His Mafia Princess

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Stephano- She is all I ever wanted since I was a child. Since she came defending me when she didn't need to. I would stop at nothing to have her, to make her mine. I would burn the world if I have to Astasiya will be mine. Astasiya- He was the love of my life. I wanted to marry this man, but then years went on and we grew up. All of those childish dreams are exactly what it was childish dreams. We are grown now and he isn't the only boss running things. I have a secret not even my family knows about. Come out come out where ever you are boys. La Rina is here to play. Blurb: "What do you think you are doing?" I whispered into his mouth. He was standing so close to me in this small closet. What we are doing here is beyond me. "Shh shh shh princesa you don't talk just listen." He slide his hand higher lifting my dress up until he was just mer inches from my p**** distracting me from what we were even talking about...what we were even doing. "What do you think you were doing sneaking out like that." My eyes rolled to the back of my head when he slipped his hand under my underwear rubbing that little bundle of nerves. "Answer me." I lift my head back to him. "Fuck you." My voice didn't come out as strong as I wanted it to. Totally defeated my bad ass persona I was going for. A smirk landed on his lips until he rubbed lower until he is at my entrance.

Action / Drama
Catarina A. Muniz
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Chapter One


For as long as I could remember I had always been a hot head, never been able to keep my mouth shut. Papa always said it would get me killed one day but as the saying says “I am my fathers child.” That is why my ass is outside by the loading docks while he is in a meeting with two other mafia families. Bullshit I’m the heir in line to take the throne when papa steps down. I should be in there with them discussing whatever the hell they are talking about. But I am not a made man yet, not until my first kill then papa would start to see me as a man and not some insolent little boy. I walked to the end of the docks and sat down with my legs hanging just above the water. It was a peaceful that is until some idiota had to come and fuck everything up.

“Hey what did I tell you about hanging out on my docks.” I turned my head and came face to face with Alessandro.

“What do you want coglione.” I sneered (Fucker)

“I want you to get your ass out of my fucking docks.” He tried sizing me up by taking a step closer to me and Fuck if i was going to let this idiota intimidate me. I held my chin higher and he paused on his steps. Fucking asshole was all talk he wasn’t going to do anything about it.

“Last time I checked your father owned the docks and you're not even a made man yet trying to claim something that’s not even yours.” I smirked at him. Alessandro Ricci is a punk ass bitch that follows his father around like a lost puppy. He can never do anything on his own. I am pretty sure that he hasn’t even had a fight yet without someone doing it for him. Like now two of his baphones that follow him around are now on either side of me holding my hands down.

“Pussy why don’t you handle me on your own without some help.” I sneered at him. He is 13 years old, a year older than me and he needs help god this kid. At that he punched me right in the nose and I heard a painful crunch. Well there goes my nose. I didn’t flinch and or make any sound even with blood now pouring down my nose. I would not give this strazo the satisfaction.

“Is there a problem here.” We all turned to look at the newcomers. The De Leon brothers Lorenzo and Mateo. Both twins, Both are equally trouble makers.

“No problem here cogliones.” Alessandro sneered

“Yeah we are totally fine here.” I sarcastically replied rolling my eyes. The two guys let go of me and went to stand next to their master like good little asshole lickers they are. The twins went and stand by my side. By the way they are looking at each other I can tell they hate the fucker as much as i do.

“Not so tough now huh pussy.”

“I’ll show you.” He came and tried and i say the word try to throw a punch but it was no use. I blocked it easy and landed one on his nose like he did mine. Each of the brothers had one of his minions and I was liking our odds. Each asshole that we were fighting had bumps and bruises. We were in the middle of finishing it when we heard the sweetest voice ever.

“Can you guys stop it now. It’s not very nice fighting each other.” She is a little thing. Her hair is up in pig tails. Dark brown hair and eyes to match. Those eyes sweet sweet innocent eyes that make me want to protect her at all cost from this fucked up world we live in.

I looked around at all the other boys here with me and all of their faces had paled. It is funny that such a small little girl has this much power over them to cause them to hang their head low.

“Astasiya Que estas asendo aqi.” (What are you doing here?”) Lorenzo asked. The twins started making their way towards her and I wanted to block her from them until she spoke.

“Daddy said the meeting isn’t for a little girl like me and sent me to call you guys. He said you are needed.” They both looked at each other and nodded and started walking to were the meeting was taking place. She wasn’t following them instead she stood there staring at me. Our eyes were locked and she tilt her head to the side like she was trying to figure something out.

“Your nose is bleeding.” She stated the obvious. I rolled my eyes at her.

“No shit.” I comment back. Alessandro was still standing there with his buddies watching the whole interaction until his eyes went back to her and he eyed her with interest and that made me clench and unclench my hands.

“Stas get your ass over here.” Lorenzo shouted at her.

“Daddy said I can’t go over there. I have to go wait in the car.” Lorenzo looked at Mateo like they were having their own conversation. They both nodded their head at each other and Mateo started walking back to us.

“Stop right there. You know if you are late after being summoned by dad it would not end well for you. Go back and I will be ok. He can walk me back to the car.” She pointed her thumb at me. The twins both looked at me confirming if I would do it and I nodded my head at them.

“We are trusting you with the princess. Don’t betray our trust.” I heard Stas softly gasp at the comment. I am guessing this is a big deal.

“I’ll walk with them.” We all looked at Alessandro and the twins both scowled at him.

“Go we will be fine.” They nodded their heads and walked away. She turned and looked at me and Alessandro. “Shall we?” We both nodded our heads. We started following her when out of nowhere a guys appeared in front of us.

“Well well well isn’t this exciting. Isn’t it the De Leon princess and the Ricci Prince and well well well the Castillo prince.” He smiled down at us. But there was this coldness in them. Astasiya moved closer to me until she was standing next to me. I reached my arm around her waist and moved her behind me.

“Isn’t that sweet. Hand over the girl boy and I'll let you live.” I looked over and noticed Alessandro is nowhere to be found. I knew he was a fucking pussy.

“Turn around and run. I will hold him off.” I told her turning my attention back to this random guy. I charged after him landing a good punch. I might be small but I could hold down my own. He got the best of me at the end and he pulled out a knife. I knew this would be the end until someone jumped on his back screaming and punching him behind his head. He stood up and grabbed the person. I got up as well. Black spots surround my vision and once they were clear I saw that it was Astasiya helping me. He took her off his back and threw her over his shoulder. She was kicking and screaming.

“STEPHANO. STEPHANO.” She shouted at me. I was running after them when she pulled out and knife and stabbed him in the back. He shouted and threw her on the floor. He reached over and pulled the knife out of his back. He threw it on the floor and raised his hand at her.

“You bitch.” He struck her and all I seen was red I grabbed the knife and jumped on the assholes back and slit his throat. His hands came around his neck to stop the blood but it was no use he knew he was going to die. He fell to the floor gasping for air with blood coming out of his mouth. Astasiya got up with a bloody lip and I got made again and stabbed the fucker in the heart ending his miserable life. She ran up to me and jumped on me. I held her with ease and she wrapped her legs around my waist.

A few minutes later everyone was running to us. Both our parents and her brother as well as the pussy bitch ass Alessandro.

“What happened here.” My father asked looking at the now dead guy on the floor and Stas wrapped around me. I explained everything to everyone and Stas showed them her busted lip. My father had a look of pride on his face and him and her parents walked a couple of steps away along with Alessandro’s parents. The twins came up to me and tried taking Stas off of me and she just shook her head screaming.

“Hey hey hey it’s ok. It’s your brother’s.” She lifted her head and nod. Lorenzo stretched her arms and she left me to be held by her brother. By the way all three of them act. I can tell Lorenzo is the oldest out of the twins followed by Mateo making Stas the baby.

“Thank you for protecting our baby sister. We are in a life debt with you. Anything you want and or need we are you guys.” Mateo nodded his head in agreement.

“I can tell this is going to be a start of a beautiful friendship.” Mateo faked cried. A few minutes had passed and Stas had calmed down and got off her brother. They both went to where our parents were talking leaving us alone again. She had reached for her pocket and took out a ring with a gold necklace through it. She handed it to me.

“This belongs to my mother.” I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Then looked to where our parents were. “She isn’t my mother. My mother died 2 years ago. I want you to hold on to it.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I like you and I know you like me too.”

“I do not.” I mean i do but she doesn’t need to know because information is power and she doesn’t need to have power over me.

“ I know you do but that is ok your secret is safe with me. Do you know what the meet is about?” I shook my head at her. Papa doesn’t let me in on any family business. “Discussing who would marry me.” She said it with disgust in her voice. “ I want you to hold on to that because whoever my dad chooses I want you to promise it would be you. Promise me when the day comes you would come and propose with this ring.”

“I promise.” And I do. I’ll be damn if I let anyone that isn’t me have mi angela. (my angle.)

“Stas vamenos.” (lets go.) Her dad shouted at her. They all left and my dad came to me with a smirk on his face.

“My son a made man and got a bride all in the same day. I couldn’t be any more proud.”

“She is mine?” I asked, masking any emotion on my face. Papa wouldn’t like that.

He nodded his head at me. “Si now come we have much to discuss now.”

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