I wanted him gone from the earth. This may be confusing but although he was abusing my mother he was still a good father. He provided for us his children and helped out around the house when he had time. But for some reason when he and my mother got into an argument, it would be like a switch flipped inside of him and he wasn't in control of himself anymore.

Author's note:
* Control is something that can be manipulated. Don't allow your self to be manipulated, allow your self to be strong and in control. I know it may be hard sometimes when it seems like everything controls you and you feel like a puppet but allow your mind to be strong and in control.
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