Desire To Kill

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Chapter 6 ~ Places

“Wake up, sleepy head! We have arrived!” I heard Jason announce at the top of his voice. His harsh voice broke through my silent sleep, awakening me from my slumber.

I opened my eyes lazily; outside the windows of the car I could see the busy streets of New York in the light of the day. I stared in awe at the tall buildings in the distance, silently hoping that I could see the city in the dark soon so I could embark on the beauty of the city at night. It was only twelve in the afternoon.

“Start spreading the noon-” Harry got cut off from his singing with a whack on the head from Charlotte.

“We’re almost at the Athena Boarding School.” Charlotte informed us, looking back to the high school’s flyer that we were given by Rachel. She squealed slightly at whatever she saw and announced, “Turn to the next right!” She held tightly at the flyer, almost ripping it. I smirked at her excitement.

This would be the most normal thing we had to do during a mission. In Charlotte and I’s case, it’s the most normal thing ever. When you heard about it, it sounded pitiful but our lives were filled with things that average people our age didn’t do.
Charlotte and I had been brought up home-schooled by Shifters. We never got to socialize with other kids until we were put together as a troop two years ago. It was one of the many things Charlotte and I had in common. On the other hand, Harry and Jason went to school with humans and left when they turned fifteen to train to become Hunters.

Jason finally turned to the right after he forced his way through the busy roads of New York. We all looked up in amazement at our high school, awestruck at the mere beauty of the building.
Charlotte’s eyes were glazed with brightness as she read from flyer, “At the intersection of the city and the High School, this new 60,000 square foot Campus Centre provides students, faculty and staff with a new setting for interaction, creating the school’s only campus-wide communal space. There’s an en-route passage through the campus, and the building is defined by interconnecting paths that challenge the boundary between inside and outside.”

“These paths converge into a long, curved, skylight gallery that forms the core of the design. Spaces along the gallery house exhibition areas, performance spaces, dining facilities, lounges, mail rooms and a bookstore. A series of outdoor terraces connect the building’s communal spaces with the surrounding campus grounds.” She finished, grinning.

“It’s frigging’ awesome!” Harry exclaimed, making me laugh in agreement. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt bringing him here on possibly the most dangerous mission ever, he was so young. I wiped away the guilt, knowing that this was what we were trained to do all our lives.

The building was the equivalent of an angel in building form. It was the colour of an angel’s wings and a big fraction of the walls were glass. There was a long pathway of steps going down from the entrance.

There were at least ten acres of land surrounding the building, where a couple of students walked around the green, lush grass. The building looked like it was from the future, I couldn’t explain the shape. But what was clear was that his building was beautifully crafted.

Jason parked the car in the large parking lot close to the main building. We walked towards the building together and I could sense the nervousness in the air. We entered the beautiful building and followed the sign to a little office at the right to get our schedules.

The office lady had short black hair and looked like she was in her mid-fifties. Despite her age, her face was caked with make-up and she had a disgruntled look that she seemed to wear as she gazed at the computer.

She looked up at us as we entered, a scowl on her face. “Who are you? We weren’t expecting visitors today.” She raised her eyebrows. I held in a scoff, wondering if she recognized every single face in this school well enough to know we didn’t belong.
“We’re new. Were you expecting us?” Jason smiled, of course being the socialite among all of us; he tried to charm the woman.

She looked down at her papers and back at us again, “Jason Parks, Charlotte Parks, Blaire Reese and Harry Reese?” She asked in a snobby voice. We had faked our surnames and our relativity, made fake documents and submitted them.
Jason and Charlotte were pretending to be twins, since they both look quite alike with their light hair and cheeky smiles. Harry and I had dark hair but we couldn’t come off as twins because Harry looked younger, so we decided to become siblings. The four of us supposedly were a part of two very close families.
Jason had to pretend to be a year younger than his actual age so that they would look like twins. Jason, Charlotte and I would be in twelfth grade as seniors. Harry would be in eleventh grade as a junior. It felt like Harry was growing up.

When I had met him, he was in the middle of being in the 9th grade. I always just imagined him as that. To me, he was always the little kid who only in the ninth grade. I guessed Harry wasn’t as much of a kid anymore. None of us were kids since we started this business but then again, hunting people brought out maturity in you because if you’re stupid, you’re dead.

The Athena Boarding School consisted of pupils from ninth grade to twelfth, so it wouldn’t be hard to blend in with everyone. I tried to wrap my head around the complicated education system as the secretary handed us our envelopes containing all the information we needed about this school.
I glanced at my schedule and scanned my classes. I walked to Harry, already worried about him. “Are you sure you’re okay with us not being in the same grade as you? You might get lonely.” I offered.

“Stop worrying about me, Blaire. I’ll be fine.” He smiled. He wrapped his long arm around me slightly hugging my shoulders for reassurance.

I looked at his schedule, seeing that most of his classes were advanced. I chuckled, “Smarty pants.” I teased.

He chuckled and gestured to see my schedule. I let him peek, as he scanned over my subjects. Most of the advanced classes I took part in were creative: art, drama and music.

I took other subjects too, but those were the only advanced classes I took since I didn’t see the point of education. I wouldn’t use the lectures learnt in this school in real life, they didn’t teach me survival methods, and they only taught things like mathematics and science here.

We walked to our classes without further ado. I had biology first and from what I had learnt about when I was in school, I knew that I didn’t like the subject. Jason and Charlotte didn’t seem to mind whatever their schedules were.
I observed Jason’s face, he didn’t seem very happy about his schedule but it seemed as though his schedule didn’t suck as much as mine did.

Since I wasn’t looking where I was going, I bumped into someone’s hard chest. Scowling, I looked at the offender, “What the-?"

I trailed off as I realized what I had bumped into.

It was a vampire.

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