New Dawn

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He is the one who stabs the sword through Earth He is the one that Hell and Heaven have to fear He isn't a normal vampire He is Langress Mcloucht Half vampire half Werewolf A only thing on Earth who dare to kill the gods

Action / Fantasy
God Eshly
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Chapter 1:Langress Mcloucht

A long time ago, when vampire, werewolf, devil, angel, monster lived together on Earth. There was a war. Angel and devil decided to live on Heaven and Hell while the war between vampire and werewolf still continued. The vampire won and werewolf have to live into the forest and cave. But after that,Human came. The war between human and vampire had started.
When at the end of that war, the rebel vampire army started a revolution. They called themselves"New Hope".Human had won with the help of New Hope. The first vampire army called themselves "Predator".One day, a strange boy was born. A hybird between vampire and werewolf, his name is Langress Mcloucht

Year 1050, Main castle of New Hope army.
A hundred of Predator vampire striked into castle.It was night and New Hope army was losing. Suddenly, the gate of the castle broke and Predator vampire came in. They stopped, they fear who was standing in the main door. Langress stood there and he was sleeping. The general of Predator vampire came and said:
-He is sleeping, go and kill him. What are you aware of ?
No one wanted to go and attack Langress. That general said:
-Fine, I will show you, you idiots.
That general held this sword and ran into Langress. Suddenly,without any sound, head of that general fell of his head. Langress woke up and said:
-Hey, what happened here?
All Predator vampire so scared when they saw Langress's sword covered in blood. Langress cleaned his sword then he said:
-Let have some fun !
Langress pressed the crystal on his sword. His blood came inside the sword which gave his sword power. He ran into Predator vampire army. Chopped, stabbed, Langress covered in enemy blood. He was happy when he saw enemy face fell of their body. Suddenly,a survive vampire behind Langress ran into Langress to kill him. But not too long, that vampire suddenly die. Langress looked back and he saw his best friend Lancerlord Ambyx. Lancerlord said:
-You missed that guy.
Langress said:
-Ok, I missed that guy, he hide himself in the body.
From nowhere, a lot of Canon balls striked in the castle. Langress said:
-Oh no, what is that?
A canon ball striked into Lancerlord. Langress said:
-Lancerlord, watch out.
Langress kicked Lancerlord away and he was hit by that canon ball. Langress's skin burned hard and he fainted. Lancerlord took Langress into the castle. All the wizard in castle can't help Langress. They decided to put Langress in a coffin then used healing magic to save him. But Predator army second wave into the castle had begun. New Hope army can't hold much longer. Langress's coffin have to bury deep to hide him. Langress slept in the coffin and he didn't know that day was the last day of New Hope army. New Hope castle was destroyed but no one knew where Langress's coffin.
1000 years later, year 2050.The war still continued. New Hope army might no longer survive but their dream still exist. A new army named"Heroic" and they was fighting against Predator army. One day, a preacher ran into the forest. He was being chased by three Predator vampires. His name was Jonathan Viam. As a matter of fact, Jonathan ran into the ruins of New Hope castle. He tried to hide behind a pillar. Three Predator vampires came and they looked around the ruins. One of them used his fist and punched into the ground. The surface shaked and Langress's coffin revealed. Jonathan saw Langress's coffin and he ran to it. Jonathan said:
-What is this?
He used spell to break the power around the coffin and opened it. Suddenly those Predator vampires found out Jonathan and they ran to him. One of them ran straight into Jonathan. Suddenly he stopped. Langress woke up after 1000 years and he held that vampire head. He said:
-Good morning, I'm wake. Hey who are you?
That vampire said:
-I don't care. You go to death.
Langres strangled that vampire then dropped his body down. Other vampires saw that but they wasn't afraid. They ran straight into Langress to attack him. Langress with his bare hands punched right into their face and said:
-Don't try to attack me.
Langress looked back to Jonathan and he said:
-Are you ok? You looked worry.
Jonathan after saw Langress just killed three Predator vampires with his bare hands, he was so scared. Jonathan calm down then said:
-I'm ok, who are you anyway?
Langress said:
-I'm Langress Mcloucht, knight of New Hope army.
Jonathan remembered there was a powerful knight of vampire in the past. Langress said:
-Hey what happened around here? It looked dirty here.
Jonathan said:
-Sir, I'm Jonathan Viam, a preacher of Heroic army. Please follow me.
And the new adventure in morden world of Langress had begun.

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