Desire To Kill

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Chapter 3 ~ Companions

It didn’t take me too much time to reach the base, but I had to make sure that I wasn’t being followed. I lingered around a little, looking in all directions to see whether there was anyone or anything out of the ordinary. When I didn’t, I made my way to the entrance of the Base.

The Base was an average-sized house, home to four people—myself included. I shared a room with Charlotte while Jason and Harry shared the room next-door. The base was pretty comfortable and I could stay there without worrying too much about anything.

Harry and Jason insisted on sharing since they were best-friends since they were little. We had two guest rooms which were used quite regularly, usually by people who were held captive by a leech and were sometimes taken to the Base until we found a way to get them back to their home. But before that, we erased their memory.

I entered the Base and ran straight to my room to change out of my dark slaying clothes, which I usually wore when I was out. I pulled my chocolate-brown hair out of the tight bun and let the frizzy mass hang loose. I walked back downstairs to the kitchen where everyone was having dinner; even though it was almost midnight.

They all smiled and greeted me as I entered. I returned their greetings before taking a seat. “How did your days go?” I asked.

Today was one of those days where we didn’t go on a group hunt, we all just separated and did our own thing, for once.

“Well, Harry and I went roaming around the streets of New York to have a slaying spree.” Jason said in between mouthfuls of chicken and rice.

The two boys gave each other high-fives, which made me smirk. They were close friends since they were young, and it was a mood-brightener to be around them because they were rarely not in a positive mood.

“I went to the Police station today,” Charlotte said, “Vampires have been killing the cops one by one. It turns out a royal-blooded Vampire was held prisoner there. Unfortunately, he escaped. But,” she took a dramatic pause until she realized we didn’t really have time for drama. Instead, she continued in a hurry, “I managed to kill five of the leeches that helped him bust out,” She said.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “That actually sounds fun. Why didn’t you invite me?” I asked with a pout.

Jason and Harry pouted at her too, showing how they agreed with me. “Sorry.” She smirked, “But sometimes I like to keep the fun for myself.” Typical, we all still had spent our day slaying leeches on our day off. It was like hunting the leeches was a magnet and we were small chunks of sharp metal.

“So how about you, Blaire?” Harry asked, pointing at me with his blue eyes. I smiled at him, ready to begin my part. I’ve always felt like Harry’s older sister, since he was the youngest in our group. We had the same dark toned hair, but his eyes were a startling blue whereas mine were large and dark.

I sighed, “My day wasn’t as entertaining as you two. I found a Vampire torture house and I sneaked in. I saw Peter Slanderer there, torturing humans. I obviously attacked and killed him. But the humans were all dead. He had about five chained up to the wall. It was disgusting.” I scrunched up my nose. I couldn’t help but feel like a failure because I hadn’t saved any of those humans.

Jason raised an eyebrow, reading my expression as his dark hair and hazel eyes were highlighted by the moonlight. “That bad, huh?” He asked, receiving my nod in reply.

Suddenly, Jason froze. He looked at me wide eyed before he uttered the words I dread. “Wait, you killed Peter Slanderer? As in, the nephew of the Emperor of the leeches?” Harry choked on his rice making everyone’s attention shift to him as Jason started thumping his back with his hand I looked around guiltily.

Everyone snapped their wide eyes at me, as Harry awkwardly sucked in for breath. “Yeah,” I said, uncomfortable with the weight of their stares.

“And you thought I kept you out of the fun!” Charlotte accused, with a raised eyebrow.

I rolled my eyes, remembering that I forgotten to tell her which leech I had killed. “Okay, okay. Sorry guys. But from tomorrow, we’re going to be pretty busy. As in no more free hunting spree days, it’s going to get serious from here on out,” I explained.

Everyone raised their eyebrows in surprise at me now that they were finished with the food. Charlotte cleared the table as she sensed a serious conversation had just begun, we helped her before settling back down for the much awaited conversation.

“What's our next assignment, boss?” Jason asked, as I flicked my eyes between the three of them, all of whom sat patiently with their arms crossed as they waited for my reply.

“We’re going to kill their Royal Family.”

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