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The Unseen

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A young girl just starting her life at the age of 22 but she has serious plans that she wants completed. She's ready to risk everything but is everyone else ready to do the same. Anastasia or Grace has lots of secrets. You're the lucky one if she choses to tell you them. Her secrets could cost you your life. Are you ready to take that chance? This a Mafia/Gang type book. I don't know much about this topic so this all comes movies and my imagination.

Action / Drama
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It's Only The Beginning - 1

So much has happened that lead us here to this moment. So let’s rewind a bit to catch you up.

Before I get into basically my life story I guess I should introduce myself my name is Grace Donovan. But that isn’t my real name. My first name is Anastasia Grace, My last name well that a story for another time. I’m 22. I grew up in New York but as of right now I’m in-between places. I live mostly in Toronto but I have a place in LA that I spend a lot of time in. I have my own Mafia Gang called “Death Angels”. I’m Spanish. Both my parents are originally from Spain but moved to New York when they got together.

10 Months Before The Big Mission;

Right now I’m in my office in LA dealing with a few last-minute things before my big meeting with another Mafia Gang called “The Fallen Devils”. As I was working away Jackson came in with a glass of champagne and a newspaper.

“What’s up Jackson,” I say as I continue to work. He throws the newspaper onto my desk. I stop what I was doing and looked up at him. He points at the newspaper. My eyes follow the imaginary line from his finger to the newspaper. I grab it and read the front-page headline.

“February 27, 2020, Today marks the 5th anniversary of the house that burnt to the ground killing a young girl and a grandmother. The gang Skull Crushers is the one to blame. As their source of payment, they are serving a life sentence for their crimes and the death of Maria and Anastasia-” (Can’t give away my secrets that easily)

Jackson took a seat across from me and put the two glasses onto my desk and the bottle of champagne. ” I think it’s time to celebrate” “And what would be celebrating Jackson. A tale of lies or a tale filled halfway with lies.” “Well no maybe the fact that your alive-” “At least one of us is” I cut him off. He looked at me with his sad little eyes. “Don’t look at me like that.” “Did you go and spend time with her today at least.” “Where at that pathetic and scary excuse of a shrine for my dead grandmother no, I will go to her grave when we land in Toronto later.” He looked at me and nods slowly unsure of what to say now. “We can celebrate that our plan is almost set,” Jackson said trying to lighten the mood. “I have a better plan. We can go downstairs and gather the tea. We can make sure we are all ready to leave because it’s time to get to the plane and load up. Once we get downstairs we can take a shot of whatever alcohol is down there. We can toast that we got this far and then if all goes well with The Fallen Devils we can pop open the champagne and the whole team can have a glass because with the other group cooperating we just got a lot closer to accomplishing this plan .” ” You were always better at coming up with the plans Ana.” “Thats why I’m the boss, Jackson. And it’s Grace remembers we can’t let it slip up. Especially tonight with the meeting.” ” Sorry I forgot.” I give Jackson a slight nod and gather everything up that I was working on and put it into my briefcase. I rise out of my chair and start walking towards the door. I open it up and step to the side. “Grab that bottle and let’s go take a shot with the team.” Jackson gets up, grabs the bottle, and leaves the room. I close the door and lock it.

Jackson gathers the team and when I get to the kitchen I see them already with a shot glass with whiskey in it. I grab the last one and count down from 3. After the last count, we all took the shot. “Are we ready to get this show on the road?” I get 6 different variations of yes. We all walk out the door into the two cars. We drive to the small airport to get into my private jet. A perk of owning a gang I guess. We board the plane and now we are on our way to our home in Toronto.

While we are on our way to Toronto I think it’s time to introduce you to my team. First off we have Liam and Carter they are two brothers and their job is combat. They are prepared for any fight at any time. We have Moxie. She’s are hacker, but she knows how to use a gun if she needs to. There is Scarlett who works on our disguise and what we need to wear but she is not afraid of joining a fight when she needs to. There is Asia. She was the first person I met when I moved to Toronto so basically, we are best friends or that’s what she likes to refer to us as. She is my right-hand man when it comes to anything with the team. She mostly deals with them because she is the nicer one of us two. Then there is Jackson as we all already know. He is also my right-hand man and my bodyguard not that I need one but don’t ask Jackson he will say I do. He deals with the shipment and all of that stuff. Lastly, there is me. Anastasia aka Grace Donovan. There is not much to say except I’m the leader but no one actually knows that. I do all the work but the rest of the world thinks that Jackson is the leader. When really without me there would be no team and he would be running around like a chicken with his head chopped off. I’m also a big part of this new plan but you are also going to wait and see how that works. One of my main jobs that the outside world sees is that I’m the main con artist that goes undercover. Scarlett, Asia, and Moxie are also con artists.

We finally land in Toronto. We all leave the plane and get into the two cars that bring us straight to our home. Once we get there I tell everyone to get ready for the meeting and that they can not be late. They all agreed and went their separate ways to their rooms. With that, I go get ready and tell Jackson and Asia that I’m going to leave now and to make sure everyone is at the meeting on time. I walked out the door into my car and my driver brings me to the place I visit annually every year. Once we get there I thank him and tell him I will be right back. I get out of the car and look up to see the sign that says St Marie Cemetary. I sigh softly and continue to walk to the spot I always go to. Once I get there I crouch a bit to wipe away the snow that stuck and covered the headstone. I stare in front and onto the headstone that reads ”Maria Donovan; A loving grandmother.” I couldn’t write her real last name that could cause lots of problems later if someone ever found out. “I can’t believe your gone. How could he do this to you, to me, to us? They are sick bastards. But don’t worry they will pay... I know you don’t like me talking like this but a lot has happened since 5 years ago. But I brought you lilies your favorite. I truly miss you.” I say out in the open hoping that somehow someway she is hearing this. I place the flowers down and look down at the watch on my arm to check the time. “Shit. I mean shoot. Wait it’s not like you can correct me. So shit, I’m going to be late for the meeting I’m going to go now. I love you Abuela. I don’t know when the next time I will visit but hopefully soon.” With that being said I get up from my crouch position and leave to get into the car. I thank the driver for waiting not like he had any option he is my personal driver.

As we are traveling through the snowy city I think about my Abuela and how much I miss her. I think back on that horrible night. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already it seems like just yesterday it happened. I should probably explain what happened.

Everyone already knows that 5 years ago on this dreadful day a fire happened. Well, that fire was at my Abuela’s home where she and I lived. I was 18 at the time and I had lived with her for 2 years already. She was my rock I would do anything for that woman. She was nice and loving, the exact opposite of my family. She was making dinner in the kitchen and I was taking a shower in the bathroom when the doorbell rang. She went to go see who it was. It was someone she knew because she let them into the home. I finished in the shower and got dress. As I was heading down the stairs to see who was there, I stopped abruptly halfway because I heard yelling in the kitchen I couldn’t understand a lot but I understood who was in the house now because they have such a distinct voice. I also understood that something bad was going to happen and there was no escape from the ashes but I didn’t understand that. It wasn’t till I heard screaming and running that I ran to the kitchen to see what was happening. When I got to the kitchen I saw that the room was in flames I saw my Abuela standing there crying, I grabbed her hand and ran trying to get out of the house but there wasn’t a way out. Everywhere I turned there were heat and flames. It was getting so hot and I could feel the radiating heat inside burning everything, I could feel the smoke running with my blood damaging my lungs. I could hear my Abuela yelling at me but I couldn’t hear past the ringing in my ears. Every room was up in flames there was no way out. It wasn’t in till I saw the smallest opening that the fire was trying to steal away from me. I looked at my Abuela telling her to not slow down and we need to leave but she looked at me and shook her head no and let go of my hand I asked what she was doing, she said we both wouldn’t make it, that we would both fall with this house. She told me to run, run to the opening, and not to slow down. I knew that at this point she was giving up the fight I wanted to give up too. My Abuela knew as well that I wanted to give up but she told me that she didn’t allow that. She told me to run, fight to feel the bleed, she told me that I shouldn’t let the people control me that I was better than them, and this. She kissed my head one last time and pushed me chanting to run and not to turn around at any moment that she will always be safe and be with me. So that’s what I did I ran, I ran out of that home and ran away to Toronto. I didn’t have anywhere else to go. My home and Abeula were gone there wasn’t anything holding me in New York anymore. The family that I have is either dead or is dead to me. After I left for Toronto I never turned around I killed the lights on my old life and became someone new, someone better that will show those sick bastards never to mess with me. I grew my team and tonight, I start my plan. This new team is only going to help my plan and if all goes well we will win and conquer the demons that lurk just beyond our shadows

I was abruptly shaken from my train of thought when I looked out my window and seen we were at my office building where the meeting was being held at. I said thank you to the driver put my sunglasses on even though it’s February and there is snow on the ground. I found that they just make me more mystery and that’s what this job is all about; the mystery and being Unseen. I got out of the car and into the building. I start heading to where the meeting was taking place.

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