Desire To Kill

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Desire To Love

Desire To Love: Book Two of The Hybrid Wars series


Looking at each of their faces, my heart broke with every glance. I let out a shaky breath, trembling in my seat as people sat one by one. My stare landed on Jason’s parents who was sitting in the row in front of us. Jason’s mother was shaking with sobs, as she rested her head against her husband’s shoulder. Mr. Nicholas had his face contorted, and his eyes were cast downwards as he held his wife’s hand.

I winced, hating how perfect Jason’s family was. How perfect it had been.

I noticed that Charlotte’s hands were gripping on her purse as she stared at the casket, her frozen posture relentless. I shook my head, my eyes narrowed at the casket. I half expected Jason to jump out with his famous smirk, laughing at all of us for falling for his joke. He would chuckle, give Harry a high-five and saunter out of the funeral like nothing had happened.

But that didn’t happen. Jason was gone.

I could barely look at Harry, who sat distantly from us with his head lowered while he continued to wring his hands. I trembled, shutting my eyes. I did not want to see any more.

Minutes later, the hearse arrives at the house and they load up any flowers or gifts people had brought to the house. I smiled slightly as I noticed most of the flowers were a royal blue. That was Jason’s favourite colour. He loved anything blue.

I looked outside the tall glass window, at the glowing sun and the soft breeze in the trees. I had never seen a day so beautiful. It felt like a slap in the face.

It took me by surprise at how many lives Jason had touched. Apart from the troop and a couple of his family members; Charlotte and I didn’t recognize most of the people in the room. There were people who must have known him before he became a slayer, when he had a normal life with Harry. The amount of people who were there made the air a little too stuffy, and my face was beading slightly with sweat.

I looked down at my phone; a newly bought one as we tried to hide from the elders. And the royal Vampires. And well, everyone. I saw a message from Margret, telling me that they would pick us up as soon as it was over. I sighed, hoping it would be soon.

On each side of the casket sat two large candles. Above the casket were the blue orchids brought from the house. I kept my eyes shut, barely listening as people said their words for Jason. We agreed we couldn’t say anything, since it was risky enough for us being there in the first place out in the open.

They closed the casket, and pallbearers carried it on their shoulder to the hearse. Friends and family followed. We reluctantly joined them, distancing ourselves from everyone else.

As the casket lowered into the ground, tears were shed by many. I even felt a tear running down my cheek, one that I had tried to hide as the leader and now the oldest of troop. I felt almost relieved that the funeral was finally happening after weeks since he died. I was pretty sure that the elders took their time telling his family that someone killed him. Deep down, I was happy that we were finally having some sort of closure.

After time, everyone left. Jason’s parents waited until they finished covering up the grave before leaving. We watched from a distance, silently. Then the three of us made our way to stand beside the grave. Harry dropped to his knees, shaking silently as we stood behind him. Charlotte lost her control, as sobs escaped her while she covered her face with her hands. I took her hand in mine, wanting us to stay strong for Harry. To stay strong for Jason.

My heart broke as I watched Harry sobbing, wanting to console him but knowing that he needed his space. Space was all he had since what happened, but it was all we could do. I closed my eyes, my jaw quivering. Jason was gone. It was hard to come to terms with, and it hurt so much every time I thought of it. But I had to get used to it sometime, because war doesn’t wait for grief.

When I opened my eyes, I caught a glimpse of a bright gleam in the distance. I narrowed my eyes, looking in the trees for the source of the light I saw a peek of. My phone moved in my pocket, and I looked down to answer.

“Hello?” My voice was almost strained with confusion as I wondered why Margret had called me, it wasn’t close to the time we expected to leave.

“Get out, now.” It was Peter’s voice this time, and my heart beat fastened at how panicked he sounded. “We’re almost there.”

“What’s happened?” I was looking at Charlotte and Harry, who both could hear everything with their heightened sense of hearing. Peter being worried was never a good thing.

“They found you,” With that short sentence I widened my eyes.

The light caught my eye again, and then I realized where the light was coming from.

It was a gun.

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