Desire To Kill

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Chapter 4 ~ Plans

Their faces were slack, mouths slightly open, their bodies still as the colour drained from their faces. They froze up to a point where I could hardly see them breathe. Jason let out a sudden sigh, while Charlotte opened her mouth to speak but snapped it shut, thinking otherwise.

Harry gulped and I saw his shock begin to melt away, the colour returning slowly. His voice came out raspy, barely audible. “What? Are you serious? I thought you loved us, why would you send us on a death mission?” He choked. I silently thanked him for trying to reduce the tension in the room. He was clearly finding what I said too serious and too frightening to even comprehend.

I sighed, “I know it’s dangerous but we can do this. We’re one of the most powerful troops of the Shapeshifter’s Coalitions. We can absolutely do this.” I said, trying to persuade them to agree.

“Why should we do it?” Charlotte asked, looking frightened. “We’re still just kids! Well, more or less. Harry is, anyway.” She said, directing her hand at Harry who had turned slightly red.

“No, I am not! You’re only a couple of years older than me!” He argued.

“Yeah, but I’m eighteen; officially classed as an adult. You’re still sixteen.” She teased.

Harry looked angry, his age always his sensitive spot. He didn’t like the fact that he was the youngest in our troop, and the fact that his best friend was the oldest in the troop probably made it worse. “Sixteen and a half.” He muttered, under his breath.

I sighed, “I know we’re a little young; but our age may actually come to favour us. Think about it, we could blend in pretty well with the young adults or older teens. We can pretend we’re just there to have a good time.” I explained.

“How the heck are we going to do that?” Jason asked. “We’re Shapeshifters! Even though you haven’t shifted yet, I’m still pretty sure they’d notice.” He said, his eyes fixed on mine.

I almost winced, slightly hurt by his words of my ‘late blooming’.

“I’m the leader of our troop, Jason. I’ve clearly already thought of that,” I stated, which made Jason huff at me. But then he motioned me to explain.

“Okay, well I think I can ask the Elders to manage to get us into a high school near the leech’s base. We can pretend to be humans, disguise ourselves to look normal. We can wait until we’re sure there’s no other way to stop the uprising, and we’ll make our way to the Vampire House to cut them at their root.” I laid out my plan, waiting for them to say something.

They paused in silence, letting the information sink in. Charlotte cleared her throat after a few moments, “But how are we going to manage to kill them? We’ll get slaughtered on the spot for being near them, let alone for attempting to kill them.” She complained.

“I know. I haven’t thought of the whole plan yet, we’ll just have to wait until we get there and see what circumstance we’re in. We may meet some Vampires, maybe even gain their trust. We’ll have to wait and see; also we’ll see what the elders think we should do.” I shot back.

“Okay, when are we leaving?” Harry said who suddenly looked determined and brave. The other two sat up straighter and their eyes bore into mine. I grinned, mentally thanking the Elders for setting me up with such an amazing troop.

“In three days, we’ll head off to New York: the city of Vampires.”

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