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Revenge of the Hunter

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I inhaled deeply, feeling my lungs burning from the inhale of the cigarette before pulling it out of my mouth and blowing out the puff of smoke. I looked over towards the boat. The lantern lights rocking back and fourth slowly as the yacht swayed with the soft waves that hit below the deck at my feet. Music blaring out of the speakers as the young men and women danced. I clenched my jaw, tossing the butt of my smoke on the ground and put the small flame out with my booted feet.

He took my boat. Now I will take his life.

“Are you ready?”

I turned towards Aiden’s voice, shooting him an “obviously” face and he smiled back.

“We’re not going to have com’s, but I’ll be watching. That building has the best view.” He pointed towards the building in the middle, overlooking the yacht perfectly.

“Aye Aye, Captain.” I wiggled my brows and kicked off my boots, then my socks. I didn’t shy away at the smirk his lips had plastered and his steel blue eyes pinned on my movements, as I continued to strip down to the bikini I had on under my clothes.

“See something you like, Mr. Braxton?” I cocked my head to the side, handing him my tank top and denim shorts.

“Always, Mrs. Braxton.” He grinned and looked down at my hand. “Forgetting something?”

“Ahh. Don’t want blood and guts on it already.” I pulled off my rings and handed them to him as well.

He placed them in his pocket and leaned in for a kiss. “Be careful, Amore mio.”

“Always.” I kissed his lips softly before taking a step backward, giving him a salute goodbye and jumping off the wooden pier and into the cold water.

A week ago.

The sun beating down felt wonderful, along with the small breeze that passed by every now and then. I already have a base tan, from when we left and started our trip away from our problems a few months ago. I burned, tanned, burned in some places again, but I managed to get tan.

“Ma’me, your pina colada.”

I flashed a smile at Jorge, one of our stewards on the boat. We have two, they take shifts throughout the day and night. “Thanks hun.” I said and took the glass in my hands and sipped at the straw.

Ahhh, refreshing. Just what I needed.

I grabbed the cherry stem and plucked it out of the drink and ate the fruit as I looked around. We have been docked for a little while now, somewhere in Spain, as we left Italy from a week and a half stay. I eyed the flash of light that nearly blinded me from my finger. I still wasn’t used to having jewelry on, let alone a rock the size of my thumb.

I stood up, glass still in my hand as I eyed the rocky terrain. Different yachts and boats docked around us. The ocean was dark blue that matched the sky above us. It was a perfect day.

“Bueno, hola hermosa!”

I looked down to the dock as a man approached with another closely behind. I eyed him closely. Sunglasses hiding his eyes on his tanned skin. A white shirt hugged his body along with dark blue board shorts and boat shoes. Greased back hair and rings on his fingers.

“Hi.” I greeted uninterested, taking a step closer. Raising a brow, I eyed the guy behind him. Dressed in something similar. His attention was around the area. Bodyguard no doubt.

“She’s a beaut!” The man’s accent coming out slightly within his words as he switched to English.

“Thanks.” I raised an brow, assuming he was talking about the yacht.

“Bigger than mine.” He touched his chest.

“Ahh lets not compare sizes, mi amigo.”

I turned my head to Aiden who padded towards me, his attention on the men below. Aiden was shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of board shorts himself, showcasing his defined muscles. He was sun kissed from head to toe.

“Your’s is the fastest in these seas. And I hear has a salon.” Aiden continued, making the man below us chuckle.

“You’ve been doing your homework.”

Aiden shrugged. “Just getting to know the areas we’re traveling to is all.”

“Oh. I see.” The man said. “Staying long?”

“No. We’ll be off tomorrow. Just traveling for our honeymoon.”

The man smiled and nodded. “Bella esposa y hermoso yate.”

“Si, gracias, se como escogerlos..” Aiden replied with a smile of his own.

I raised my brows at him, never getting over the fact he knows many languages. It was so hot.

“If you’d excuse us, we have some places to see. Have a great day.” Aiden took a step towards me and grabbed my hand in his own softly.

“Ahh, you too.” The man waved his hand and started to walk down the pier.

Our eyes watched the men walk away into the crowd of people that swarmed the various restaurants and tourist traps laid out after the pier.

“What was that about?” I asked, sipping the rest of my drink.

“Leave you alone for a second and you caught the attention of the most dangerous man in this country.” He turned to me, shaking his head with amusement.

“Me? Pretty sure it was this boat that caught his attention, the one that you -“ I put my pointer finger on his chest, “ - picked out.”

He smirked, his eyes trailing down my body slowly shamelessly. “Mmm, pretty sure it was both that caught his eyes.”

I placed the empty glass down before hooking my fingers in the belt loops of his shorts, tugging his body closer to mine. He didn’t budge much, considering he was a lot stronger than I. “So where we off to now?”

His smirk faded and his face turned serious. “Nowhere here now. We’re going to refuel and get the fuck out of dodge.”

I tilted my head slightly, reading his face. He must have read the guys thoughts. “He’s going to come after us, isn’t he?”

He nodded, blowing a soft sigh. “Antonio Alvarez runs everything that goes on in Valencia, especially this port. He’s got the police in his pockets and the citizens scared.”

“Someone has been doing their homework.” I agreed.

“Know thy enemy.”

I watched the sunset as we drifted away. We were refueled and only had the captain on board. Aiden gave the other help money for planes tickets to get out of the country and head back home if they wanted to. We didn’t want any casualties if Alvarez did come after us. Alec, our captain, was former Navy and wanted to stay with us until we were out of harms way. Much to Aiden’s dismay, but he allowed him to stay on board, seeing that none of us was a pro of the sea.

As the sun was down and the sky was black, I laid down on the bed outside, staring up at the stars. Billions of them, twinkling down. I will never get over this. A view you can’t get in New York or any other major city. I inhaled and smiled softly to myself, just taking it all in. My body has never been this relaxed before, even with someone who might just ruin it all on our tails. This is just want I needed. What we needed.

“Well we aren’t being followed.. yet. That we know of.” His voice came from aside of me, making me jump.

His smile came to view, making me smile right back. His finger tips traced my lips as his eyes stared into mine.

“I love seeing you smile, Amore mio.” He whispered.

My tongue darted out, tracing his thumb as it brushed over my top lip. “And I love when you speak foreign.” I whispered back with a smirk as I hooked my leg over his and pulled myself up on his lap, my lips connected with his immediately.

He sighed against my mouth and his hands went to my back, trailing down slowly to my hips as I deepened our kiss. My tongue exploring his mouth before he took control. I leaned up slightly, grabbing a fistful of his shirt and sat him up with me as I straddled him. Moving my hands up his broad chest and continued to his hair, grabbing fistfuls of his thick locks.

He moved my waist closer towards him as I moved my lips to his neck. He let out a growl deep in his throat before he grabbed me tight. I thought it was him just being aroused, until I heard something cutting the quiet air around us.

What was filled with lust and love quickly turned into rage and anger as my back hit the side of the yacht’s deck as Aiden shielded me from the explosion that hit the side of the boat.

The air became hot as the yacht swayed back and fourth abruptly. Aiden peeled himself off of me and we both looked around. Half of the other side of the boat was gone and in flames as it slowly began to tilt to its wounded side. My eyes caught the small black boat that had Policia written all around it.

“Go get Alec.” I demanded. “I’ll be right back.”

I gathered myself to my feet, only for him to pull me back. “You’re not going after them alone.”

“I can handle them. Get the cap.” I said through my teeth, taking my hand back from his hold.

As the yacht started to sink to its side, I heard Aiden curse to himself before I dove into the ocean, bullets flying by me as I hit the water and started swimming underneath towards the small boat. I went underneath it for a moment before coming up slowly on the other side, seeing the two men looking towards the sinking yacht.

“Lo ves ella?” One spoke.


I pulled myself up on the boat. “Looking for me?” I spoke.

The two men turned around quickly, making the tiny boat sway slightly, but I wasted no time. I slammed my fist into the one on my right, his brain welcomed his nose instantly as he fell backwards and into the ocean. The other swung his fist my way. I caught it quickly and pushed his wrist towards his arm, cracking the bone instantly. He cried out in pain while I smirked.

“You cock-blocking assholes. I loved that boat.” I clenched my teeth as I let his arm go and he held onto his broken wrist, whimpering. I grabbed his neck with one hand and the side of his face in another, snapping his neck and gave his body a light push. His body fell in the dark ocean with a small splash.

I eyed the boat that was idling and hit the switch making it purr to life. I steered it towards the yacht. The sight of it half in the water was making my stomach hurt. All the months of freedom and happiness and steamy sex, just going down. I clenched my jaw tightly and I circled around before I saw two bodies swimming towards land that was very much far away. I sped up slightly, whistling at them. They paused as I approached them and stopped the boat, helping Alec on first, then Aiden.

“Are you okay?” Alec asked, concern filled his face.

“Fine.” I said through my teeth as Aiden looked at me. He was just as pissed as I am.

It took about fifteen minutes to approach land, as Alec said there was a small beach on the other side of where we docked earlier. As my feet touched the sand, I stormed off towards the town, well what I thought was the town.

“Where are you going?” Aiden asked, running in front of me and blocked my way.

“Where do you think? Gonna find that son of a bitch and rip his head off his shoulders.” I growled angrily and tried to walk past him but he stopped me. “Aiden..” I warned.

“Arabella.” He warned back. His eyes went from me to behind me as Alec approached. “We’re getting a motel and figuring this out. We’re not going to go in half coc-“

“- You can get a motel room. I’m going after him.” I interrupted.

Aiden let out a audible sigh and lifted me over his shoulders quickly.

“Put me the fuck down!” I yelled, hitting his back, knowing it was no use but still tried anyway. “This is war honey! He needs to die.”

“She’s a feisty one huh?” Alec asked with a chuckle in his voice.

“You have know idea, Cap.” Aiden replied.

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