Doctor Of Tomorrow

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When Jenson Hunt stumbles upon the Half - Life Adapter it just might be the thing to help doctors to save their patients. But there's a problem for the doctors it only responds to Jenson. Will the doctors accept a six year old into the operating rooms or will they have to find a new way to save every patient that gets sent to the E.R.?

Action / Adventure
Charlie G
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The beginng

15. June, 1585...Thornstar...
Two scientist by the names of Josh Porter and Hugo West develop the Half - Life Adapter. It was a normal day at the Lab of Advance Astrology friends Josh and Hugo wanted to create a device that would help doctors. Many of their collies that it was a bad idea. But that didn't stop Josh and Hugo.
By the sixteen of June in 1586 the Half - Life Adapter was finished. But it never got to be tried out. Before the device was sent to be tested it was stolen. Josh and Hugo had no idea who wanted to take it. It was said that people wanted it for money, others for fame, and some just were against the device.
For days the search went on. Yet Josh and Hugo had no worries. Their device was built to respond to a specific person. At the time it was Josh. Their device was built to last centuries. One day the device appeared on Josh doorstep. On it was a note from Hugo. The next night Josh appeared at Hugo house.
They talked and talked all night. The next day neither men appeared for work. It was the same for the day after that and the day after that. On the twentieth of August it was revealed that the two men were dead. No one knew what happened or why it did. But one question did remain... what happened to the Half - Life Adapter?
But who was the Half - Life Adapter's new owner. With Josh and Hugo dead. It needed to a new owner. It waited years and years even centuries to find the right owner. Than it did in 2005 when Jenson Hunt was born.

5. June, 2005... Thornstar...
Jenson Hunt is born Danny Hunt and Esme Houghton - Hunt. Danny waited anxiously in the waiting room. Of course since he was the dad of the baby he would be in there with her. But Esme was having a c-section.
At 3:15 a.m. Jenson was born. Danny and Esme looked at their handsome baby boy. Two days later they took him home. One night a knock appeared at the door. Esme answered the door. On the doorstep was the Half - Life Adapter. She had no idea how it got there or what it was. But she decided to bring it in anyway.
The next morning Esme went to check on Jenson who was still asleep. But something freaked her out. The Half - Life Adapter was in his room. She clearly remembered putting it in the garage. Danny couldn't have taken it he was asleep all night. And Jenson was too young to know how to climb out of his crib.
Every day she would find the Half - Life Adapter in Jenson's room. Finally she snapped and decided to tell Danny.
'I am telling you Dan that thing keeps appearing in our son's room.' Esme complained.
'Have you tried throwing it out?' Danny asked while holding Jenson.
'Yes I even tried locking his room door, putting in our room, the garage, and the bathroom none of it worked.' Esme said.
'What did you say this thing was again?' Danny asked with concern.
'The Half - Life Adapter.' Esme answered.
Esme looked at her husband's concerned looked. 'What's wrong?' Esme asked.
'Do you know who the last people to even hold that device were?' Danny asked.
'No.' Esme said.
'Famous scientist Josh Porter and Hugo West developed the device. After it was stolen and then appeared on Josh door step. The two had a meeting. But the next day they didn't go to work. They were found dead.' Danny explained.
'How?' Esme asked.
'No one knows.' Danny said. 'I just didn't think the device was real. My pops told me stories about them and what they did. But I used to think it was bedtime stories. Now it appears on our doorstep.'
The next day Esme drove to work while Danny stayed home and took care of Jenson. As Esme drove to work she kept looking the device that she brought with her. Esme focused so much on the Half - Life Adapter that she didn't see the truck in front of her.
Then like that her car broke in half with Esme in the drivers seat knocked out. Minutes later police were called to the scene. Esme was taken to the hospital. But they were not able to revive her.
Danny was in the living room with Jenson when he got the call. He couldn't believe it. Danny put Jenson in his car-seat and drove to the hospital. The place was extremely loud. Danny worried that the sound would wake up Jenson. But he had to see his wife.
Danny careful went into the hospital. After a couple of minutes in there. Danny was relieved the hospital sounds didn't bother Jenson. He finally made it to her room he looked as Esme laid there in the hospital room.
Teared rolled down his cheeks as his wife laid there lifeless. A week later They had a funeral for her. Jenson was now one month old. Danny knew he needed to protect his son. But he mourned over Esme's death. He decided to never speak of her death.
Everyday Danny brought Jenson to work for he didn't trust babysitters nor did he like them. He had nothing against him. But he wasn't going to leave his son in the care of someone else. Danny worked as a songwriter so he was able to bring Jenson to the work place.
The next few years was the same things. By the time Jenson turned five he began kindergarten. This allowed Danny to work in the morning and in the afternoon pick Jenson up from school. It worked well for them. And days when Jenson had no school. Danny was able to work full hours and bring Jenson with him.
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