Desire To Kill

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Chapter 32 ~ Battles

“Well, that’s a bummer.” Jason said, as we silently scanned the room for any leeches while the two others slowly shifted back into human-form too. “I guess the plan failed, let’s go home.”

Charlotte punched his shoulder, “Shut up, Jason.” Her quiet whisper echoed through the large house, “They could be anywhere.”

“Anywhere but here-”

Jason’s words were cut off by the sound of a thump, we span around to the source of the sound.

“Sorry, guys.” Harry was holding his head as he walked back up the basement’s staircase, “I slipped.”

I sighed, “Let’s spread out. Jason and Harry, you check around the rest of the first floor.” I pointed at the staircase close by, “Charlotte and I are going to look upstairs.”

Everyone nodded, and we started to slowly make our way around the house. I walked up the staircase with Charlotte who held a stake at hand, ready in case she didn’t have time to shift back into a polar-bear.

As the quiet creaks of our feet against the stairs echoed, I wandered what would happen tonight. Where were the vampires? This was..

“Too easy,” Charlotte finished my sentence as if she read my mind when we reached the top of the staircase. We were opposite a pair of high burgundy doors with golden handles, and the sound of chatter and glasses clinking together could be heard from a mile away. Even without supernatural hearing.

I nodded, not speaking. She was right. We went through all this struggle, all this stress on how to disguise ourselves to gain their trust. To somehow wiggle ourselves in. But here they were, in a room all packed together. Waiting for us to kill them.

I frowned, it never sounded so morbid until then.

“I’ll get Jason and Harry, we have to-” Charlotte’s words were cut off behind be by the sound of her surprised gasp.

I turned around, to see a middle-aged man with a hand on her throat and another over her mouth. A woman stood beside him, both were deadly pale and had eyes like sharp daggers. They stared at me for a moment, as if waiting for my response. They had no surprise, no emotion. They just stared.

“If you make one move to shift,” The man with red eyes whispered in her ear. “I’ll cut your throat.”

“Let her go,” I said before I was grabbed from behind and my stake was flung across the room. I struggled against them, but there were more pairs of hands then I expected. I reached for the blade in my boot when a forced pushed me from behind my knees and made me fall to the ground. I struggled as several pairs of hands fought to hold me down, and when they did I felt a rope being tied around my hands.

“Same goes for you, shifter.” I heard the callous voice say, “One move to shift and you’re a human-sized blood bag.”

I glared at him as I was dragged up from the ground, two leeches holding my arms tightly. They pulled us along to the doors, where the sound of laughter still echoed.


When I heard the thunderous sound of the doors opening, I knew we were screwed.

The room was filled with pairs of glowing eyes, some red and some normal-coloured. The red ones were the ones who I needed to be wary of, the ones who were the eldest. I looked at the people sitting on the long dinner table.

It seemed that we had interrupted a tea party.

“Looks like we have intruders,” The man holding Charlotte said. “A couple of shifters wanting to kill us off.”

Surprisingly, he was met with laughter. I sighed, hoping to God that a couple meant Charlotte and I. If Jason and Harry were caught then we’re even more screwed. My heart jumped at the thought. Funny, sweet Jason and little Harry... What have I done?

I froze when my eyes rested on a pair of familiar ones sitting on the table.


And next to him were our... Friends. Ronald and Margret were sitting next to him. Peter was sitting across from them, whom I wasn’t completely surprised to see. His eyes bored into mine like two balls of fire, trying to burn me from across the room.


“We are so sorry to intrude, we really didn’t mean it.” Charlotte’s pitiful attempt to fix things drew blank, and everyone stared at her with eyes un-moving.

The leech holding her chuckled, “You really think we would believe a couple of shifters just happened to stroll in unintentionally?”

Charlotte paused, “Yes?”

He sneered, pushing her to sit on the dinner table. There were empty seats waiting for us, as they sat us down. They had plates ready to be eaten from already. And there were four of them.

“It was worth a shot,” Charlotte whispered as she sat next to me. Her hands were tied behind her back too, and leeches still stood right behind our seats. Their hands were ready to snap our necks if we did anything they didn’t like.

“You were expecting us,” I stated as the man who was holding Charlotte walked to sit opposite us on the long table.

He smirked, his red eyes blazing. “Very intuitive of you, Blaire.”

I flinched as I heard my name being spoken from the monster’s mouth. Befriending the group of leeches from school might have softened me to them, but the thought of speaking to the leech without possessing the ability to defend myself made me cringe.

“A little birdy told us that we were having guests tonight,” He said. “My name is Thomas. Thomas Slanderer.”

I realized we were not only going to be killed by an ancient Vampire, we were being spoken to by the Emperor of the leeches. Brother of Richard Slanderer, second in command and uncle to...


I snapped my glare at his direction, it was him all along. Peter, who pretended to give us time to leave. Who pretended to be our friend. He was doing what his uncle wanted, and he told him everything about the group of shifters that moved into his school.

I don’t know why I was hurt.

“How did you know?” I asked, moving my glare to Thomas Slanderer. “Did Peter tell you?”

Silence lay on the room, the dozen of leeches’ eyes moved to Peter.

“Peter?” The emperor hissed, “What is it talking about?”

I flinched, never hearing a leech belittle me before. It was a strange thing, having a conversation with a leech who knew what I was. And it wasn’t a good feeling at all.

Peter shifted in his seat, still keeping his calm look but I could see a flicker of fear in his eyes. “I’m not sure, uncle. I think she-it- knew I suspected something, but I never actually-”

Thomas Slanderer slammed his fists against the table, “I never should have let you out of my sight.” His voice hissed and boomed across the table. Peter paled, and gave me a short glare.

“We should leave,” A man sitting next to Peter said as he and Peter slowly stood up. I guessed it was Peter’s father, who seemed to also be afraid of his brother’s anger. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he’s punished. He won’t see daylight in decades.”

His father said it light heatedly, but I wasn’t sure if he was kidding.

When the two walked passed the Emperor, the leech put his hand out and grabbed Peter by the collar as he stood up in a second. “You go, brother. I’ll make sure he learns his lesson.”

Peter’s father didn’t seem to even hesitate, and left the room.

“Now,” The man said to his nephew as spit sprayed across Peter’s face. “If you’re going to act like all heroic for this girl who seems to have gone out of her way to kill you, then why don’t you save her?”

Peter looked confused until I was pulled out of my seat, and I yelped. I kicked and screamed but there were three leeches holding my arms and my neck. I soon stopped, trying to save my energy.

Thomas Slanderer pushed Peter to the other side of the table, making him steps away from me.

“Now, you’re going to drink her blood.” Thomas said, with a horrifying chuckle. “Every last drop.”

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