Desire To Kill

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Chapter 14 ~ Bites

“I’m so sorry, Blaire.” Charlotte repeated, again.

I sighed, stroking her hair behind her ear as the tears continued to roll down her face. “It’s okay, Charlie.” I soothed, using her nickname for her comfort. It was strange seeing her like this, Charlotte never cried. We were both brought up in a hard community, where we learned that strong emotions are just distractions.

“I’ve ruined everything, haven’t I?” She stuttered, again.

“No you haven’t, Charlotte. The elders have fixed it.” I said, in an attempt to calm her down. I remembered how I waited for the body carriers, and tried to explain briefly what I knew about the incident to Rachel. They decided that they were going to put his body somewhere the Vampires could find him, and that they’d erase any tracks of Charlotte being the suspect. We were to deny anything if the Vampires asked, and to pretend that we saw him walk out of the building after speaking to Charlotte for a few minutes.

She sobbed even harder, “The elders! Don’t remind me of them, Blaire. They’re going to kick me out of the troop, for sure.”

“I’ve already explained what happened, they agreed to let it pass. As long as it doesn’t happen again, that is.” I reasoned.

She suddenly sat up straight, her body now facing me on her bed. “Did you tell them about...” Her voice trailed off, before she forced the words out of her mouth. “The bite?”

I swallowed, “No. I just told them he harassed you, I didn’t mention that he had bitten you.” I said, trying to avoid the question that was bound to come.

“Am I going to become one of them, Blaire?” She whispered, her voice sounding so painful that my heart ached.

I held her by the arms, “You're going to be fine.” I said, courageously. "It's almost impossible for a leech to be turned, I don't think it's ever happened before."

Hybrids were made to not mix. Not only did shifters and leeches have hate engraved into them for eachother, but the big three just never could get along. Witches and shifters couldn't turn into a vampire, and the big three never create offspring together either. It was why they are called the big three, not only are they the three most populated species of the Hybrids but they also have always been opposing eachother. Rumour has it that it was called the big three because one day there will only be one remaining.

“I feel sick, Blaire.” She sobbed, “I can still feel his fangs inside me. I can still feel him piercing into my skin, it killed me.”

I looked at her, unused to her ever showing any emotion to me. We had always been tough, that's how our parents raised us to be. That's why we got along so well, and why we became close friends. I was not prepared for this, "I'm sorry." I replied, solemnly. I wasn't only sorry for her pain, but I was sorry for not being a better friend.

“I fought. I fought so hard, but I was too late.” Her voice sounded defeated, barely audible. "As soon as I knew he had a drop of my blood, I knew he needed to die."

“I know," I whispered, to my dismay. I hated not knowing what to do. I hated that I couldn't stop it. My closest friend had faced a shifter's worst nightmare, while I spent my time downstairs at a party.

If he wasn't dead, I would've killed the bastard myself.

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