Desire To Kill

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Chapter 31 ~ Killers

“Are you ready?” Charlotte asked, her eyes almost asking me to say no.

I nodded, “I guess so.”

We were all ready, wrapped up in our gear. Changing into our old slaying outfits in the car was strange, almost like old times. I looked around, and everything seemed odd. Charlotte’s usual pre-slaying confident smile was gone, and now was replaced with a apprehensive focus on strapping her stakes on her waist. Jason’s usual cocky smirk was replaced with a stone cold fearlessness that almost seemed fake, as if he was trying to convince himself he was strong enough. Harry’s usual sternness was replaced with his head in his hands, and his leg bouncing up and down as we waited.

“So we’re doing this.” Harry said, pulling up from his knees and looking at us. “Killing them.”

Jason nodded, “It’s what we came here to do. If anything, we should have done it sooner. We waited to long and got too close with them. We need to remember, these people are leeches. They are monsters. They kill innocent people, and they make innocent people monsters like they are. Humans don’t deserve that. No one deserves that.”

I nodded, but Charlotte cut in with something that surprised us all. “But how will killing them help us? They’re our friends.”

Silence. It was the first time any of us said it, and it was almost like every single one of us was acting a double life. In school we were their friends, and we treated them like they were one of us - apart from the occasional body contact that would put us in an awkward position of tryin to control our anger. But that all subsided after time. They became almost our friends, but we all pretended they were monsters when we were alone.

I shook my head, “No. They aren’t.” I sighed, “Anna tried to kill Harry, Kevin hurt Charlotte and we have seen what leeches like them have done to innocent people. I saw Peter hold people hostage and kill them. They may act all nice and human in school, but they are monsters. No matter what we may feel, they have always been monsters. And the only way we can stop people like Peter, Anna and Kevin to hurt people again is to get rid of their superiors. We do this, and we’re done. With everything.”

Jason nodded, “You’re right.” There was a pause of silence, “Besides, we don’t have to kill Josias right?”

Charlotte sighed, it wasn’t hard to see that Jason had even a little hope. “I don’t know. But if Josias is a royal like he said, he could be there and we’ll probably have to kill him.”

Harry frowned, “We have to kill all of them?”

I nodded, “The royals said we needed to get rid of all of them. That way the vampires won’t have any hope of having any sort of leadership.” I tried thinking about my uncle, and how he’s always been smart. He knows what he’s doing as the emperor, and this has to work.

As we all looked at each other in an almost silent agreement, we stood out of the car and made our way to the house we saw Josias walk in the night before.

It was time to do what we came to do.

It was time to kill the royals.


“So we’re just going to ring the doorbell?” Charlotte asked, as we stood in front of the house, hiding.

“Well I don’t think there’s any better ideas,” Harry argued.

“Any idea is better than that idea,” Jason said. For once even he disagreed with Harry, as he patted him on the back.

Harry huffed, “Well I thought it-”

“Guys,” I interrupted. I pointed to the side of the house, where there were doors which lead to what must’ve been the basement of the house. “Let’s go.”

We agreed in silence, as everyone moved at once to the side of the house. Concentrated on staying in the shadows, we were almost there. When I heard one of the upstairs windows opening, and a head peaked out. It looked like an middle-aged man, but his vampire-like features stood out like a flame. We froze hoping not to be seen as the leech wandered his eyes around the front of the house, his eyes not once landing on us.

We breathed a breath of relief when he went back into his home and closed the window. Jason went first to the basement doors, and with his supernatural ability he flung the doors open. All three of them had their eyes glowing, signalling that they were on edge of shifting into their animals. Once again I felt uncomfortable as the only abilities I seemed to have was to fix up wounds, despite being a shifter also.

As we climbed down the stairs, the four of us checked around to see if anyone was present. They used their enhanced sense of smell to detect anything, I just used my skilled scanning to ensure we were alone.

Charlotte found herself at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the house, “You guys ready?” Her eyes were glowing so fluorescent it brightened up the dark room.

“Yup,” Jason and Harry said in unison while I nodded. I looked at the three people I loved, whom I spent years training with for this moment. Our species relied on us to fix things, and to rid of what killed innocents from the root.

Charlotte’s grey eyes burned, as her skin seemed too pale as she grew the features of a polar-bear. She was in the middle of transforming as we made our way up the stairs, like the rest of them. Harry’s blue eyes were glowing as his dark head of hair seemed to spread everywhere while he transformed into a wolf, and Jason’s dark auburn hair started to lighten and his hazel eyes grew. His teeth grew outwards, as he took shape of a saber-tooth tiger.

When we reached the door I was wielding a stake and a holster for my weapons as I stood beside a polar bear, a wolf and a saber-tooth tiger. It was moments like these when I wished I wasn’t a late bloomer.

We opened the door, and charged inside to begin what we came for.

And the room was empty.

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