Desire To Kill

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Chapter 18 ~ Fighters

Numbness. That was all I felt. After sobbing into my best friend’s arms for what felt like hours, I just broke. It was as if my whole body function had just given up, as if it didn’t see the point any more.

Guilt. That was second thing I felt, when I wasn’t blankly staring at nothing. Why hadn’t I been there to protect him? Why hadn’t I contacted him recently? It may not have saved him, but at least it would have lessened the pain I was in.

I felt bile in my throat each time I wandered how he would feel now, if he saw me with these Vampires. The very thing he despised all his life was daily socializing with his daughter. How disappointed and disgusted he would be. And how his long, amazing life was ended by something as petty as an accident.

This is how my thoughts usually strayed to, during the days after my father’s death. As I blankly stared at my bedroom’s ceiling. I heard people trying to speak to me, trying to soothe me. It was usually familiar to Charlotte’s voice, or sometimes Jason and Harry. I swore I recognized some of the voices as Josias or even Peter, which just dampened my mood even more.

I heard the door swing open, I forced myself to sit up straight. Charlotte sat on the edge of the bed, with a wary expression written on her face. “How you holding up, Blaire?” She asked, with a comforting smile.

I shrugged, “I’m better.” I muttered, truthfully.

She nodded her head, “I thought so. Sweetie, you’ve been holed up in here for a while. We’re getting worried, Blaire.” Charlotte put her hand on mine, her eyes full of pity. “I know what happened was horrible, but your father was a strong man. He wouldn’t want you to be sad or to distract yourself, that’s just not how he raised you.”

The corner of my lips twitched, slightly. “No, it isn’t. He would want me to get off my sorry ass and go kill some leeches.” I chuckled, remembering how badass my father was despite his age.

She grinned, “Then let’s go!” Charlotte pulled me up, when a loud banging noise came from the door.

Charlotte sighed, interrupted. “What do you want?” She snapped, as she opened the door to reveal Josias.

He was panting for breath, as he scanned the room. When his eyes landed on me he smiled a little, “You’re alive!” He cheered, completely forgetting how panicked he looked a second ago.

“Why are you here?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

Josias took a moment, recollecting his thoughts. “Oh! Both of your brothers are in a fight.” He said, pointing to Charlotte and I while returning the panicked expression back on his face.

Our mouths gaped at him, as we stampeded out the door. “Where are they?” Charlotte demanded, as we raced behind Josias.

“Behind the school.” He replied, turning to the left.

As we finally reached our destination, my eyes must have dropped out of their sockets. We were behind the parking lot, in the midst of a crowd of pupils were indeed Josias and Harry with several large boys.

We pushed our way into the front, for full view of what was going on. Harry was on the floor, clutching his ankle. Josias was standing in front of him, with clutched fists and a bleeding nose. Standing before them were three large seniors, looking aggressive and angry.

I heard Charlotte curse under her breath, as we started to catch what was going on. “You dare to even touch him again, and I’ll make you wish you were never born.” Jason growled at the three, his knuckles white.

The tallest of the three chuckled, the others mimicked his actions with a grin on their faces. “Do you really think you can threaten me? We can do what we want to your stupid boyfriend.” He sneered, inching closer to Jason with a menacing expression.

Jason just laughed, in his face. “Why yes, Georgia. I can threaten you, but don’t push me. If my bark hurts you’re going to break when you feel my bite.” He mocked, daring the large boy to take a strike as he inched closer. It took a lot for Jason to get riled up, but like all shapeshifters, he did not take people hurting his friends lightly. Shifters had that territorial vibe about them, especially Berserkers.

The boy growled, “It’s George.” He sneered, “Get that into your puny head!” He shouted, saliva splattering against Jason’s face. Of course something as silly as name-calling would provoke that moron.

Jason casually flicked of the spit, his grin widening. “Are you getting angry, Georgia?” He urged, inching even closer. George and Jason were practically touching noses now, both with a threatening gleam in their eyes.

His two comrades backed away, probably sensing a fight was about to begin. Wimps. George took the first swing, aiming for Jason’s face. Jason easily swiped him away, and hit him in the stomach. “Nice try, dude.” Jason grinned, gloating.

When George stood back up, he tried hitting him again. Jason repeated his blocking, swiping a leg under his feet. The pupils surrounding them laughed and jeered as George landed on his behind. I heard George hissing under his breath, pain overwhelming his futures.

“You son of a-” one of George’s allies didn’t get to finish his sentence, as Jason stopped him from coming any closer by kicking him in the stomach thus causing him to fall on the ground.

The other ally was smart enough to turn and run away, before he was hurt like his friends. The pupils cheered, as Jason turned to aid Harry. What he didn’t see, was George raising up back to his feet with a pocket knife in hand. My eyes widened, not expecting things to escalate so quickly.

“Jase, look out!” I screamed as I jumped in, holding George’s wrist. As the boy tried to hit me away, I only got even more angry. I pulled his wrist back, in an extremely painful position. George was forced to drop the knife, it landed on the floor with a clatter. “Now you’re getting your stupid cheerleeding team to fight for you?” George had an irritating tone, and he glared at us. When I let go, he tried to take a hit at me.

I laughed, swatting his fist away like a fly. I moved behind him, trying not to show too much of my supernatural speed. I kicked him at the spot behind his knee. It sent him flying to the ground, earning more jeers from the crowd. I reminded myself to play easy on the humans, I did not want to make the students suspicious. George rolled over to his back, a frightened look in his eyes. “What the hell are you freaks?”

I made my way to my friends, Charlotte and I taking Harry’s arms over our shoulders to keep him upright.

Jason chuckled, and winked. “I think we prefer eccentric or misfits, but you can call us your worst nightmare, ass-wipe."

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