Desire To Kill

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Chapter 15 ~ Consequences

“Hey Blaire!” Josias greeted, with a cheeky grin. I had been trying to ignore him for the whole class, but his stubborn persona couldn't give up.

I scowled, “Will you stop acting like a damn five year old?” I hissed, taking pleasure in his insulted expression.

“Harsh, Reese. Harsh.” He winced, placing a hand over his chest.

Who the hell is Reese? I wandered, then I realized that it was my ‘last name’. I seriously need to start remembering everyone’s fake names, before I accidental start referring myself as Alder.

“You’re such a girl.” I snapped, deciding to listen to the dreary teacher.

This time, he looked confused. “Why are you so mean to me? What have I ever done to you?” He asked, pure hurt plain in his tone.

I panicked, was I being too suspicious? Was my constant negative remarks and insults really that obvious?

“I just don’t like your type.” I excused, mentally congratulating myself for thinking quickily.

Josias seemed honestly offended, “My type? What is that, may I ask?” He countered, putting me on the spot once again. A blood-sucking monster, I thought.

“The type of guy who thinks he owns everything, who thinks he can have whatever he wants just with his looks. A douche-bag player, in other words.” I said, honestly. I only met him a couple of weeks ago, but I had already summed his personality up. I never really had the time to analyse a vampire’s personality before, they were usually dead before I got the chance.

During the last couple of days, the leeches hadn’t mentioned anything about Kevin. When Jason asked where he was, they simply said he was out of town. So they were either being fooled or they were lying to us.

“Oh and Peter Jones is so much better?” He countered, a hint of venom on his tounge.

I almost fell out of my seat, realizing he meant Peter Slanderer. “Why in the world would you say that?” I spat, prepared to punch him in the face.

He started to look uncomfortable, so I decided to relax my violent pose. I was already causing enough suspicion, I needed to act natural. “I see the way you two look at each other,” He noted. “I swear, it’s like he’s stalking you or something. He stares at you almost all the time, it’s clear how he feels about you.”

That’s because he’s blackmailing me, you idiot.

I felt bile rise in my throat, “You think that I fancy Peter?” I hissed, not even bothering to hide my disgust.

“Fancy?” He repeated. “What are you, eighty?” He mocked.

I tried to act offended, when really I just wanted to push him off his seat and walk out of this stupid class. Why did I have to re-do all of my school work? I barely made it through the first time.

The sound of heaven rang in my ears, signalling that the lesson was over. I slapped Josias behind the head, in farewell. Well my way of farwell, when it comes to leeches.

He winced, “I swear you need anger management.” He muttered.

I didn’t object. It was better for him to think that I have anger issues, rather then him realizing I’m a Vampire slayer.

As I walked my way to the next lesson, I couldn’t help but pick up the sound of someone groaning in pain in the distance. It was faint, but my sharper senses picked it up easily. I scanned the area, which was the back of the school. I came here sometimes on my way to a class, not wanting to be around so many leeches and humans at once. I needed a break once in a while.

I searched for the source of the noise, when I saw an alley near the gates of the school. I decided, I may as well check it out. I wasn’t in any rush to reach my language class, anyway.

I climbed over the short gate, sneeking my way to the dark lane. I peeked my head to the side of the wall, meeting with the sight of a man being drained of blood. I gasped, my stake instantly in hand. I tried looking closer, when I realized the Vampire was familiar.

I stepped inside the alley, hiding behind a pile of trash. The man didn’t look too drained, it seemed that the leech wasn’t even trying to wash him out. He just took a sip, then paused.

I could only see the Vampire from the back of the head, whilst the dark man was silent on the ground. I studied the leech again, trying to place his qualities for what was on the tip of my tongue. He had dirty brown hair, it was matted with sweat. I wandered why he kept on backing away from the slowly dying man, but then knelt back down to carry on.

I wanted to stop it, but I knew it would be too risky. What if I didn’t kill the Vampire, and he informed the Vampire royals or the leeches at school about me? I sighed, unsure of what to do. I couldn’t just leave - oh crap.

The Vampire has picked up the sound of my short heavy breath, I noticed his head perking to the side. He began to turn, as I put myself in an attacking stance.

Ready to fight, I charged. I jumped on the now turned Vampire and aimed my stake for his heart. To my dismay, I felt his hand on my wrist. He pushed away my quivering stake, but I only pushed harder. When I finally studied the leech’s face I gasped, and jumped away from him. He was much stronger then last time, I noticed.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Alder?” He hissed, my stake in his hand. I widened my eyes, realizing I must have left it with him. He scolded at my weapon, throwing it to the side. “I thought you and I were a team.” He accused, only causing me to be more shock than before.

“A team?” I repeated, disgusted. “I will never associate with something that would do that." I seethed, directing my hand to the drained man on the ground. I noticed that his skin was as white as snow, and I knew he didn’t have long to go.

Peter winced at my words, “Don’t pretend to understand-” I cut him off, abruptly.

“Understand what?” I spat, “That you’re a blood-sucking demon? I don’t think it takes much understanding to know that.” I scoffed.

Instead of looking angry; like expected, he seemed confused instead. “I didn’t mean to, Alder. This man has been following me for months now. He kept on asking for me to turn him into a Vampire, so that he can live forever,” He scoffed, disgust clouded on his face. “So I finally agreed, but it wasn’t so easy. I have a problem, when I start I can’t stop. I tried to warn him.” He shrugged, looking down at the man with hatred.

I widened my eyes, reflecting his look of disgust at the man. I turned back to him, “How am I supposed to believe you?” I asked, suspiciously.

He smirked, “I don’t think that’s important. You’re with me now, Shifter. Wether you like it or not.” He mocked, reminding me of his skeptical reasons of keeping me alive.

I scowled, finally turning to return to the Academy. I hated to admit that he was right. I had no choice when it came to him.

For some reason; after seeing how conflicted he was about humans, I didn’t think it was such a bad thing.

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