Desire To Kill

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Chapter 33 ~ Deaths

Peter and I stare at each other with wide eyes. He was never someone who revealed his emotions much, but I could see the shock inside him.

“Yes, uncle.” Peter replied as he started to get closer to me.

I wriggled in my position as the two leeches continued to hold my arms tightly, and the rope bound around my wrists weren’t helping either.

“Peter, stop.” I don’t know what I was saying as I watched him near me, feeling helpless as they held me. I never felt so hopeless or weak in my life, all my leader-like natural instinct vanished as I watched him in desperation.

He stopped in front of me, inches close. I watched his eyes go blood-red as they rested on the sight of my now exposed neck, the leeches had made the job easier by pulling my hair aside and pushing my head to the side.

“Don’t hurt her!” Charlotte was sobbing behind him, struggling against the leeches holding her down.

I felt completely useless, I gave up resisting and just stared at Peter’s eyes in terror. I hadn’t seen his eyes like that since we first came, and it wasn’t a sight I wanted to get used to.

Not that I was going to get used to anything, as I was utterly screwed.

“Get on with it, Peter.” Thomas hissed, his English accent thick as most important Vampire’s were.

I looked around me, avoiding eye contact with Peter. Margret, Ronald and Josias were sitting with a stiff posture. I wanted to say how sorry I was; but there was no excuse. Charlotte stared at me in horror, and a leech who was holding her slammed his long fingernails into her leg. I heard her scream in pain, and I screamed for her. They were hurting her to hurt me.

What have we done?

I closed my eyes as I felt Peter’s breath on my neck, preparing for my hopefully fast death. Then I heard a whisper.


I had a second to be confused before I felt the rope around my wrists fall off and I saw the glint of a blade in Peter’s hand, and he threw it for me to catch as he snapped the neck of the two leeches who were behind me. It all happened in seconds.

It was time to think fast.

I ran to Charlotte; side stepping any leeches who tried to stop me and slicing upwards and side wards with the blade. In the corner of my eye I could see Ronald and Josias biting throats of anyone near them, and Margret had grabbed a stake and was slicing anyone who came near to her. As I reached Charlotte, I elbowed a leech on my right and plunged the knife into anything I would see. It wasn’t a stake so it wouldn’t kill them instantly, but it would injure them enough for me to get Charlotte out of here.

As Charlotte pulled me into a hug when she was free, still sobbing, we heard the large door boom. It almost silenced the chaos around us, and I was met with the confused looking Harry and Jason.

They didn’t have time to think, as leeches near them attacked. Jason sprung into action; pushing Harry behind him as he shifted into a saber-tooth tiger. Jason was in the full form of the tiger in seconds, as he pounced on the leeches who charged him. They were dead in seconds, and Harry woke up from his shock and beat off any leeches who tried sinking their teeth into him. Harry was young, so it wasn’t as easy for him to shift. But luckily he was as trained as me.

“Harry!” I shouted across the room of chaos, where leeches and shifters had turned on themselves. Some leeches were helping, and some were trying to kill every shifter in sight. “Get Charlotte!”

I had Charlotte’s arm around my shoulder, but it was hard to defend ourselves as she limped beside me. Harry ran towards me, as I slit the throat of a leech who appeared beside us.

Looking around, I saw a leech behind me. I was off-balance, failing at slicing her throat. Charlotte groaned beside me, probably feeling helpless as the blood poured out of her. I sliced again, but she was too fast. As I saw her fangs peering at me, her throat was cut from behind her.

As the leech fell to the ground, I saw Josias with his fingernails bloody and eyes red. It was a sight I saw from leeches before I killed them, but never a sight I saw after being saved by them. He nodded at me, and I nodded back as Harry reached us and pulled Charlotte in his arms.

I ran with Harry, batting away anyone who tried to get close to him. He growled and let his eyes turn into a wolf-like colour to scare leeches off, but he concentrated on keeping calm to get Charlotte to safety.

We got to the door, and Charlotte was rested against a wall. Her wound in her leg was bigger than I had expected, but I turned to let Harry protect her to help Jason. We needed to leave, now.

When I went back inside, I saw that Jason’s animal was killing anything in sight. Margret was close beside him, watching his back as she wounded anything that came close.

I knew it was time to complete what I had came here for.

I searched the room for Thomas; but he was nowhere to be seen. I set my eyes on two other leeches, on the other side of the room as they tried to escape from a different door.

I don’t think so.

I ran to them; hitting anything that tried to stop me, my eyes like tunnels as I ran to my goal. I felt my anger heighten as I saw the leeches, my adrenaline pumping as I finally let my instincts kick in. They left, and I slammed it open as I saw them running down the stone staircase. I threw one leeches aside, knocking them unconscious or dead as I pounced on the other.

I heard the leech sneer, as I held the blade to his throat. I realized it was Thomas, the one who’s death was important. I saw blood trickle down his neck as I prepared to kill him once and for all.

“Stop.” I heard a voice behind me, and I turned my head in confusion.It was Peter, and his eyes looked solemn as he watched me with his knife against his uncle’s throat. “Why?” His voice choked on his words.

My eyes glazed over as I saw him, “Why?”

“Why do you have to kill him? Why do you have to kill everyone?”

I looked behind him, and I saw that most of the leeches lay on the floor. Their bodies were being walked over like a carpet as the fight continued; Harry had joined too.

“This is why I’m here, Peter.” I mumbled, “You knew it from the start.”

He nodded, “You can kill him. You know you can.”

There was a pause, as I scowled at him in confusion.

“But you kill every leech in sight,” Peter said. “You would’ve killed me if you could and if I didn’t help you.”

“That’s just the way we are,” I said as I jerked the knife deeper on the leech’s throat. It angered me just to look at Peter, as my shifter instincts kicked in and I felt the desire to kill him.

“It doesn’t have to be that way,” Peter muttered. Behind him I saw Charlotte run inside, with blood on her face. She ran to me, and saw the leech.

Charlotte knocked Thomas unconscious quickly, tying his hands behind his back as she dragged him out the door. “We don’t have to deal with this now.”

I followed her outside, ignoring Peter as we entered the room in an attempt to calm down. It was easier for me to control myself than the others as I hadn’t shifted, but watching him made it harder.

The fight still roared on, it seemed like more leeches had joined us. I looked around to find the others. I saw Jason, whom was in his human form as he fought until something pulled him back from behind. I shouted over, starting to run towards him.

The leech that had hurt Charlotte’s leg had Jason’s head pulled back, as he tauntingly brushed his teeth against his neck. I roared, my pulse quickening.

Everything around me blurred, as I saw the sight of blood and battle around me. I heard a ringing in my ear, as I felt my body heat up.

I stopped, looking down at my hands. Peter was close behind me, as he beat off a leech near by and looked at me. “What’s wrong?”

My vision of him blurred, as I fell to the ground and my head ached. I thought I heard my name being called, but the heat over my body was searing my skin so I couldn’t concentrate. Everything hurt, as I felt every inch of my insides twist in pain. I looked around me, but all I saw was white.

Then I passed out.

When I woke up at what felt like hours but must have been seconds later, I looked down at my black paws.


Holy- “Blaire, watch out!”

I turned my head, as a leech who was towering over me jumped at me with her fangs ready to kill. A roar came from me, almost sounding like a chainsaw on wood. I pounced, sinking my teeth instinctively into her neck. I felt the life escape her, as I threw her aside and killed everything in my path.

My mind was fuzzy, not thinking straight as I killed the leeches off in my new shape. As I let go of another leech’s throat, I looked around me and saw that everything was dead. The only things left were the vampire killers and the leeches who helped.

I felt my body tingle, as the adrenaline died down. I roared again as the pain came back, making me pass out as my body shape shifted back into it’s original form.

When I woke up, I was greeted with the dark eyes of Josias and Charlotte. I was wearing a large shirt, probably one that was thrown on when they realized I was naked after shifting.

I sat up, looking around me. I tried to gather my thoughts, trying to stand up.

“Wow there tiger,” Charlotte said as she held her hands up. “Or should I say, Panther?”

I narrowed my eyes at her, “What?”

“You heard her you badass black leopard,” Harry said from beside us as Charlotte laughed.

I shook my head, looking around me. “Where’s Jason?”

Harry looked around too, “I saw him over-”

His words were broken off as we set our eyes on Jason, who was not far away as he faced away from us.

“Jason?” Charlotte called over as we walked to him with the vampires.

Jason turned, holding his hand on his stomach. His shirt was red with blood, and he collapsed.

Harry screamed, running to him and holding him in his arms. Everything was slow, as Charlotte sobbed while calling his name as I watched her kneel beside him.

I froze staring down at Jason as blood spluttered out of his mouth, he was choking on his words. “Ra-yell.”

I sat down with tears in my eyes, “What?”

He breathed deeply, choking as he tried. “Rachel.”

I widened my eyes looking up at Josias and Peter who stood above us, “Rachel. From the headquarters, the human who’s family has been working with us.”

Peter widened his eyes, “Rachel. My assistant.” He turned on his feet, leaving us in shock. “I’ll deal with her.”

I shook my head, as sobs struck through my body. I rested my head on Jason’s stomach, not believing this was happening. Charlotte was holding his hand as she whispered comforting words, and Harry whimpered as he held Jason’s head in his lap.

It was a horrifying family picture.

“Please don’t leave me,” Harry wept at the sight of his friend. “Please, you’re my brother.”

Jason had the nerve to smirk slightly up at him then, “Always will be.”

I watched as the light in his eyes dimmed, and the life left his body. My hands resting on his wound had no effect, and I sobbed in realization that my ability to heal was useless at that point. He was gone.

Sirens sounded outside, as the humans realized what had happened. Charlotte was hiding any evidence of us or anything supernatural, her red eyes dull as she looked at me in agreement.

“We need to leave, Harry.” I said, touching his shoulder as I stood beside him.

He held Jason’s body closely, “No. I’m not leaving him.”

“They’ll be here any second, we need to leave.” I tried pulling him from the shoulders but he screamed at me to let him go. I had no choice but to pull him up from the ground, taking him to the back exit with Charlotte as he dragged his feet while screaming at me to stop. I apologized repeatedly under my breath, my voice braking in sorrow.

Charlotte drove the car in silence. Jason’s car slowly followed Josias’ on the way to the school as the three of us sat, briefly peering over at the empty back seat.

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