This Ain't a Fairytale

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Anna Marie Marcelo is like any normal college girl who dreamed of a fairytale-like life but ends up accepting the reality that she is a farmers’ daughter and that’s just it. This made her study hard and work harder for the dream she wants to achieve shortly. Together with her friend Margie Rose Domingo, they both face the reality of their boring, normal yet contented life. A sudden change happens to Anna that causes a stir into her normal life. She will find herself wearing gowns, expensive dresses, and high-class pieces of jewelry and dine in the finest food chains and get to meet handsome but arrogant prince charming. Almost like a fairytale story… a Cinderella story, but THIS is not a fairytale story. Cole Lyrus Pilkin is a cold handsome businessman behind his parents’ back who always goes against his decisions. His relationship with his parents is not so well even during his childhood that he starts becoming a rebel to them. His life starts to get messed-up upon meeting the woman who is the heiress of their adoptive grandfather, their so-called cousin who grew up in poverty. With her appearance, all hell breaks loose yet Cole starts getting drawn to her. What will he do? Who will he choose between her and his parents? This is a story you will love, join Anna as she faces the trials of being the so-called heiress surrounded by many handsome princes that are ready to take

Action / Romance
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Preface: On the present

“This sucks!” I utter to myself.

I watch the rain dropping beautifully from the sky into the school ground. I am sitting at the very back of the class besides the window, my usual spot in our classroom. Like the others, I am also a backbencher person. By the way, my name is Anna Marie Marcelo; both my parents are dedicated farmers. I have 5 siblings, 3 males, and 2 females. I am the only one studying right now so I have the opportunity to do whatever I like without anyone bothering me since they are all busy back in our province. Like any other middle-class child, I also feel that my life is so boring and worthless.... not until.

“So boring.” I sigh as I play with my pen in my hand.

Our teacher in Creative Writing is discussing in front yet my mind is occupied by the thoughts of how my life went upside down.

“I wonder, how is everyone doing back at home?”

As a kid, I always thought that my life is so boring for being so normal and simple yap that is how my life is, a province girl. Yet, now that I have found out about my real identity and lived the life I just imagined before, my mind seems to get weary on the thoughts of the problems I had encountered and experienced, and remembering the ONE person that made it hard to adjust I smirk with a soft snort of distaste.

“Tskkk yah THAT stupid jerk. He really pisses me off. Just remembering his face is making this day even unpleasant.” I said in distaste as I clinch the pen into my fist as if all my anger is centered on that poor pen.

I then give off a deep sigh as I continue to watch the dropping of the rain on the ground. The sound it makes seems to make me feel at ease. Then my chain of thought starts to run wild into my mind making me reminisce that what has happened to me in the past months.

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