Desire To Kill

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Chapter 7 ~ Humans

I stared at the vampire with shock and hatred. I wanted to kill it. I wanted to push the leech against the wall and end the misery it would cause to humans. I bit back a growl and my hands turned into fists. Calm down, I instructed myself.

I knew I needed to keep calm so I wouldn’t give away our secret. If a vampire knew who we were; we’d be dead meat within seconds. We wouldn’t be able to carry on the mission.

So I bit the insides of my cheeks and held back a scowl. I unclenched my fists hastily in hopes that he didn’t notice my sudden wave of anger.

Then I did the thing I never thought I would ever do: I smiled at the vampire.

“Sorry, my bad.” I gave him what I hoped was an apologetic smile. The corner of his mouth rose a little, “Don’t worry, I’m used to girls falling for me.” He had the audacity to wink at me.

No way. I held back a gag, the leech actually thought I would like him? It was hard for me not to lash out with my hidden stake that was placed secretly in my boot and kill him, let alone like him.

I scanned the Vampire, wanting to fully comprehend the monster’s looks. This leech reminded me of a bolt of lightning. He had deep-set blue eyes with fine, wavy, brown hair. He was very tall and had a graceful build. His skin was tanned, and his clothes were dark. I could see his toned body slightly from under his tight shirt. He was too revealing, and I hated the leech instantly.

I snorted, knowing by doing so I wasn’t going to give away that I was a shape shifter because it was either a snort or a growl and the former sounded better. I wasn’t interested in him. I was just a new student.

Hopefully, he was as stupid as he looked.

“Nice ego you have there.” I told him coolly and started to walk away. I caught a glimpse of shock in his eyes and I felt satisfaction flow through me. The other’s were missing.

“Maybe I’m just confident.” He defended in a rather cocky tone while trying to walk beside me. I looked around to see where my ‘family’ had gone, ignoring him. He – the vampire – was persistent. I could see him walk beside me, keeping up even though I was fast-walking in an attempt to get away.

“Maybe you’re cocky.” I snapped and tried to speed up my pace. But vampires were as fast as shape shifters so it was almost impossible to try and sneak off casually.

“You have to admit, you like it.” He winked at me, again. I swore under my breath, one more wink and I would face-plant him to the ground without any remorse.

“I don’t know what your problem is,” I said as I stopped in front of him. “But I bet it’s hard to pronounce.” He stood stock still at my insult and I hurried to my biology class.

Using the map I was given, I found it quite quickly. I stepped inside, apologized to the teacher for being late, which she waved off since it was my first day. I liked my Biology teacher already, how strange. The teacher handed me sheets of paper, which I assumed had something to do with the lesson.

I saw Charlotte and Jason sitting at the back, they shared one of the desks built for two. There was another desk next to theirs; which was empty, thankfully. I wasn’t in the mood to socialize. I sat on the desk next to theirs, and whispered a greeting to them as the teacher carried on with her instructions on the project.

The sad thing was: Charlotte and I had already learned everything that we needed to learn. Shape shifters are taught at a very young age everything human children learned in grade school and our minds develop much faster than humans so we didn’t have any trouble in remembering things. Even though I hated mathematics and science, they came easily to me. I found drama and art more challenging because our minds were more focused on logic rather than creations.

Jason and Harry, on the other hand, were different from most shape shifters because they were brought up in a place full of humans and attended a human school for most of their lives before they joined the Hunters. So I guessed Jason hadn’t actually been taught about every subject at hand yet. Charlotte had kept them at their slow pace when she tutored them.

Jason seemed pretty excited to be back in school, and I think Harry must have been too. Charlotte and I just looked at each other with pure boredom, hating the fact that we had to repeat everything we had learned years ago.

“Everybody get into partners and start the experiment as shown on your notes.” The teacher, Ms. Henderson, ordered.

Of course, everyone had partners apart from me since I was sitting alone. I was okay to do the project by myself, but I smelt someone coming in the room before the door opened.

Vampire boy

The door to the classroom swung open, and the cocky vampire that I had snapped at ten minutes ago strolled in with a smirk on his face. He apologized to the teacher for being late, which she just returned with a scowl along with the notes and a detention slip. He didn’t mean the apology – anyone could see it on his face which served to piss of the teacher more.

He scanned the class and his piercing blue eyes on me. He smiled casually, and walked over. He had his eyes settled on the seat next to mine. As he was about to sit on it; I glared at him. Usually, I would’ve kicked the chair away and give the leech a deathly attack. But I was undercover and I didn’t think innocent girls from California would do that. Even though I wasn’t innocent, or from California.

He grinned even wider at my cold glare, if that was even possible, as he took a seat next to mine. He greeted me with a ‘we meet again’ which I chose to ignore. I needed to stop talking to him all together if I wanted to avoid him.

The teacher announced, “The places you are seated right now will be your seat in this classroom for now on.” I couldn’t hold in my groan of disappointment as I banged my head against the desk.

I earned a couple weary looks from the other students, and a raised eyebrow from the leech. Ms. Henderson told us all to start with the project. “I’ll go get the items.” I announced and jumped from my seat to collect the items needed for the project. I walked to and fro to the teacher’s table slowly and place them on our desk.

I sat back in my seat and as I was about to start with the experiment he asked, “So what’s your name?”

I blinked at him, as I thought for a second. What was my name again? “Blaire... Reese?” I said. It sounded more like a question than an answer. I looked at Charlotte who sat to my left and she slightly nodded in agreement.

“You sound as if you don’t know your name!” He laughed. I chuckled nervously with him, although in the inside I was scolding at myself for forgetting my cover name.

“My name’s Josias Kelvin. Nice to meet you.” He held out his hand for me to shake, but I pretended I didn’t notice as I started the experiment. There was no way I was going to touch a vampire unless it was a part of killing him.

The experiment was pretty easy in my opinion. In a matter of two minutes I had already finished with the work and I pretended to wait for the results. I already knew what they were and had already written them down in the notes as Josias copied me.

I mentally scoffed, of course a leech wouldn’t be able to help with the work. He didn’t even notice that I was writing the results before the experiment was completed.

We were done and that was all the mattered. Now, we had to wait for everyone else to finish, which would probably mean that I had to talk with Josias.

“You want to sit with my friends and me sometime?” He offered at one point in his one sided conversation with me. I wondered for a second whether he realized, but it didn’t seem that he did.

I had no idea how to get rid of him.“Do I look like a people person to you?” I snapped, raising my eyebrow and continued to stare at the clock. “How about never? Is never good enough for you?”

“I don’t understand, usually girls would be begging to sit with me. Who are you?” He questioned sounding angry but slightly disappointed.

“I am an agent of Satan but my duties are largely ceremonial.” I suppressed a laugh at his reaction to my words. His eyes widened and his face looked like he was confused, shocked, angry and freaked out all at the same time. Good, now you can leave me alone.

“You’re such a freak.” He suddenly stated, which I instantly grinned at. Inside, I was jumping for joy that I might have scared and he might not approach me again.

I smirked slightly at his angry face, “Who lit the fuse on your tampon?” I asked.

He got angrier than before, “Are you crazy or something? Talk with me like a normal girl!” He snapped.

“I’m out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message.” I made a long ‘Beep’ sound, like voice machines do.

“You’re so-" he seemed to be at a loss for the correct word, “You’re just,” He paused again. “Rude!” He let out. Okay, I had to admit, I was pretty rude with the tampon thing. But I still think that was the worst comeback ever in comparison to mine.

“I’m not being rude. You’re just insignificant.” I rolled my eyes, as the bell finally rang and I put all my stuff in my bag, walking away.

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