Desire To Kill

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Chapter 17 ~ Surprises

There wasn’t many things that could surprise me. Whether or not it was someone jumping from nowhere, or maybe even just shocking news. I tend not to dwell on things, and manage to keep my cool.

My ‘cool’ was gone.

Going to this Academy had not only put our lives in danger, but it has completely turned it upside down. I could no longer kill any Vampire I see, I could no longer go on little hunts with my friends. I was now forced into not just to avoid and ignore them, but to socialize with them.

It was a complete bombshell, not even I could have prepared for it. All my life I was taught that if I see the leech, I must kill the leech. My father didn’t know that his daughter would end up having lunch with them every day, or that I would be in such a close proximity with them so often. I wasn’t sure if he would feel proud or disgusted.

Not that he was a bad man, he was kind and loving to me. When my mother died, all he did was try his best to protect me. Although, I rarely saw him. I wasn’t sad though. Even as a child, I knew how important his role as the Emperor was to our kind. I remember him telling me how cruel his father had once been. How lucky I was that he was so patient. After years of teaching me to attack these creatures, how would he feel of me attending school with them?

Of course, he must know already. This is a mission for the elders after all, and he is the Emperor. But I couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt when I found a Vampire at my door.

“What are you doing here, Josias?” I asked, through my teeth. I ignored my every instinct to kill him on the spot, ending any horrors he would create in the future. My fingers twitched at the thought, but I held them behind my back.

“To say hello, I guess.” I moved out of the way for him to walk into my room, “Where’s Charlotte?” He asked, as he sat on the edge of my bed.

A shiver ran through me, “Library.” I replied, curtly.

He raised his eyebrow, “You are a puzzle.” Josias scanned me up and down, seeing my usual comfortable clothing and a cap I was wearing backwards.

“Why are you here?” I asked again, sitting on the desk at opposite him. The further the better.

He sighed, “You confuse me. I don’t understand why you’re mean to my friends and I, when we haven’t done anything wrong.” He pouted, like a child. “Sure, they can be a little strange sometimes. You’ll get used to it, like I have.”

This struck me, widening my eyes. Did this boy not know what he was, or was I being fooled? “How are they strange?” I asked, pressing on.

He avoided my cutting stare, “I’ve heard that they can be a little harsh sometimes.” He muttered, causing my shoulders to slump.

Was I hoping that he wasn’t aware of his kind? It wouldn’t matter, he was a leech no matter what.

“The real reason why I came here,” He carried on. “Was that I have this.” Josias handed me an envelope from his back pocket.

“It was addressed to you.” He noted, “I volunteered to deliver it.”

I nodded, “Thanks. You can leave now, kid.” I muttered, already opening the envelope.

I heard the door close with a short goodbye, as I started to read the letter. It was from the Elders, which was strange. Usually they would have Rachel contact me by the phone.

As I read, the letter started to shake in my hands. I felt the unfamiliar feeling of tears in my eyes.

I lowered myself to the ground, my breath had begun to grow heavy.

“Hey, Blaire! Guess what I-” Charlotte’s voice as she entered was cut off as she saw me, “Oh my Gods! What happened?” She dropped her bag as she scrambled her way in front of me.

I couldn’t see her properly, her face was blurry through my glazed eyes. As the first tear fell, I knew I was a goner. Once I started, how could I stop?

“The Emperor...” I muttered, choking on whimpers. “My father is dead.”

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