Desire To Kill

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Chapter 5 ~ Changes

An unusual screech woke me up and I rolled out of my bed, prepared for battle with my alarm clock. I swiftly flipped it off by throwing it brutally to the floor and smashing it, my eyes narrowed at my now dismantled clock. I was going to have to find a replacement soon enough otherwise I would never get out of bed.
I sighed and cursed myself for setting it last night. Why had I done that? It took me a moment to remember the unusual events that had occurred in the past few days. Finding a leech who had been killing and torturing humans, then being given an order to move to New York for a whole new mission - it all seemed so surreal. Like a dream, something that I wanted to happen but the chances were thin.
But here I was, living it. I was sitting on my bed ready to move in the city of New York, ready to pretend to be a human. Yes, this was going to be completely worth it. We were going to win, there was no doubt about it.
New York was called the city of Vampires for several reasons. One of the most obvious reasons being it was infested with those creatures and they walked as though they owned it. Of course, they probably did because Shapeshifters stayed clear of this place. Which, in my opinion, was unfair.
I’d always wanted to see the sights and architecture in New York. It was remarkable, a city so different from my home town, so advanced and beautiful that it would leave anyone breathless. How much contribution did the Vampires have in its growth? It didn’t bother me too much, because at the end of the day, New York was beautiful. But the fact that it was a Vampire nest reduced my chances of living there forever.
I hurried through my routine knowing well enough that I was late. I wrapped my hair in a messy bun and wore jeans. To give myself a simpler look, I wore an oversized knitted jumper. I reached for my packed suitcase and headed downstairs.
Everyone was already at the table eating breakfast; all ready to leave. I joined them, ate my cereal and gulped down my orange juice. Their parents had dropped by the day before to say their goodbyes. It was not a very good meeting, most of our mothers were either holding their tears back or they were sobbing loudly. I shifted uncomfortably at the memory, my mother had passed a long time ago. My father and uncle was the only family I had left, and they were busy running being Elders and my father being the Emperor himself.
Once we were all ready, we headed to the car. I sat at the passenger seat with Jason driving. Harry and Charlotte sat at the back as we travelled to New York.
After an hour; I was tired and bored of listening to music. I looked at the rear view mirror to see Charlotte on her phone and Harry’s nose in a book, making me chuckle.
I glanced over at Jason to see him flicking his eyes back and forth between the road and me. He gave me a soft smile when he caught my eye. “If you’re bored, just sleep. You seem tired.” He said, softly.
I smiled at him, gratefully, “You sure? I could keep you company.” I offered, even though I wanted to sleep. I knew how much Jason hated driving for too long and if the other two happened to doze off this ride would be very boring for him.
“It’s fine. I’ll just listen to these cracking tunes and you can rest.” He smiled back. I laughed at that, since the music that was playing wasn’t very ‘cracking’. I was pretty sure that Jason hated cheesy boy-band music. Although, you wouldn’t hear him complain too much when I played something like that.
“Thanks, Jase.” I whispered and rested my head against the cool glass. Already drifting off to sleep in the comfortable position, I placed myself on the seat. My vision fell into darkness as my mind stopped turning and I fell asleep. My last thoughts were wondering if we would ever see the Base again.

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