Death is Here.

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Jacqueline is apart of the royal family in the victorian era her step sister Queen Victoria is ruling but Jacqueline she HATES being apart of the family so she defies them. How? Jacqueline has a secret she thinks that no one will find out. Do you?

Action / Horror
Jessica Lee
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I try my best to run down the unfamiliar streets throwing off the men that are following me. I hear the men yelling my name so they DO know me. I pick up my pace going down a zig-zag of turns and semi-familiar streets. I keep running until I see police that makes me stop. But wait I can just be innocent like always and tell them that men are following me. I run up to the police and try my best to sound convincing.

“Officer I am so sorry but men are following me and I tried to outrun them but they should be here any second.” Man am I bad at sounding convincing that is not my speciality.

“It is alright miss. Hey wait, aren’t you a part of the royal family?” He questions me.

“Yes.” I say actually out of breath. I hear the men running through the alleyway and I act scared, but I am not.

“Jacky, come on, we know you’re over here.” One of the men bellowed. As both of the men run through the opening I try to run but the police has my arm. I tug on his arm. The police stands his ground.

“ What is your name miss?” The officer demands an answer from me.

“Jacqueline sir.” I respond cautiously.

“Do you ever go by Jacky?” he asks

“... well sometimes… well all the time” I say as I pull out a gun. The police reaches for his gun and realizes that it isn’t there. “Looking for this?” I say as I wave the gun around. I roll my eyes. The police tries to run but before he gets out of my range I shoot him right in the back. The men charge at me I doge barely but I do. I shoot one of the men in the shoulder and the other one in the knee. All of the men were crying in agony but the roads that we were on were very deserted so no one could hear them for about 8.1 kilometers radius. I go over to all the men to make sure they are dead. I ran away till I was back around more people to act normal.

I walk the last kilometer or so. When I do see people I get greeted by death glares from old ladies. Which makes sense I am looking rough right now. One of my boobs is practically out of my dress. Well shit. I shove it in my dress and smile. People are not used to seeing me like this They are used to seeing me with my step sister all fancy. I honestly don't care.

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