Desire To Kill

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Chapter 16 ~ Mysteries

“I don’t want to!” Harry moaned, his head in his hands.

I sighed, “Neither do I. We have no choice, Harry.”

He cursed under his breath, “Fine.” He sighed in defeat.

“Now, tell me what you know already about Shapeshifters.” I demanded.

He paused, deep in thought. “I know that shifters can’t turn into their animal until they’re ready, usually when they’re around sixteen.” I suppressed my wince, and gestured for him to carry on. “Shapeshifters have heightened senses, compared to humans. They are born with the ability to see, hear, smell or even taste things from far away. It takes a while for them to learn to block it all out, so that they can avoid raising suspicion of humans.” He finished, letting a breath out.

I nodded, “Well done Harry. That was good, but you clearly haven’t been taught much. I’ll try to keep this brief, but if you’re confused about anything just ask.” I started, “Shapeshifters is an easy term we use for our kind, for those who can change their human form to an animal form. There are different types of shifters, though. There are Berserkers, like Jason. Berserkers have the ability to change into a battle animal, like wolves or bears. These are known to be strong fighters, the best type to use in a war.”

“Another type is a Mestaclocan, like Charlotte. We prefer to call them Mestas, for short. These are basically like all other shifters, they have a single animal they can change into. But they have an added ability, they can manipulate other animals.” I watched as Harry’s eyes widened, since Charlotte didn’t make her ability obvious. “There are also Animagi, who are basic shifters. They don’t have any unique abilities, but they are known for being wise and the elders are mostly Animagi.” I explained, glancing his way to see if he understood.

He stared at me, “So you’re an Animagi.” He guessed, but made it sound like a question.

I sighed, “I’m not sure. It’s most probable, since I am apart of the elder bloodline. I haven’t shifted yet, so we can’t be so sure whether I will be a Animagi.” I tried not to show my sadness, as I carried on. “All shifters are supposed to be descendants from the Titan herself, Metis and her daughter Athena. Metis was the first shifter, and Athena was the second.”

“Zeus was her husband, and he tricked Metis to shift into a fly. Zeus ate Metis to avoid her having a baby that was stronger than him, but Metis was already pregnant. She gave birth to Athena inside him, and that is how the line of Shifters begun.” I finished, sighing in content.

He furrowed his eyebrows, “So we’re all supposedly part Gods?” He asked.

I nodded, “Apparently. Distantly, though.” I smiled. "It's choice whether or not you believe it, but it's the best proof of our history we have."

He nodded, returning the smile. “Okay, I think I get it. Thanks, Blaire.”

I smiled back, as he walked out of Charlotte and I’s bedroom. Sighing, I lay down to stare at the ceiling. Why couldn’t I shift yet? I am a royal, after all. It’s not uncommon for shifters not be able to shift at eighteen, but a royal? They’re known to have their first shift at an early age, not a late age. I was to be the next Empress, and I couldn’t even shift yet.

I thought about the troop. How could they possibly survive with a leader who can’t even shift? Sure; we’ve only been together for two years, but did it mean that I was too weak to lead? With most troops, they vote on who should lead. But when there is an elder, they’re instantly in charge of their troop.

The door opened, braking me from my thoughts. “You okay, Blaire?” Charlotte asked, laying on her bed beside mine.

“Why haven’t I shifted yet?” I wandered aloud.

She turned her head towards me, “You don’t have to worry about that.” Charlotte soothed, giving me a faint smile. I was glad to see her back to normal, even after facing her worst nightmare. I yawned, hoping I would finally fall asleep after some restless nights.

“Of course you would say that, you’ve been able to shift since you were fourteen. You have nothing to worry about.” I mumbled, turning my head towards the ceiling again.

Charlotte nodded, “True. But I shifted at that age because that was when I was supposed to shift, not because of how good or ready I was. When the time is right, it will happen.” She said calmly.

I nodded, thankful. “You’re a great friend, you know?” I smiled, sleep finally welcoming me.

“I know.” I heard her say, as my vision became darkness.

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