Desire To Kill

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Chapter 22 ~ Truths


That’s all I could find. Nothing.

There was no solid information for me to find, only fictional or presumed information on the Witches in the old days. None had information that related to the truth, and certainly none mentioned the outcome of a part shifter, part witch.

I sighed nonchalantly, glancing up at Charlotte whom was studying. “I officially give up.” I announced, slamming the last idiotic book shut.

She gave me an apologetic look, “I found nothing either. I went to the library, and there wasn’t anything related to witches or any sort of hybrid.”

I shut my eyes, displaying how much I was done as I collapsed backwards onto the covers. “How am I supposed to learn how to control it, when I don’t even know what I’ll become?” I muttered, frowning at how true my words were.

I was rightfully advised that I should do some research, so that I could understand the idea of it all. But it was impossible, I felt as if I didn’t know who I was anymore. Not even stupid books or the internet had any relating thing to what was going on, which wasn’t too much of a surprise; we were a secret after all. I was still annoyed that I couldn’t get any answers though.

The door suddenly slammed open, abruptly braking me from my thoughts. Jason entered the room, Harry was close behind. The boys had excited glints in their eyes, as they sat opposite me on the covers. Charlotte immediately stopped what she was doing and joined us, sensing an important subject.

Harry pulled out an ancient-looking binder out of his bag, placing it in front of me. “I found what you were looking for, Empress!” He grinned at me, ignoring the glare I gave him for the title.

I sighed, scanning the book. ”Book of Mirum?” Charlotte read, her eyebrow raised. “What the heck?”

Jason waved her off, moving his gaze back to me. “This book is an ancient book, disguised as some boring rubbish that no one will read. But it’s about the Hybrids, and all it’s secrets.” He explained, his eyes growing more exited as my eyes grew more wider.

“There’s a book about the hybrids?” I repeated, gaping at the two. “I thought we were a secret!” I hissed, feeling completely belittled. All our lives, we’ve learned to keep ourselves secret from humans; but we had a book written for us. That just screamed stupid.

Harry shook his head, “It isn’t easy for humans to have access to this book, it’s usually just in special libraries or buildings built for Hybrids. We found this one back at the base, in that old book case. It turns out they made it look normal on the outside, but it holds many secrets on the inside.” Harry explained, with an eager look in his features. I’ve always been aware of his love for books and literature, but never had I seen it so evident until then.

I opened the book, and flipped the half-worn and warn-out pages to the table of contents. I read through them, registering that it indeed was about our kind.

I scanned the chapter titles, noticing how I hardly knew the half about my own kind. A few titles stood out to me, but a lot looked extremely unfamiliar. I realized that vampires, shifters and witches weren’t alone. I saw things like; Valkyries for Dummies, How To Be A Harpy, A Gift To A Nymph and To Enlighten A Siren. All mentioned names of creatures that were foreign to me, but it made me think of how I should have learned of my fellow Hybrids a long time ago. But truth be told; Vampires, shifters and witches were all locked in their own personal bubble. We were the most populated, and the most dangerous species of the Hybrids.

I sighed, “Gosh, there’s a lot of Hybrids.” I muttered, flipping to the page I found helpful.

Charlotte nodded, “True. But not each of the species’ are very inhabited, like we are.” She explained, making me feel even more clueless then before. “For example, those Valkyries probably only have around twelve in their whole species.”

I widened my eyes, “Twelve?” I repeated, slightly exasperated.

Jason seemed as surprised as me, “Wow! I thought there was a low number of shifters, but damn that’s short.”

I nodded in agreement, as I found the page I was looking for.

"Cross-Breeding A Hybrid.” I read the title, letting out a snort. “Makes me sound like an animal.”

Charlotte peeked her head over my shoulder, reading the content aloud in her melodious voice. ”When two hybrids from a different species spawn a child, it would generally create a mix between the two species. Although cross-breeding with hybrids is rare, it is not unheard of with some species’; occasionally when a species with one gender spawns with another species.” Jason yawned, so Charlotte scanned the page to find something that would interest the current situation.

"Cross-breeding with the top three Hybrid species is almost unheard of; a Vampire, Witch or Shifter almost never spawn with one another. They tend to stick to their own species, a human or a lower Hybrid type.” Charlotte continued, reading out the important parts as she scanned the chapter. “It is believed that if they were to reproduce with one another; it would cause either chaos or harmony. The crossbred would presumably inherit both of their wellspring’s abilities, thus causing a questionable out-come. It is unsure whether or not the crossbred would be dangerous, or the saviour to their kind." She finished reading, as the chapter had been cut short.

“That’s it?” Harry huffed, broken from his trance at her words.

Charlotte shrugged, “There’s nothing else on the subject. So, I guess that’s it.”

Jason turned to me, “So you’re basically destined to either save or ruin the Hybrid world?” He stated, matter-of-factually.

I shrugged, disguising the knot that had twisted in my stomach. “I guess so, but it’s just an estimated conclusion of the matter.” I excused, “They don’t have any real proof.”

They all nodded, not pushing it any further.

They left me in silence, while I mentally dreaded the future I had once thought would be perfect.


“Something’s been off about you recently.” Josias noted, in reply to my earlier comment of why he was staring at me strangely.

I avoided eye contact, “I don’t understand.”

“You’re even more moody then before.” He stated, “And you haven’t said a mean comment to me for at least ten minutes. Is something wrong?”

I tried not to show my surprise at how well he could inspect people, or how he could know me well enough to notice my current state.

“I’m just not in the mood, that’s all.” I waved him off, turning my eyes to the teacher.

Josias leaned in closer, so close I could smell the waft of dirt blood flowing from him. That was how all leeches smelt to me, like a pig’s grave.

He studied me closely, “I don’t think that’s it. Is something wrong?” He asked, alertly.

I shook my head, rather in bewilderment than disagreement.

What wasn’t wrong?

My mother had not only turned out to be a different person, but a different species to what I thought. My father had kept the most biggest secret from me all my life, of how I was not only a shifter but a Witch. To top it all of, I was supposed to either cause chaos or harmony to the Hybrids. Which probably meant I’d either break out a war between the Hybrids, or stop it from happening.

“No.” I lied, “Everything’s fine.”

In the inside, I couldn’t help but wonder to myself when anything would be fine ever again.

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