Desire To Kill

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Chapter 23 ~ Heartaches

“No.” Charlotte and I dead panned, not even considering the idea.

Harry pouted, “Please? Just this once!” He pleaded, while Jason nodded along beside him.

I shook my head, “Haven’t we gotten ourselves in enough trouble? Remember last time we followed one of your ideas, to go to that stupid party?” I winced after I had said it, turning to Charlotte. I had almost forgot about her getting bitten, and how it must have scarred her.

She didn’t seem phased, “She’s right. We can’t just go Vampire slaying when we’re on such a delicate mission, it’d be idiotic.”

Jason huffed, “It’s so boring here. We’re not even doing anything!”

Well, we couldn’t deny that.

In the several weeks we’ve been here, it all did seem pointless. But I hadn’t heared a word from the Elders, making us feel truly alone in this mission. We hadn’t found any clues, or anything to help us. The only thing we’ve managed to do is get friendly with leeches, which I wasn’t too sure was the best of ideas.

Charlotte turned to me, I could tell she had given in. “They’ve got a point. Going on a Vampire hunt could be practice, since we haven’t done it in months.”

Harry nodded eagerly, “Yes! Target practice, before we go take the royals down!”

I had given in, and they already knew that. “Fine, but if something goes wrong I am not responsible.” I muttered, grabbing my scarf to depart into the cold city night’s air.

While thinking that no matter what I say, I was always going to be responsible when it comes to leeches.


“Oh my gosh!” Charlotte exclaimed under her breath, her hand over her mouth.

In front of our eyes, we could see a young human girl surrounded by a pack of Vampires. It was completely unfair, there was eight of them and only one of her. Plus the fact that she didn’t have the added abilities that they had, so she was pretty much out-matched.

As they circled her in the wide alley, throwing rude remarks her way; I could already feel my feet leading me towards them. My stake in hand, I strolled towards the mass of leeches while the troop hid in the shadows beside me.

The leeches could already hear my footsteps, as they all turned toward me. The largest one hissed at me, his eyes landing on the stake in my hand. “This is none of your business, creature.” He said, hissing the common nickname for us shifters. “Leave us with our dinner.” He commanded, whilst I silently mocked his stupidity.

“Do you really think I’d let you do that, leech?” I sneered, stepping closer to the pack.

The human whimpered, as the leeches stepped away from her and formed a semi-circle in front of me. “You and what army, brute?”

I snickered, happy that he said that as my friends stepped out of the shadows. The leeches backed away, taken by surprise at their sudden appearance. Charlotte stepped beside me, looping her arm with mine. “I’d run if I were you, boys.” She gave them an innocent smile, a trademark before her kills.

Jason and Harry stepped forward, stakes in hand. We were prepared for a fight, when the closest leech shouted; “Kill them!”

That was all we needed, as the two groups roared while we clashed together. I found myself facing with one of the recently turned ones, the worst out of all leeches. His wide eyes were already firey red, I couldn’t help the shudder that came through me at the hunger that was evident in him.

I swiped at his head, he ducked and bared his fangs as he pushed me with one shove. I skidded across the floor, but casually pulled myself to my feet before he lunged again. The leech tried to sink his teeth into my arm, but I pulled it away and swiped his side with my stake instead. He howled, falling to the ground as the wood’s essence sunk into his skin.

He panted, as he tried to step up. I could tell he was recently turned, as he seemed completely confused by the stake’s gash on his side. I swiped again, as fast as I could. I watched as he slumped to the ground, and for the first time; I felt a pang of guilt. This boy had been newly turned; he didn’t understand how to control himself, and was forced to be with the other killers.

I gulped the unfamiliar feeling down, ready to face the next attacker. The next several leeches I killed didn’t bring back any guilt; because all I saw was their monstrous selves, not willing to give any mercy. Their humanity was long gone.

I scanned around, to see there was only one left. Of course it was the largest and seemingly strongest one, I found him hovered over what seemed to be Harry.

“Get away from him!” I screeched, lunging at the leech.

I plunged the stake into his back, pushing him to the side. I didn’t even concentrate on the leech’s lifeless body near me on the ground, as I dropped to my knees beside Harry. He was muttering something, but it was muffled by the dark blood that overflowed in his mouth. I watched as the light departed from his eyes, and his voice no longer attempted to be heard.

I held his head in his lap, barely noticing the sobs that escaped me. I saw the deep gash in his stomach, and I felt queasy just looking at it. Clearly, the leech had plunged his hand into Harry’s stomach as fast as he could. Jason and Charlotte joined me quickly, their faces stricken with despair. “Harry!” Jason cried, dropping to his knees beside his best friend.

Charlotte’s lip quivered, “He killed him!” She shrieked, her eyes the angriest I’ve ever seen them. “That son of a bitch!”

I could barely hear their words, as I sobbed over his lifeless corpse. I put my hand on his gash, in a pathetic attempt. I was applying pressure as if I could save him, but he was already almost gone. I could feel the life inside him on the edge of slipping away and falling down a dark pit of nothing.

“I-I’m so sorry, Harry.” I stuttered, my voice barely audible through my sobs. “I should have came sooner.”

We all sobbed in silence, not knowing what to do. The three of us were plagued with despair, grief and guilt. “We never should have come.” Charlotte whispered, her head in her palms. “It’s all my fault.”

I shook my head, “No. It was my fault, I never should have agreed to it. You all were asking for my permission, and I gave it.” I could barely understand myself, my lungs clogged by my own tears.

“No. It’s my fault, it was my idea. Not anyone else’s.” Jason murmured, his voice full of anguish. His voice was muffled, as his head was sunken on Harry’s chest.

The sad part was, neither of us denied him. It was as if we were happy to let someone else hold the guilt for a while as we tried to grieve.

My hand felt wet and poisoned by the blood from Harry’s cause of death.

“Please,” I whispered. “Please bring him back.”

I shut my eyes tight, hoping that this nightmare would be over.

A sharp ring of pain blasted in my ears, pain seeped through my skull. I jumped back from them, covering my ears with my hands; hoping that the painful sound in my ears would stop.

When it subsided, I looked up to see Jason and Charlotte staring at me as if I had lost it. “Did you guys feel that?” I asked, my voice wavering.

They shook their heads, their eyes rimmed with red. We suddenly heard a gasp of raspy breath, that came from neither of us. We all turned to Harry, to see his eyes were alive and his mouth was an ‘O’ shape as he heavily panted.

We all gasped, surrounding him with astonishment. “He’s alive!” Jason shrieked, giving him a tight hug.

Charlotte pulled Jason back, “He’s injured, give him space!”

But he wasn’t, we all realized. The hole in his shirt that revealed his gash was still there, but the injury itself was almost completely invisible. The only thing left was a strange scar, in an almost crescent like shape.

Everyone turned and looked at me. I just stared at Harry while my vision was beginning to get clouded by black dots, I saw his chest rising and falling as he panted heavily. His blue eyes stared up at me in shock, and my expression was probably the same.

Harry slowly started to sit up, wincing. “Blaire did you-”

I couldn’t hear the end of his sentence. My head began to roll to the side, hitting the hard concrete as I passed out on the cold, cold floor.

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