Desire To Kill

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Chapter 24 ~ Differences

“Okay, so you’re a witch.”

“Well thanks for pointing out something I already told you, genius.” I snapped. I had been doing that a lot recently, ever since what happened with Harry. It was as if using my powers had drained me, and I no longer had the energy to even pretend to be nice. I felt like death, every ounce of energy I had was gone. I felt like either sleeping or ripping someone’s hair out.

Jason laughed, “I know. I wasn’t even sure it was completely true until now. but just because you’re suddenly superwoman doesn’t mean you have to be a witch bitch to me.”

I scowled at him, ”Witch bitch? I’m going to witch bitch slap you all the way to the other side of the fucking room if you don’t shut the hell up.”

“Guys stop fighting.” Charlotte sighed, “Blaire, I knew you were part witch but I didn’t think that would change anything. I thought you were still just the same old Blaire, a shapeshifter like us.”

I frowned, “Well I guess I’m the odd one out, because I might as well just be a witch in a shapeshifting group. I don’t have the ability to shapeshift yet and I’m eighteen years old, and I’m a fucking royal. When the council finds out I can’t shift and I’m not even a full-blooded shapeshifter I’m screwed.”

There was a pause of silence. My inability to shapeshift was a touchy subject, and they knew that. I hadn’t exactly spoken about it before, and this was probably a surprise to all of them since they’re finally finding out my true feelings on the subject. We had never really spoken about it, but my new witch abilities were changing things. I was never really fond of changes.

“Are you okay, Harry?” I asked, turning to him. It seemed as we made our way to the room the group had almost forgotten the fact Harry died, and instead focused on our new discovery of my voodoo magic.

“Oh so now you guys want to know?” He muttered, earning a collected surprise from the rest of us. Harry looked up, wincing in regret.

Harry’s usually bright and happy mood had darkened, and it wasn’t a surprise to me. “I’m really sorry Harry, how are you feeling?”

He shook his head, “Like shit.” He muttered. “But I’m still grateful that you... Healed me.”

I noticed how careful we were on the subject of bringing him back from the dead.

Jason walked over to Harry, who was sitting on the sofa with me. “Seriously dude, you died today. How are you?” Well give it to Jason for being astonishingly subtle.

Harry looked at his friend darkly, “How do you think? It’s like you said, I almost died. I feel horrible, and it was the most painful thing that’s ever happened to me.” I could see his eyes starting to water slightly, and my heart broke at the sight.

Charlotte stood up from her bed and sat on her knees in front of him on the floor, “Harry I understand you must-”

Harry stood up suddenly, knocking Charlotte down on the floor and she stared at him in shock. “You don’t understand!” Harry cried, “You don’t have a single clue! I might not have died, but I feel dead anyway! I feel like nothing, as if everything is fake, everyone isn’t real and everything you’re saying isn’t true!”

Harry fell to the ground, holding himself as he started to almost choke on his own tears as the rest of us stared at him in shock. Even Jason; someone who had known Harry all his life, seemed surprised and even heartbroken by the sight of Harry’s tears. He wasn’t someone who would cry about things, even in the darkest moments.

I got out of my seat and slowly moved beside him, and I wrapped my hands around his shaking body while my hands shook also as they snaked around him. “I’m so sorry, Harry.” I whispered, my tears starting to pour slowly. “It hurts, I know. I know. You’re going to be okay.” I repeated the words to him, I wasn’t sure how long. Harry’s shaking body started to still, and his soft sobs started to grow silent. I could swear I saw Jason eyes filled with tears as I pulled away, but he looked away quickly and roughly wiped them away.


Peter didn’t carry on walking when he passed in the hallway, instead he grabbed my arm and pulled me inside the dark janitor’s closet.

“What the-” I started, but was cut off my his hand over my mouth.

“Shut that big mouth of yours for a second, okay?” He demanded, his thick English accent even broader then usual.

I nodded, hoping this wasn’t as dangerous as it felt. I fidgeted with my stake in my back pocket, we were way too close for comfort. I had enough on my plate to deal with lately, and the constant reminder of Peter’s existence was hardly helping.

“I think they’re on to you.” He stated, simply.

I widen my eyes, pulling his hand off of my mouth. “You mean your royals?” I hissed, dreading the answer.

“No.” He shook his head, causing me to raise my eyebrows.

I sighed, “Then I don’t think I care.”

He shook his head again, “No your royals.”

I was taken aback at his words, “What are you talking about?”

“The shapeshifter royal bloodlines are getting suspicious, your troop have been here for a while now. You’re developing friendships with leeches, and also there’s been slight trails of witchcraft.” He finished, it was his turn to raise his eyebrow in suspicion. “Not only are you befriending your species’ sworn enemy, but your also using dark magic. The council is; shall we say, unsettled.”

I stepped back, which only caused me to step against the wall. “I work for the Elders, remember?”

He shook his head, stepping even closer towards me. “You’re so naive, even if you act like you’re not.” He carried on, ignoring my huff of anger. “Do you really trust your beloved elders so much that you think they’d let you get away with the stuff that’s been going on with you and your troop?” He pushed, leaning even closer. I could taste his exhalations in my own lungs, he was again way too close

But I agreed with him, I didn’t think the elders would be too happy with everything that’s been going on. If they knew the whole thing, they’d probably send us back home then and there.

I shook my head in answer, not trusting my voice when in such a close proximity to him.

“Then I suggest you think fast, creature.” He stated, leaning closer.

Peter then turned in one unnaturally swift movement, leaving the small room behind. I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding, thinking over his words.

I didn’t think the elders would be happy about me being part-witch and possibly not able to shift. I didn’t think they’d be happy about us being close with the leeches, and I didn’t think they’d be happy that I saved one’s life. I certainly didn’t think that they’d be happy about me being able to use powers to bring people from the dead, and develop a bond with them.

I took in a surprised gasp, realizing what I was thinking.

I was listening to the Vampire, as opposed to my own kind.

I still couldn’t shapeshift.

I had the ability to bring things back to life.

I was starting to trust a vampire.

If there’s one thing I had learned in this disastrous mission, it was that I certainly would regret it for a long time.

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