Desire To Kill

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Chapter 9 ~ Enemies

Oh no.

A student in this Academy was a Vampire who I once attacked, and killed. At least, I had thought was killed. How was he alive? I couldn’t believe it. I thought back to when I killed him by putting a bullet straight through his head. He couldn’t have survived that.

To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if I did do it right. I didn’t check to see whether he was still breathing, I just shot him and walked away. I hated shooting Vampires, it didn’t guarantee their death. A stake is a correct way to kill a vampire, but I didn’t have a stake with me since I thought I wouldn’t go hunting on that day.

I’m such an idiot!

I couldn’t believe I was foolish enough to leave him there.

Wait, I didn’t leave him there. I called the Elders. Why had they not informed me that this leech was still alive?

I excused myself from the table, not wanting to risk getting recognised by Peter if I stayed any longer. I tried my best to look casual as I strolled out of the canteen. When I was sure I was out of sight of the group, I ran. I raced across the school as fast as my legs could take me, not caring about any peers.

I saw the bathroom sign and sighed in relief. I went inside, going straight for the first cubicle. Luckily, the bathroom was empty.

I searched my bag for my phone, when I found it I called the Elder’s House straight away. As I impatiently waited for Rachel to pick up, I read the disturbing messages on the stall’s door. What was wrong with humans?

“Hello, Rachel speaking.” I heard through the phone.

“Hi Rachel, it’s Blaire.” I said, my voice in a rush.

“Blaire! How is your mission going so far?” She asked, driving my patience.

“Going great.” I faked a positive tone then added, “Apart from the fact that I found out that not only is Peter Slanderer alive, but he is in fact a part of the Academy I am currently in!” I hissed, under my breath. I couldn’t help but let my voice drip with sarcasm.

There was a long pause before she replied, “I’m sorry to hear that.” Her voice was mono-tone.

“Sorry to hear that?” I repeated, anger rolling off my body. “Why didn’t you tell me he was alive? Why did you let him live in the first place? I thought you-” She cut me off with a loud sigh.

“I didn’t know he was still alive. Don’t you think I wouldn’t have told you that he was alive if I knew? Even if he was, we would have never let him go. We would have locked him up.” She explained. “I haven’t heard back from the slayers when I sent them out to get his body, actually.”

I raised my eyebrow, “Well obviously your slayers failed.” I snapped, barely containing my anger.

I could sense her holding in her annoyance. I knew well enough that all of the members of the Elders - including their secretary- had to keep calm at all times. They were like statues - they hardly ever reacted or showed emotions; which was another reason why I dreaded being an Elder when the time came.

“If they failed, they would’ve told us.” She said, lowly. “Which means...” Her words dragged on.

“They’re dead.” I finished, letting out a loud sigh.

Great, Peter killed members of the Elder slayers. The Elder slayers were the highest group of slayers out of all the slayer troops out there. There were five strong members and it was hard to kill them, if not impossible. I came to the realization: he wasn’t alone.

“How did you even kill him?” She asked, “If the Elder slayers couldn’t kill him with their highly trained skills, then how could you?” Her voice was laced with pure curiosity.

“I didn’t kill him, remember?” I muttered, making it clear that I was angry at the fact I failed.

“You almost did. If you had a stake, you probably would have been able to kill him.” She said.

“How did you know that I didn’t use a stake?” I asked, my eyebrows furrowed.

There was another pause before she replied. “You explained how you killed him to your college and me, remember?”

I sighed, feeling my head begin to thump as the stress hit me.

“Well, I have to go. Make sure you send someone down there to see if there are any Elders left.” I ordered, “Don’t forget to make sure that they do it right this time.”

I could feel her anger radiating through the phone as she tried not to snap at me, “Fine.” I heard her ending the call, and I sighed. Rachel was a strange human. She was nice at times but she could act so strange.

Walking out of the bathroom, I didn’t bother checking whether anyone was following me. I had taken a few steps away from the bathroom when I got pushed against the lockers suddenly. I let out a small gasp, wandering who had attacked me. Before I could glance at the attacker, I pushed them off of me and forced them against the lockers instead, staring at the person.

“What the hell?” I sneered. It took me a second to realize it was Peter.

Oh, shit.

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