Desire To Kill

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Chapter 20 ~ Lessons

“My mother was a Witch?” I hissed, earning a stern warning glare from my uncle. I piped down my reaction, knowing that I couldn’t let everyone know about this.

“Yes, she was.” Christopher nodded, “Daniel, never intended on falling in love with her. He knew he was supposed to find a shifter to carry out the Empress title by his side, but he couldn’t help it. When your mother gave birth to you, no-one had met her. But when a mortal body - Witches included - gives birth to a shifter; it is almost impossible to survive.” He explained, causing the blood to drain from my face.

“Did she know that she’d die giving birth to me?” I whispered, tears welling up in my eyes.

He nodded again, “Indeed. She decided she would take the risk, for you.” I choked back a sob, my hands covering my face as I leaned against the table.

“Were they husband and wife?” I whispered, not trusting my own voice.

“Yes, your father married her as soon as he could. He loved her dearly, and was heartbroken when she passed away. You were a living memory of her, and he loved you for that.” He smiled, with no light in his eyes.

I nodded, recollecting myself. I wasn’t going to cry over this. I knew my mother had died because of me, but I never knew it was a fate she knew of all along. How brave she must have been, I couldn’t help but wander why on earth my father didn’t hate me after that.

“Remember not to blame yourself.” Chris chided, something I had heard a lot when I was younger. “It wasn’t your fault, the decision was all hers.”

I gave him a weak smile, forcing my self to stand. “Thank you, uncle Chris.” I gave him an awkward hug, to which he just grumbled in reply.

“Your father would have wanted you to know.” He said, making his way out the door. Chris turned to me, before leaving. “The only other person who knows is the Lady herself, who will probably wish to speak to you.”

I gasped, “Are you kidding?”

He shook his head, with a slight smile. “The Lady would have found out herself, anyway. Your mother was close with her, as the Lady trained her to use her powers. She will speak to you shortly.” With that, he exited the room.

I let out a breath, my heart beat increasing. Not even I had met the Lady before, but all Hybrids knew of her. She was the Eldest Witch, and when I mean the Eldest I mean it literally. With shifters we mean the wisest, who are basically the council. The Lady was actually the elder Witch in a literal sense, no one even remembered how old she was. She was known for her astonishing witchcraft, and was able to read so far back and forth into time that she knows all. Although, with age she had gotten confusing. I heard it was hard to get an answer that made sense from her, despite her knowing everything.

The Lady was also well known for her prophecies, that always had a hidden meaning. I had never seen one myself, but I had heard that they were terrifying. One of her prophecies warned us of the war of the Hybrids, that was soon to come.

When I was about to exit the room after collecting my thoughts, the Lady herself entered the room. She was an elderly woman, but seemed healthy for her age. Her wrinkled skin glowed with colour, and her blue eyes was bursting with light. You wouldn’t think this woman was way past a hundred years of age, she looked as if she was in her fifties or sixties.

The small woman in the violet silk gown walked over to me, a grin had spread on her face. “Blaire Alder, I get to meet you at last!” She beamed as she shook my hand, her delicate fingers wrapped around mine

I smiled back, giving her a slight bow as she let go. “It is an honour, my Lady.” I said, politely.

She shook her head, “You can call me Adana. You’re family, after all.” I could barely stifle a gasp as she pulled me into a hug.

I widened my eyes, “What do you mean?”

“Didn’t Christopher tell you, my dear?” She said, as she stepped back. “Cora was my great, great grand-daughter.”

My jaw dropped, not being able to hold for any longer. “My mother? Then we’re related. But I’m a shifter.” I said, not thinking before I spoke. “I’m sorry, my Lady but-”

Adana waved a hand, “Don’t fret. I fully understand, this must be a shock to you. I know how you shifters are, always sticking to your own kind. But this is good, don’t you see?” She asked, as if I was supposed to understand. “This information could bring the Witches and the shifters together again.”

I nodded, understanding. I was to be the next Empress of the shifters, after my uncle completes his duties as Emperor. If the Empress herself was part witch, it would most definitely combine the two clans together. Not that we were ever against one another, but a proper companionship between the two would take down the Vampire clan in this war for sure. On the other hand, some of the elders would be terrified that the Emperor bloodline would now have witch-blood in it.

“Is this why I can’t shift?” I asked, not able to hide the despair in my voice. All my life I had waited to shift, did I even have the ability to?

Adana’s smile dropped, her eyes hinted with hesitation. “A part witch - part shifter has never happened before, we cannot know for sure what you will turn out to be.”

I felt like an abomination after that, like I was some bizarre mistake of a creature. “Shouldn’t you know?” I croaked, narrowing my eyes at the psychic woman before me.

Adana shook her head, with a smile. “You clearly don’t know me well enough, but I never reveal my secrets. I know all, but sometimes the truth changes.” The old woman shrugged, “The best thing in life is surprises.”

I hardly understood, since it was practically impossible for her to be surprised. Yet I nodded, courteously. “Thank you, Adana. I hope I can see you again.”

She gave me something close to a mischievous grin, “Oh you will.”

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