Desire To Kill

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Chapter 13 ~ Losses

My jaw dropped at the sight of Kevin’s body on the floor. His skin was paler than usual, his black hair was dampened by his own blood. I looked into his usually ice-blue eyes to see them glazed with white, his pupils almost completely invisible. I swallowed hard at the sight of the dead Vampire, knowing he was long gone.

I turned to Charlotte, my body almost as rigid as hers. “What happened, Charlotte?” I asked, trying to sound as soothing as I could while I sat beside her. Mentally, I was thinking of what mayhem his death may cause.

She swallowed hard, her hands shaking slightly. “I’m so sorry Blaire, I’ve completely ruined the mission.” She put her heads in her hands as I put my arm around her comfortingly, urging her to carry on. Charlotte took a deep breath as she continued, stuttering her words. “He came too close, and he was touching me. I couldn’t handle it, so I pushed him away. He didn’t like it, and he...” She shut her eyes tight, only causing me to worry even more at the suspense.

“What did he do, Charlotte?” I whispered, holding her hand while pleading with my eyes for her to continue.

Instead of telling me, she showed me. I gasped, dropping her hand in my shock. She had two pulsing parallel marks on her throat, they were scarlet red and the blood trickled down her like a tiny ruby river.

She quickly hid her bite, tears were in her eyes. I hid any signs of pity, as I consoled her by hugging her as she cried soundlessly on my shoulder. Tears had begun to spring in my eyes, but I hurriedly wiped them away. I needed to comfort Charlotte, although it hurt me to see her so distressed.

I heard Harry awkwardly fidget by the door, reminding me of his presence. Charlotte and I broke apart, giving me the sight of her red-rimmed eyes and her wet cheeks. I gave her a reassuring smile, turning to Harry.

“I’m sorry about what happened, Charlotte. But what are we going to do?” He croaked, walking over to us to sit by my side. We all were sorry for her, since she had experienced a shifter’s worst nightmare. Our whole aim in life was to stop the leeches from doing this to people, but to have it done to yourself? It must have been terrible, and I could feel my insides aching at how this may effect her as a person.

“I don’t know.” Charlotte said, “If the leeches figure out that I killed Kevin they’d be after us in seconds.” She muttered.

I closed my eyes, a headache was forming between my temples. I gave in a deep sigh, “It doesn’t matter right now. Harry, I need you to walk Charlotte back to the academy. I’ll find Jason and keep an eye on the other leeches.” I commanded, already standing up.

Harry followed my lead, leaving Charlotte on the bedside. I knelt down to her, hating seeing such a strong girl so broken. “Charlotte, I know it must’ve been horrible for you. But you need to leave, it isn’t safe here anymore.” I said, softly.

“What about Kevin?” She asked, her eyes dragging to his body.

I felt the ache in my head grow, “I have a plan. No need to worry, Charlotte. Harry will take you home, and everything will be fine.” I said, directing my gaze to Harry who was staring at her with sorrow.

He cleared his throat, “Yes. Everything will be fine, Charlie.” He said softly, as he held her by the hand and slowly walked her out of the room.

The reassuring smile dropped from my face as I glanced at Kevin’s body. What the heck am I going to do with that? I wanted to go find Jason, but I couldn’t leave the body on it’s own.

I swallowed hard, knowing what I had to do. I pulled the phone out of my pocket, calling the Elders’ office number.

“Hello?” I heard Rachel’s voice in my ears.

After introducing myself I went straight to the point, “We have a problem. A Vampire from Athena’s Academy has been killed by one of our troop members, deemed deserving. We’ll need body carriers here asap.” I explained, trying not to make Charlotte seem in the wrong.

I heard a pause before she replied, “Okay. I’ll be coming, and I hope you have a good excuse.” She warned, before I heard the connection being cut.

I breathed in deeply, wandering if this will go well. Even though Rachel may seem to be just an office manager, she practically runs everything that doesn’t involve the elders. While the elders discuss political manners, Rachel makes sure everything’s in line. I just hoped that she would understand how Charlotte didn’t mean to endanger the mission, otherwise she may in fact be dropped from the assignment. Maybe even the whole troop.

Not only that, this could lead to the Vampires sensing what we’re up to. I mean, shifters socializing in a school with Vampires? How could you not be a little curious?

I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard the door open. In a rush, I pulled the bedding cover over Kevin’s lifeless corpse. I swiftly turned towards ash-colored hair peeking behind the door.

“Is this room taken?” Peter asked as he started looking around the room, I tried blocking his view by nearing him. I held in my breath, anticipating his movements. If he sees Kevin, I’m done for. I thanked whoever was listening that leeches didn't share a heightened sense of smell with shifters, and that only his sight and hearing could break us now.

“Yes.” I replied, all too quickly.

He raised his eyebrow in suspicion, then began nodding his head with a frown plastered onto his face. “Sure.” He replied, shortly as he slammed the door.

I tried not to be offended by his obtrude ways, as I begun hastily planning my way out of this mess.

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