Desire To Kill

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Chapter 26 ~ Suspicions

I sighed, practically slipping out of the stool with exhaustion.

“Are you okay, Blaire? You look tired.” Charlotte whispered from beside me, careful not to get the teacher’s attention.

I frowned, “I couldn’t sleep.”

The Hybrid civilization shall begin or end.

It was enough that I had to re-do the senior lessons, but having Adana’s prophecy ringing in my head was a little distracting.

Charlotte frowned at me, “You haven’t been the same since what happened with Harry.”

I gave her a blatant look, “I wonder why.”

She scoffed, “Don’t get all sassy with me, Blaire. You and Harry have been a little off recently, all sulky and sensitive.”

I sighed, “Well, Harry died and I became a full-fledged voodoo witch. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we’ve been a little off."

Charlotte frowned as she ignored my rude comment, “It’s like all the energy was sucked out of you. I’m not surprised though, since I’ve been doing research on witches recently and the magic you used on Harry was seriously extreme. It’s no wonder why you’ve been so drained recently, but that got me thinking - why would it effect Harry? If anything, your energy should have been given to him right? So why is he so down too?”

I sighed, “Because he had a traumatic experience possibly?”

She rolled her eyes, “I’ve done my research, Blaire. I think Harry has some sort of connection with you, I think he can feel what you’re feeling.”

I frowned, “But that sounds oddly confusing,”

Charlotte put her hand on my arm so I turned away from the textbook I was staring at and looked at her, “This is big, Blaire. The magic you used cause you to give your energy to Harry to help him live, which means you basically shared your energy with him. But now it’s been a while, you’re both still almost feeding off each other’s energy - which there is none. What if he’s in need of energy but since you’re so out of it after what happened that there is none, which would explain why he’s not himself?”

I narrowed my eyes at her, “You may be on to something. But why would we be feeding off each other’s energy when I’m the one who gave my energy to him?”

Charlotte nodded, “Apparently it’s like you’ve created this bond between you. This spell is really rare and hard to use, because you’re basically putting life back in to someone. You didn’t even need to say or think of a spell, which is pretty hardcore. Harry’s alive now, but not really. He died, and it’s going to take a lot for him to be the healthy living person he was before. So now it’s basically as if you’re rationing energy between each other, and since you’re both weak after what happened - there isn’t much energy to share.”

I scowled, “So I have to share my energy with him? That wouldn’t effect me too much, right?”

She smiled, “I don’t think so. I’m not too sure how it works, but once you’ve healed enough after what happened I guess we’ll see.”

When the bell rung, I spun in my seat and left class after collecting my stuff. Charlotte and I made our way to the cafeteria, sitting in our usual seats with the rest of the leeches and shifters.

Huh, never thought I’d say that.

I gave a slight smile to Peter, Josias and Jason. We sat with them, to be later joined by Margret. She gave me a wide grin, sitting in the empty seat beside me. Ever since the incident, she would always be so kind to me. Not that she wasn’t before, but now it seemed like she had a new-found respect.

Anna on the other hand, still hated my guts. Whenever Josias would even speak to me, she would give me the most evil of glares. I tried to ignore them, but it was hard. Apparently there was some friction going on in their relationship, but as always I didn’t focus on the social difficulties with the leeches in the school. It wasn’t exactly in the job description. But as much as I would have loved to pull out my stake and plunge it in her heart, I needed to seem normal in those leech’s eyes. Even if it meant having to let that leech live.

Thinking of which, where was she?

“Where’s Harry?” Charlotte asked, directing to Jason.

Jason shrugged, “No idea. He’s been a little tired recently, he might have just gone to nap somewhere.”

The quiet and dark Ronald furrowed his eyebrows, “Last I saw him he was being dragged out of class by Anna.”

Everyone was silent after that, probably all thinking similar things. Josias didn’t look jealous, only worried.

Charlotte leaned to my ear, making sure no one could hear. “Do you think she-”

Before Charlotte could finish, I felt a searing hot pain go through my body. I screamed, falling out of the seat and landing on the floor. My eyes were cloudy with tears, as I felt waves of searing pain flash through me. I could see people’s blurred silhouettes crowding me, but I didn’t care. I could only concentrate on the pain going through my throat, as if someone was pouring hot lava down my gullet.

“Everyone out of the way, she’s having a panic attack!” I heard Jason shout, I felt pairs of arms pick me from the floor and drag me out of the cafeteria. But I couldn’t do anything, my body felt numb as if I was a rag doll. As I was being dragged, I could hear Charlotte telling someone that they would handle it as the pain almost intensified.

When my tears cleared, I could see that Charlotte and Jason had dragged me out of the fire exit to the back of the school. They sat me down beside a dumpster, shouting panicked inquiries at me over each other.

I then realized how strange the pain was, it felt as if it was happening to me but it wasn’t at the same time. It was as if I had an injury that was from an invisible source, like it was a shadow of the actual pain being caused.

It was then I realized Harry was in trouble.

“Find. Harry.” I rasped, my voice only heard after each gasp for breath.

With our heightened sense of hearing, we could hear a terrifying scream in the distance. It sounded nothing like him, it sounded too scared and too painful. “Run!” I screamed, grabbing my ribs as even the short word hurt.

They ran to the alley, leaving me behind. I just sat there, feeling helpless as I felt as if the last being of my existence was being sucked from it’s core. I slowly dragged myself from the ground, the pain numbing away as I tried to focus on me. I am Blaire. I am walking towards a gate. I felt the pain subside slowly as I tried to focus on my surroundings, the black edges of my vision slowly blurring away as I went the way Charlotte and Jason had went.

When I found them, my hand rested on a wall in the alley as I panted. My legs felt as if the blood-flow had stopped like I had been on them for hours, and I could drop any second. I looked up to see Anna had Harry pushed against the wall, her hungry red eyes glowering at him as she slowly fed from his blood. She was suddenly pushed off of him, and Harry was dropped to the floor with a painful thud. I heard a ringing in my ears, and I wasn’t sure if it was pain or the sound of my screams that I couldn’t quite hear myself. Charlotte hit Anna straight across the face.

Anna screeched, lunging at Jason who was nearest to her. Jason had stake in hand, so he easily whipped his stake in front of him; slicing Anna’s arm in the process. Anna dropped to one knee, holding her arm in pain. The materials in the stake was designed to be extra painful for leeches, and it would damage them even more then it would a human. It was their Achilles heel, and we were lucky to be pros at it.

Before I could see more, I started to fall down against the bricked wall.

The last thing I saw was Jason screaming Charlotte’s name, as Anna bared her fangs for the kill as she plunged her way down to Charlotte’s throat.

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