Desire To Kill

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Chapter 19 ~ Mourners

“You’re both in trouble.” I warned, with a glare.

We were in Charlotte and I’s room, discussing Jason and Harry’s stupidity earlier on.

“You can’t just pick up fights with humans!” Charlotte exclaimed, “What if you turned?” She hissed, in a whisper. I knew she was whispering in case a human over-heard, but I couldn’t help but think she was just doing it for my sake. Shape shifting was a sensitive subject for me, as a ‘late bloomer’.

“I think I would have been able to control myself!” Jason defended, with his heart on his chest.

I rolled my eyes, “You can’t just risk things like that. Jase, how do you think we’d be able to get away with you morphing into a saber-tooth tiger in front of the whole school?” I asked, rhetorically.

He paused, probably thinking for one of his jerk-like answers. “I’d tell them that it was a magic trick, and they’ve all been punked.” He grinned, as I rolled my eyes. Of course, he had an answer for everything.

Harry looked guilty, “We’re sorry. We didn’t mean to, they just starting pushing me around and Jason showed them who’s boss.” At the last part, they both grinned and gave each other a high five. He turned back to us, his solemn look had returned. “If I lost control and turned into a wolf, it would’ve been a little complicated.”

Charlotte scoffed, “Complicated? More like-” She was cut off when Josias entered the room, he smiled at us. I widened my eyes, hoping his sensitive hearing didn’t pick up on our conversation.

“That was awesome! I didn’t know you could fight, Blaire.” He grinned at me, I rolled my eyes in response. “There’s another letter here for you, by the way.” Josias muttered, passing me another letter from the Elders.

“Thanks, Josias.” I said, feeling a little guilty at how I’ve been treating him. That’s because he’s a monster, the smarter part of me realized.

When he left, I opened the envelope. After reading I looked at the others, all with expectant looks. “We’re going to my father’s funeral tomorrow.” I stated, my voice cracking.

Charlotte put her arm around me, “That’s great. I think this would be good for you, Blaire.” She whispered hugging my side.

“Plus, we’ll see our kind once again. I do miss seeing other shifters, apart from you guys. No offence.” Jason said, smirking.

“Will it have shifters from around the globe?” Harry asked, “Since it is the emperor..” He trailed off, trying his best not to hurt my feelings.

I shook my head, “I think it’s a more private funeral. For all his loved ones and close acquaintances.” I explained.

Harry and Jason glanced at each other, with furrowed eyebrows. They had only met the emperor once, as all shifters have. I sighed, “Of course that means you two. You may not have known him well, but he was very thankful that I had such a good troop. And good friends. He would want you all to come.” I smiled, my eyes drifting back to the letter.

Charlotte cleared her throat, “It’s getting late. We should go to sleep.” Charlotte managed to kick the boys out, and we rested for the trip back home the next day.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked, as we watched my father’s coffin being lowered into his grave.

I nodded, my eyes misty from the tears I could barely hold in. I scanned my surroundings, pleased that my father could rest in such a beautiful place. We were at our royal grave yard, where all my ancestors had been buried and other elders.

It was a wide green field, each grave had it’s own beautiful statue at it’s head. It represented the passed Emperer or Empress, each it’s own unique craving. My father’s was a statue of a Lion, just as his inner-animal was. Surrounding the graves were the most beautiful trees I had ever seen. The blue jacaranda smothered the branches, the tree’s exquisite violet blossoms stood out like the sun.

When the funeral had ended, we all returned to the Elder house. It was a beautiful mansion, crafted with stone walls and decorated with floral vines. It was built for the Elders and their families, it was where I lived my whole childhood. I glanced at Charlotte, to see her happily smiling at our old play house.

Our families have always been close, even though hers weren’t apart of any Elder bloodline. We were best friends since we were little, she and her family visited us every day. I almost sobbed at the memory, how happy I was with my little family.

When we entered the palace-like cottage, I saw my uncle striding towards me. I was used to everyone’s whispers of apology, or how they know he’s in a better place. I had yet to speak to someone as close to him as I was. So when he reached me, I couldn’t help but feel even more sad than before. Here was my father’s brother, and I barely even knew him.

“Hello, Blaire. It’s a pleasure to see you after so long.” He smiled, with no hint of sorrow in his eyes.

“Hi, Chris. Pleasure’s all mine.” I said, smiling back. I knew I had to act courteous with this man, the newest Emperor. “You’ve came back, I see?” I noted, hoping that my irritation wasn’t showing. This man abandoned his brother and his niece for years, and only when his brother dies he decides to come back.

“Indeed, I received my invitation last week about his passing and my new place as the Emperor.” He said, almost like he was purpously trying to offend me that I only got invited yesterday. “But that’s not what I wanted to address you about. If you could follow me.” He practically demanded, as he made his way down the hall to the meeting room.

He closed the door, and turned to me. “I wanted to give you this.” He stated, handing me a picture of a young woman. “This is your mother.”

I widened my eyes, staring at the picture. “I don’t recognize her.” I whispered, sadly.

“I’m not surprised. You were only young, and I know your father wouldn’t have kept any pictures.” Chris mumbled, “You look just like her.”

I nodded, barely even listening. Standing at the bottom of a green hill was my beautiful mother, looking around my age. She was smiling wide at the camera, with her long brown hair falling at her sides. Her hazel eyes glowed in the sunlight, and her long sleek blue dress was captivating.

“Why didn’t my father show me her?” I asked, suddenly offended.

“He didn’t want you, or anyone else to recognize her.” He muttered, sitting on one of the seats at the long table. I sat on the seat beside him.

“Why not?” I pushed.

“She was quite popular in a... Certain area.” He said, letting out a deep breath. “Your father wanted to tell you when the time was right, but there never really was an opportunity. You need to know, since it may affect you completely.”

“What?” I urged him to go on, “Tell me.”

He sighed, “Your mother was a witch.”

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