Desire To Kill

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Chapter 12 ~ Parties

As we entered the large house, the sound of music and the stench of alcohol engulfed me. I grimaced at the scene, wondering how the students could do this regularly.

“What the hell is this?” Charlotte muttered, glaring at Jason and Harry.

They smirked, their eyes shining with mischief “This is a human party, ladies.” Jason explained, sounding as if he was talking to eight year olds. “Where all the fun will commence.”

Charlotte rolled her eyes as I turned to Harry, “Whose house is this?” I asked.

He shrugged, “Some popular kid from a private school. But most of the seniors and juniors from our school are here.” He annotated.

“Including the leeches?” I pressed, raising my eyebrow. He nodded, casually

“Let’s get drunk!” I heard Jason exclaim from behind us, earning some whoops from some passing teenagers.

I rolled my eyes, walking through the crowd with Charlotte by my side. I saw Jason and Harry head straight to the dance floor, earning attention from some of the girls nearby.

“So unprofessional.” I muttered, when I saw my target in the next room. It was Josias, Ronald and Kelvin. Three out of the four males in the Vampire group. I was almost glad that Peter wasn’t present, since I wasn’t sure whether I would have been able to speak to him after the incident that afternoon.

I strolled over to them, a smile plastered on my face. “Hey guys!” I greeted, joining them by the table that held ridiculous amounts of alcohol. My approachable aura made me cringe, but I still gave them a tight smile.

Josias grinned, “Blaire.” I glanced at the others, Kevin had a chilling smirk on his lips but his electric eyes told different. He looked like he was dying to attack, and from the look on his face, he wasn’t going to be picky about who he chose. His eyes were sinister and it just made me wonder how a human couldn’t notice it. Ronald looked slightly more appealing, as he had the expressionless-feature plastered on. He looked bored, as he stared at the bottom of his glass.

Josias on the other hand looked the complete opposite. He looked like a casual human teenager, who definitely did not want to drain your blood. If I didn’t have my heightened sense of smell, I would have mistaken him for a human.

“Hello Charlotte.” Kevin greeted, reaching for Charlotte’s hand and kissing it softly. “You’re looking beautiful tonight.” He stated.

Charlotte pretended to be flattered, as she covered her face with her hand and let out a giggle. But I knew she was trying not to gag as I saw her face pale behind her hand. Kevin asked her to dance with him, she complied. As she got dragged to the dance floor, she looked back to me with horror written on her face. I replied with a thumbs-up, knowing that Josias or Ronald might be looking.

I tried not to pity her, imagining how horrible it must have been to be in close range with a Vampire and not do anything about it. “So Blaire, where did you head off to at lunch?” Josias asked, forcing me to turn to him.

“Just looking around, that’s all.” I sent him a reassuring smile.

He nodded, but pressed on. “I’m sure I saw Peter leave too, after you. Did you both...?” He trailed off. “I mean, I wouldn’t really care if you two got together. I’ve seen the way he was looking at you today.”

I tried not to throw up at hearing this, “No, no.” I denied hastily. I’m not sure if it showed, but I felt disgusted even thinking about something like that happening.

He widened his eyes slightly, alarming me a little. “Did he hurt you?” He asked, quietly.

I hid my surprise with confused face, wondering where he was going with this. “No, why?” I inquired. He seemed to be debating something with himself, before replying. “I don’t know. You seemed a little jumpy after lunch. Plus, I know that Peter can be a little intense sometimes.” He murmured.

I tried not to analyze what he said too much, “Okay.” I replied, blandly.

“Do you want some beer?” He asked, earning a slight grimace from me.

“I’d stick with soda, thanks.” I replied, reaching for the lemonade bottle. He stopped me and filled a plastic cup by himself before offering the glass to me. “So you’re pretty close with your family and family-friends, huh?” He asked, as he gave me the drink. I guess he was referring to the troop.

I sipped the lemonade, contemplating my answer. “Yeah, I guess. They’re all I’ve ever really had.” I smiled.

“Really? Even in your last school?” He seemed genuinely surprised.

I nodded, “Charlotte and I were home schooled all our lives, our families are close. But Harry and Jason went to Elementary and Middle school, but they were home schooled for some of their High School time with us.” I explained. I knew it could have sounded weird that the girls in our pretend families were home schooled, but I guessed it sounded humane enough compared to the real story.

He nodded, looking as though he wanted going to ask more questions when I felt someone tug at my arm. I turned to see Harry surveying me quickly, with a glint of worry in his eye.

“Blaire! I’ve been looking for you everywhere, come with me!” He said, plastering a fake smile on his face. Dragging me by my arm, only causing me to worry more and had me thinking of all the worst case scenarios. I looked back to see Josias giving me a slight wave.

“Nice to speak with you, Blaire!” He called out, as he carried on drinking his beer.

I was dragged upstairs to an empty hallway. “What?” I asked, my casual facade finally dropped. He didn’t say another word, as his shaky hand pointed towards a door nearby. I was intrigued, as I opened to door to see it’s contains.

As the door widened, my breath grew coarse. I stepped inside to see Charlotte sitting on the bed, her body rigid and her eyes glazed over. My eyes dragged to the source she was staring at to see the body of Kevin lying on the floor.

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