Desire To Kill

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Chapter 34 ~ Aftermaths

I sat staring at my ceiling that morning. I hadn’t slept since it happened, but I was comforted with the presence of Harry who slept on the sofa and Charlotte who rested beside me. It felt unnaturally normal despite everything that happened.

Despite what was missing.

I took a deep breath, looking over at Charlotte who was covered in a blanket. Whether or not she had slept, I wasn’t sure. Harry had his eyes closed, but was twitching and moved around in his spot as he mumbled in his sleep.

I sighed, standing up and walking to the closet to change. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen today.

Last night I took it upon myself to contact the elders to tell them everything that happened, they seemed shocked about the betrayal from Rachel but they overall seemed pleased. For some reason I felt sick to my stomach as I told them we did what we came to do, and Thomas was taken by some local shapeshifters to the elders.

By mid-day, the three of us were getting dressed and ready for the day. It was silent, as we shared our silent mourning of a lost friend. I couldn’t imagine ever not feeling the empty hole in our group now that Jason was gone.

I heard a knock on the door, and the three of us looked at each other wearily. I walked to the door, opening it slowly to see the leeches themselves. Peter, Josias, Margret and Ronald all stood in front of our room.

“Blaire,” Josias said with a tired look in his eyes that they all shared. I nodded at them, stepping aside as they walked in before closing the door.

“I can’t begin to say how sorry I am about Jason,” Margret said with tears in his eyes. “He didn’t deserve that.”

I nodded in thanks, sitting on the edge of the bed with the other shifters as the leeches sat on the sofa across from us. There was an uncomfortable silence, as we finally knew the truth about each other.

“I don’t understand,” I started. “Why you helped us.”

Peter and the three looked at each other before he spoke, “Neither did we.”

There was another pause.

Charlotte took a deep breath, “You have to understand that we never planned on liking you guys. The plan was just to come here, get information from the leeches we knew were here and kill the royals.”

Harry shook his head, “It was fucked up from the start.”

I looked at Harry worriedly. He hadn’t spoken much since Jason’s death, and I could already see the difference in him. I hoped it wasn’t permanent.

Peter nodded, “I agree. But neither of our sides were right. The shapeshifters were planning on overthrowing us for years, even if you didn’t help it would’ve happened. And the vampires, well, they were doing the same.”

I looked at Peter closely, “It was like two armies waiting for the other to charge.”

Ronald nodded, “And you did.”

There was another minute of silence, as the three of us looked at each other with guilt.

“We’ve started something we can’t stop now,” Charlotte mumbled. “Haven’t we?”

I closed my eyes, ”Hidden behind an artful liar. It was Rachel all along.”

“What are you talking about?” Josias looked at me with a confused expression, knocking me back to reality.

“Adana, the witch. My- uh - great great grandmother.” I mumbled, “She told me the prophecy of the Hybrid War.” The prophecy I didn’t have the nerve to think about until now. Of course this was all because of my idiocy.

Margret widened her eyes, “Adana as in the Lady?”

I nodded, “My mother was a witch. And my father a shapeshifter. That’s how I have both of their abilities, I’m just not so skilled at them. That was my first shift last night.”

Josias looked at me, “No wander you were in so much pain.”

“She told me the prophecy, the very same prophecy that was the reason we came here. It’s starting to make sense now.” I sighed, and began repeating the words of the prophecy that Adana had told me.

“Young Hybrids shall conspire,” Charlotte mumbled. “Does that mean our troop, or all of us?”

Peter smirked, “And what exactly are we conspiring?”

“The monarch shall revive,” I said. “I’m guessing that meant when I brought Harry back to life.”

Ronald choked, “What?”

“The hybrid of Hybrids shall begin to tend,” Josias repeated. “Is that you, Blaire?”

Peter nodded, “A hybrid of Hybrids. A witch and a shapeshifter. Makes sense, doesn’t it?”

"A kind no more,” Charlotte quoted. “Does that mean that if this war happens, that a species will die? Like the leeches?”

“Or the shapeshifters,” Contradicted Peter.

“Or all of the hybrids,” I muttered. There was silence, as we looked at each other.

“I don’t understand,” Said Ronald. “Why would your kind purposely start a war that could possibly end the Hybrid civilization?”

I shrugged, “Or start it. The Hybrid civilization shall begin or end. We don’t know for sure yet, but after what happened with the leeches I can imagine it’s the latter.”

"The peers shall begin to strive," Peter repeated. “Does the peers mean your Elders?”

“But what are they striving for exactly?” I mumbled.

“You should now,” Harry said darkly. “You are going to be the empress, and all.”

Josias looked at me in surprise, “Why would an Empress be a vampire hunter?”

I shrugged, “Long story.”

Peter sat up from his position, “Wait. Rachel.”

“What about her?” I asked, frowning. “Didn’t you kill her or something?”

“Or something,” Said Peter as Charlotte gasped in horror.

“What the f-” Charlotte began, her control almost breaking as she jumped to attack him. I pulled her back, signalling Peter to explain.

Peter shook his head, “I found her outside. I hurt her, at least. But she kept mumbling this crazy shit about the world needing to change, and that-”

His face paled.

“And what?”

“And that all Hybrids needed to die.”

There was silence, before I spoke. “So she never really was on anyone’s side.”

“Yes she was,” Harry muttered. “She was on the human’s side. We constantly told her that leeches needed to be killed to make humans safer, but shapeshifters weren’t exactly making the world a better place for them either.”

The four vampires flinched at the word leeches, making me realize that maybe we should stop calling them that. “She wanted to get rid of all of us,” I muttered. “She set us up.”

Charlotte stood up, and walked away as she pushed her fingers through her hair. I heard her whisper curse words under her breath, which everyone in the room could hear easily with their heightened sense of hearing.

I put my face in my hands, “She’s been fucking with the shapeshifters all this time. To start a war.”

Peter nodded, “I don’t think she was alone.”

I stared at him, horrified. “What?”

“Do you really think that a mortal receptionist would set this whole thing up from her own head,” Peter muttered. “After being brought up to protect the shapeshifters? I don’t think she came to me giving me information randomly, I think she had help.”

There was a pause, “You mean like a group?” I mumbled.

“Like a hybrid-hunting group,” Josias muttered. There was another minute of silence as we realized that instead of us being the hunters, we were being hunted.

“And of course, the best way to start was from the inside.” Charlotte finished, collapsing on the bed as she realized the truth.

“So what do we do?” Harry mumbled, “Do we tell the Elders?”

I shook my head, “We don’t work with them any more.”

Harry and Charlotte looked at me, with lost expressions.

“Then who?”

The seven of us looked at each other, with a silent understanding.

“We’re going to work together,” I stated. “To finish the Hybrid War.”

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