Desire To Kill

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Chapter 28 ~ Horrors

I can’t breathe.

That’s all I could think as I made my way back to my dorm. Panic was strangling me by the throat, as I realized the mess that was made during the mission.

We had a week. A week to plan and kill the royal Vampires, as soon as we find out where they are in the first place.

I closed my eyes, standing in front of my bedroom door. What have I done? We’ve been here for months, and we have barely done a thing, I thought. Sure, we developed a fake friendship with the leeches; but that was it. Was the friendship even fake? The thought of killing any of the leeches in school made me shudder, what had happened to me?

Could I possibly kill Margret? Margret, whom was as sweet as honey. She wouldn’t hurt a fly, so how could I possibly just leave now and maybe even kill her in the process? What about Josias? The leech who has spent his time annoying me flirtatiously and who has always made sure that I was okay.

I even couldn’t imagine bringing myself to kill Ronald, who is quiet yet caring. Even Peter -who had literally just threatened to kill me- wasn’t someone I could possibly imagine murdering. He has spent his time protecting this school, not from his leeches but from his family and maybe even us. Apart from the occasional threat, he had been nothing but kind and protective. Not over me, but over everyone. It was if he felt a responsibility to make sure his vampirism didn’t threaten the pupil’s lives, and even though he has done terrible things; he seemed almost guilty.

Did I really know anything about Vampires? Or was all I really had been taught was to kill on sight? I wandered, even, if until we came here all I had seen in leeches was the bad side.

I entered the room I shared with Charlotte, to see that the troop were already there. They all looked up at me from the sofa, and they could all read the expression on my face. “What happened?” Jason asked, worry plain in his voice.

I could feel Harry’s concern, and Charlotte gestured me to sit beside her. I sat on the sofa, taking a deep breath.

“We’re doomed,” I muttered.

Jason was on the other side of me, and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. “Spit it out, squirt.”

I sighed, “I’ve been keeping something from you guys. As you know, before we came here I killed a royal leech named Peter Slanderer. At least, I thought I had. I shot him, since I didn’t have my stake and I left the body for the elders to take care of. When we came here, I realized that the Peter Jones was in fact Peter Slanderer. I had failed to kill him.”

They all widened their eyes, and Charlotte’s hand was on her forehead. “Why didn’t you tell us?” She asked, looking offended.

I shook my head, “He recognized me just as much as I did him. On the first day, he attacked me. He threatened that if I didn’t tell anyone about him, he wouldn’t tell anyone about us. I was confused, at first but I realized that Peter didn’t want conflict. He wanted to protect the school, so he didn’t kill me but he said that if I step out of line he would tell the royals.”

Harry frowned, “Why didn’t you just kill him?”

I rolled my eyes, “Because then was when we promised that we wouldn’t kill any of them. He didn’t mean harm, and I planned on keeping it that way.”

Jason nodded, “Okay. But what has this got to do with us being doomed?”

I closed my eyes, “Because Peter knows about Anna. And Kevin. I don’t think he cared about Kevin, but Anna was his sister. He told me not only a few minutes ago that if we’re not gone by next week, we’re dead.”

Charlotte nodded, “So we have to attack the royals before then.” None of us even considered aborting the mission.

Harry sighed, his head in hands. “We also need to find out where the royals are.”

We were silent after that, “I’ll find out.” I didn’t know how I sounded so confident, but I was determined.

Charlotte sighed, standing up and facing us with a clap of hands. “Okay, Blaire will find out where they are. Whether that involves following them or charming them, I don’t know. Jason will make sure we have all the weapons we need, so make sure you sort that out for each of us. Harry and I will do a plan, which won’t be perfect until we know they’re location.”

Leave it to Charlotte to snap us out of our useless states.

I nodded, standing up. “I’ll try to get it out of Margret or Josias, or I’ll follow Peter if it doesn’t work. Hopefully he lives with the royals.”

Jason stood up, “I’m going back to base to get better weapons.” We only had the usual stakes that we kept hidden in our clothes, so it was a priority for us to get better weapons. I wanted to ask Jason if I could join him, but I knew my uses were needed elsewhere. Even though I longed to go home.

As I walk out into the corridor, I wandered how the hell I was going to do this. I found myself in front of room 23 B, and I knock on the wooden surface.

Josias opens the door, staring at me in confusion.

I give him my best innocent-looking smile, “May I come in?”

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