Desire To Kill

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Chapter 29 ~ Deceivers

We sat in silence. Him probably wandering what I was doing here and me calculating exactly how I was going to do this, whatever this was.

“I’m sorry,” I said at the exact time as he said; “So.”

He widened his eyes a little, clearing his throat. “Sorry for what, princess?”

I choked back a scoff, giving him a slight smile. “For the way I’ve been treating you. I judged you before I got to know you, and that wasn’t right.”

I wasn’t completely sure if my words weren’t too far off point. Josias smirked, and I tried not to roll my eyes at that callous move.

I needed to calm down, I had to subdue the instincts I had to hate everything he did. Maybe it really wasn’t right of me.

“It’s okay, I enjoyed the chase.” Josias’ words caught me off guard, and I wasn’t really sure how to respond to that. I expected him to be more pushy, or at least curious. “But now that you know me, do you like what you see?” Josias swiped his hand around him, and I couldn’t help but think; there’s the Josias I know.

I shook my head, chuckling. “You would be okay to hang out with if you weren’t a-“, I cut myself off from finishing. I almost said leech. Not only would that have given away the fact that I’m not normal, it would have also completely given away the fact that I was a shifter. Only shapeshifters would call a Vampire a leech, it was a common nickname in our kind.

Josias raised his eyebrow, looking like he was mentally arguing with himself. “If I weren’t such a jerk?” His words caused my body to relax, and I let out a small breath of relief.

I shook my head again, “Never mind.”

He seemed even more inquisitive, and I wasn’t sure if it was suspicion or interest that was evident within him. I hoped it was the latter. “No, tell me.”

I forced out a chuckle, playfully slapping his arm that was only inches from mine on the sofa. “So, what do you do in your free time?”

It may have seemed as if I was changing the subject, which I slightly was; but I was more hopeful to find out any sort of information about the vampires.

Josias frowned, un-sure whether to drop it as I had. He sighed, “Nothing much. Sleep, eat, drink and repeat.” I flinched when I heard the word drink.

These sort of things were exactly why shifters and leeches didn’t socialize. I could barely hold a two minute conversation without slightly panting as I tried not to think about killing him, and that feeling of glory and virtue afterwards. I wandered if my constant snarky or mean remarks to him since I had met the leech was the only weapon I had against him, and now that I felt weapon-less I was starting to panic.

Josias is my friend, I repeated in my head. My palms were sweaty, and after a few seconds my heartbeat decreased and I stopped looking at him like he was a monster. I saw a normal boy who I needed some information from, and that was all.

He noticed my flinch; as I mentally berated myself, he was staring at me intently. When I finally noticed, my cheeks slightly burned at his strong stare. It could’ve been considered a gaze, but the harsh and vast curiosity and suspicion depressed the thought. Josias definitely knew something was up, he was staring at me with such insistence and fixation it was all to clear.

His shoulders suddenly bolted up, like he had finally figured out a puzzle he was working on for hours. “You’re a witch!” Josias’ loud and volatile words had me gasping and jumping in my seat.

It wasn’t completely what I hoped for, but it was better than him knowing the other Hybrid species I belonged to. I dreaded the mere thought of it.

“Shut up,” I whispered as I covered his gaping mouth with my hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if people heard Josias’ discovery from a mile away.

He pulled my hand away, “That makes so much sense. My aunt had spoken of some witchcraft being sensed in this area, and I just thought it was some random Witch or something.” Josias grinned, “But it was you! Did it have something to do with Margret?”

I frowned, “How did you know it had something to do with Margret?”

“Blaire, I’ve known her for most of life. I think I would notice when one day she’s as distant from you as Anna, and the next she adores you. And I know you know we’re Vampires, just by the way you look at us.” I couldn’t help but respect his good eye, that seemed like something I would never have noticed.

“Yeah, I kind of healed Margret without realizing it.” I gave him a smirk, wandering why it felt so easy to speak about something I hated about myself with someone I hated.

Josias clapped his hands, “Wow. That is amazing, I wish I was a Werlock or whatever your people call it.” His words made me wander if witches and vampires were close, because I had always thought witches stuck to their own thing. My father was in the middle of a plan to join forces with the witches before he passed, it would’ve completely out-numbered the vampires.

“So are vampires and witches... Close?” I didn’t know if I was on safe ground, but I had to ask. I was the empress-to-be, after all. I needed to know who were my kind’s enemies.. My mental ramble came to a stop, when I realized that my kind would find it hard to be enemies with a species that their empress was.

Josias shook his head, “None of the Hybrids are close with the witches. They tend to stick to themselves, avoiding the rest of us trouble-makers.” He rolled his eyes, and I knitted my eyebrows. It was strange, Josias explained the Hybrids so casually compared to how shifters do.

“Are there different types of vampires?” I asked, hoping he would mention the royals.

He shrugged, “Not really. It isn’t too complicated. There are the tainted, who are basically people who were turned into a vampire. They’re usually the weaker vampires, unless they’ve been around for along time. Then there’s the pure, who were born as vampires because of their vampire parents.”

I widened my eyes, this was information vampires tended to not give out lightly. At least, not to us shifters. “I don’t understand, how are you born as a vampire?”

Josias smiled, “Well let’s take me for an example. My parents are vampires, royal vampires; to be exact. They made me, which I’m sure you don’t need explaining for.” I shook my head a little too fast, gesturing him to carry on. “I’ve been alive for eighteen years, and like a normal person, I grew into the person I am today. The pure tend to stop ageing in-between their early and late twenties, and our life-span is obscure. It could be never-ending, but us vampires would never survive that long.”

I raised my eyebrow, “Why not?”

He sighed, “Well there’s a lot of reasons. But shape-shifters are our number one predator; it’s impossible for us to live along with those slayers around.”

I felt myself choking with guilt as I gulped, hoping to change the subject.

“Wait, so you’re a royal?” I asked, in realization.

He nodded, “Yeah, barely. You can’t tell anyone I told you so, though.” He trailed off, his face suddenly twisting with confusion. “Wait, so does this mean your brother and the twins are witches too?”

I shook my head, “No. You can’t tell them about this, either.” I felt bad now, the whole conversation felt true. I felt as if I was lying at that moment, because I knew I would tell them everything later on.

I stood up, feeling the end to the conversation. “Thanks for the help, Josias.”

He smiled, standing up to take me to the door. “Any time, Blaire.”

Before I left he added, “If you need any help with your whole Hybrid problem; come to me any time. I’ll be here if you’re confused or anything.”

I stretched a small smile on my face, waving goodbye. But as I walked to my room I couldn’t help the dark pit of guilt slowly intensify with each step.

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