Desire To Kill

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Chapter 10 ~ Secrets

Seeing Peter’s face up close as he was held against the locker by my grip, I knew that this wasn’t going to end well. The bell had rung already and the halls were empty, which meant Peter and I were alone.

My eyes widened in shock, I watched as a smirk was plastered on his face, and I growled in return. “What the hell?” I sneered.

“Don’t act all innocent with me, Blaire Alder.” He growled, “I know it was you who tried to kill me a few days ago.” He pushed me away, slamming me against the wall behind me, his long arms held my arms above my head, trapping them.

I noticed the thick English accent he had, it wasn’t like Charlotte’s. It was more exquisite and broad. Probably because he had been living for about a hundred years.

Wait, did he use my real name? I had to start paying attention with the name calling.

“How do you know my name?” I asked, breath caught in my throat.

“Well, after you shot me in the head - by the way your aim wasn’t the best as you were too busy giving me that speech, I decided to do some research on the girl who actually succeeded to almost bring me down. If you had a stake instead of a bullet I’d be dead.” He explained, his eyes wandering over me. “I was impressed. My assistant found that you were the daughter of the Shifter Emperor. Which surprised me, since no child of the elders is be put in danger so easily. Especially the last heir.” He almost sounded threatening, with his face so close our noses were almost touching.

My mouth was agape. Was it that easy to find out about me? The information that he just blurted out was classified. Only high rank officers and handful of people knew my real identity. They wanted to keep me a secret, so they decided to make me do what the average shifters do; become a Vampire hunter. My father thought it was easier than keeping me in hiding, especially since I turned out to be such a good fighter.

So was it all pointless? All that time spent trying to place me in a safe place with trained fighters to help me along the way, was useless? I met Peter a few days ago, it couldn’t have been hard to find out who I really was.

I got angry, I was not going to be treated like a rag doll by a leech. He was going to tell his Vampire buddies about the troop and I, then we’d be dead for sure. I wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

I used my knee to hit him in the crotch, and as he fell down I jumped on him. He hissed at me, showing his canine-like fangs. As we struggled on the floor, I was trying to reach for my bag which had fallen as I attacked. Inside was my stake, but it was hard to reach while trying to stop Peter from sinking his teeth into my skin.

I punched him in the face, his eyes went red with anger. I was used to their eyes turning red, it usually happened when you angered or hungered them. Their pupils would dilate and their irises would morph into deep red. But Peter looked terrifying. Looking into his florid eyes, a wave of horror came over me. I rolled away from him and stretched to get my hands on my bag.

I opened my bag, rushing to find the stake in the holder. My fingers grazed the stake when I was pulled backwards and flung against the lockers. I was now in sitting position with Peter in front of me, his teeth bared and his hands on my throat. I tried moving but his grip was too strong, I struggled for air.

“Listen, Blaire. I’m not going to kill you, if I don’t have to.” He said, containing his anger but his eyes were still blood-red. “But if I have to, I will.” He sneered, into my ears his hand still crushing my wind pipe.

My vision became blurry as I stopped struggling. I saw him widen his eyes in realization as he let go of my throat. I gasped for air, leaning my head against the lockers. My energy was gone and I knew I couldn’t fight him without my stake. There was no point; he couldn’t die without the stake.

He grabbed my arms instead, knowing that he had to be cautious since I was a Vampire hunter as he continued speaking, “I’m not going to kill you. I know you have Shifter friends here with you, and I know you’re here for a reason. I can tell the Vampire Royals about you whenever I want, then you and your little troop would die in a heartbeat.” He threatened, and I growled in return. “But I’m not going to do that, as long as you do as I say. Got that?” He demanded.

I widened my eyes, utterly confused. “What? Why?” I stuttered.

He smirked again, “Because I’m not in the mood for a bloodbath in this academy. Also, where’s the fun in killing you?” He chuckled.

“You’re crazy.” I stated.

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. But for now on you do whatever I tell you, or your friends and this whole school will be killed. And let me tell you this: it isn’t going to be pretty.” He muttered the last part. I couldn’t get over the shock, but I managed to nod in reply.

He plastered that smirk back on his face, letting go of my arms and walking away. Before he turned the corner to the next corridor he faced me again, “Oh and by the way. If you or any of your Shifter friends try to kill me, the royal Vampires will rip your throats out.”

“How will they even know?” I asked.

“You may think you know so much about Vampires, Alder - but you don’t. As soon as my family knows that I was staked in this school, they’ll kill everyone in it.” His eyes drifted past mine, “It’s called revenge.”

“When you say revenge, you mean murdering innocent people?” I sneered.

There was something in his eyes that I couldn’t distinguish, as he turned on his heel and left the hallway.

All I knew was that Peter might have thought that what he said sounded threatening, but I wondered if deep down what he really wanted to do was protect these students from his own kind.

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