Desire To Kill

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Chapter 8 ~ Acquaintances

My first day in school was actually pretty boring. Since it was a Boarding school, everyone seemed pretty close, grouped out. Strangely, it wasn’t as posh or snobby as I thought it would be. I guess that opinion just came from reading stories about snobby schools. And because reading is the only thing that helps me learn about the human world, I do a lot of reading.

Luckily, I didn’t bump into Josias again. My second period was Drama, my third was Art, my fourth was a free period but I still made sure to avoid Josias and the final period, after lunch, was Business. I never understood why I asked the Elders to sign me up for Business. I guess I just thought it was the closest thing to what I have to do when I’m an elder: Run a community.

The school was strange. I had nothing to compare it to, but it was nothing like how I imagined a school would be. The seniors chose the subjects that they would study, which I never read about.

Also, there was one thing that surprised me the most: Charlotte was popular already.

I guess it wasn’t much of a surprise, since Charlotte had always been the social one out of the two of us. She was the typical sweet, caring and beautiful girl in the human’s eyes. On the first day she had already gotten requests to sit with her at lunch, and a couple of admirers. I guess Jason, Harry and I had some attention too but everyone knew who was the nicest among us.

I was the worst to talk to, since I was sarcastic and harsh most of the time to people I felt threatened by. But the four of us knew that the humans’ attraction towards us was because we were Hybrids. Hybrids were stronger, more attractive and generally more enhanced than humans. Mortals got easily mesmerized by a Hybrid’s specialties and outstanding tendencies.

I had noticed that Josias seemed popular too, the girls fawned over him. They were practically begging for his attention, which seemed a little stupid. But, I saw what they were interested in. If I concentrated really hard, I could see that he was hot. But seeing him made me want to puke. Not because of looks or whatever; just because of the stench of his species. It was disgusting.

I heard the annoying bell ring, signalling that it was time for lunch. I walked out of the library; the best place to avoid a thick-headed Vampire, and headed for the lunch room. I bought a sandwich and strolled around the room to find my friends. I saw them sitting on their own table, a small one in the corner slightly distant from other tables. Purposely chosen so that we wouldn’t have people asking to sit with us, of course.

I sat in the seat that Charlotte saved for me and smiled, greeting the troop. I started biting my sandwich as I discreetly scanned the area for any Vampires or enemies. I didn’t see or smell any Hybrids, apart from my friends; of course.

When I was almost done with my food; a thick stench of blood and dirt waved through the air. All four of us stopped eating, and snapped our heads up. I turned around to see who entered the room; and of course it was Josias.

But he wasn’t alone.

He was with a group of teenage boys and girls. They were smiling and laughing; including Josias. Until his eyes connected with mine and his smile dropped. We just stared at each other for a while until one of his friends pulled him away.

It was a female Vampire, and as she dragged him away she noticed me and she gave me a hidden snarl. I hoped it was because of the stare-contest Josias and I just had, not because of the fact that I was a Shapeshifter and was probably going to end up killing her.

I sighed, turning back to my friends. They were all still staring at the group of Vampires with their fists in balls and their jaws clenched. They dragged their eyes away from the leeches and tried to concentrate on looking normal by eating their food or pretending to text someone.

Until I felt a tap on my shoulder, I knew instantly who it was. I spun around, prepared for a fight. Of course; it was Josias Kelvin. He chuckled at my stern glare and greeted me with a flirty smirk. I gave him a fake-smile and turned back to my food.

I could sense him still standing there, so I spun around once again and snapped; “What?”

He raised his eyebrow, “We were wandering if you four would like to sit with us.” He asked. I swear, half the students in the room gasped. I guess this offer was rare.

I rolled my eyes, “Of course no-” I got cut off by Charlotte.

“We’d love to!” She said, sounding cheerful. But I knew she was acting, I could tell she was trying not to pounce at him with her bare teeth just as much as I was. I looked at Harry and Jason; they were staring at Charlotte like she was a psychopath.

Of course; we weren’t going to tell her how stupid she was while so many people were watching. So we grabbed our food and followed the Vampires to their table, none bothering to argue with her as determination gleamed in her eyes.

There were six of them in total: two female and four male leeches, including Josias. They seemed to sit on the biggest table in the room, right in the centre. I guessed these leeches seriously did own the school.

“My name is Charlotte Parks. This is my twin Jason Parks, also this is Harry Reese and his sister and my best friend Blaire Reese.” She pointed a finger at each of us as she said introduced our names. We’re lucky she was the one who introduced us, since I probably would have forgotten our made-up surnames.

“Oh, I’ve met Blaire.” Josias said, giving me a slight wink. Seriously, what it up with that? I thought my cruelty would’ve scared him away by now.

The girl who snarled at me earlier seemed to notice. She was sitting beside him and she turned from me to staring at Josias looking hurt then glared at me. “Well, my name is Anna. I’m Josias’ girlfriend.” She stated, emphasizing the last word.

Oh, I feel sorry for you Anna.

I couldn’t say it out loud otherwise I could have made the Vampires suspicious not to mention angry. Even though I hated it that Charlotte made us sit with them, I understood why she did it. We wouldn’t look normal if we turned down sitting with the ‘popular people’, and we were a step closer to gaining their trust.

Josias almost winced when she announced her title, and he started to smile. “I’m Josias Kelvin. This is Anna Waterbridge, Margaret Davis, Kevin McDavid, Ronald Stewart and Peter Jones.” I then decided to study their looks precisely, needing to remember every detail.

Ronald was plain, with short brown hair and skin that was china-white. He and the other male Vampires were all extremely muscular. Kevin looked like a murderous, hunting tiger. He had seaweed-coloured eyes and raven-black hair. An evil smirk was plastered on his face and his eyes were darting at every corner. Anna had coffee-coloured eyes, with bleach blonde hair that was flattened around her pale head. Beside her was Margret, who looked serious yet wise. She had raven-coloured hair and she was the smallest out of everyone.

Lastly there was Peter who had beady blue-green eyes and light brown curls on his head. He looked murderous, and was glaring at us. The leech looked too familiar, which worried me. Had I hunted him before? He was a Vampire, after all. I had met many Vampires before; who was to tell that he wasn’t one of them?

I just hoped he didn’t recognize any of us, since we were slightly disguised. Charlotte and I had changed from our dark-camouflaged wardrobe and serious posture to a more feminine look. Harry and Jason had basically changed from their serious look to a more teenage-like look with saggy jeans and t-shirts and a band-branded bag.

We didn’t look that different but I hoped it was enough.

“Have I met you somewhere?” Peter asked, staring at me with a puzzled look in his eyes.

Oh, damn.

Now I had to think of an excuse, that didn’t seem too suspicious. “You know what?” I said, cheerfully. “I was thinking the exact same thing!” I pretended to be social. “Have you been to Canada?” I asked, hoping I wasn’t making it obvious my reality. Canada was a pretty popular for Vampires who wanted to lay low and was probably a place most leeches visited to feed on people. Like a popular holiday, but for Vampires. I was hoping he had visited there.

He widened his eyes, probably thinking that I was one of his ‘victims’. “Yeah, a few months ago actually. Did you live there?“′ He asked, trying to hide his wariness. I couldn’t help but notice the fake polite tone in his voice, which seemed to be only noticed by me.

So he thought I was bitten by him? I smirked, let the games begin.

“No, I don’t. But a while ago I stayed there for a few months on a trip by myself for a couple of days, I actually barely even remember what happened. I must have been drunk the whole time!” I laughed.

Really, I was hinting that he could’ve bit me. When humans got bitten a vampire, chemicals from the vampire’s fang go into their veins, and the humans barely remember anything. For humans being bitten was like getting high; if you don’t die afterwards of course.

He gulped, “Oh.” Cue awkward silence from Peter the Vampire.

Peter: the Vampire

I could feel my mind uncovering the memory, that I had somehow hadn’t noticed before.

This was Peter Slanderer, not Peter Jones. His last name was fake, like mine. This Vampire was a Royal blood, who I thought I had killed not only a few days ago when I found him torturing humans.

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