One Night

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Chapter Three

Cars passed beneath the window of his apartment dancing on the walls and streaking across his eyes before giving away to the darkness of the apartment with only a small dim lamp to keep him from tripping if he ever felt the need to leave the bed.

For now he was trapped beneath her body with his fingers tangled in her blonde strands messed from their lovemaking brushing like silk between his fingers working absently at knots that didn’t belong in her halo.

He looked down at her sleeping expression seeing the hard lines around her mouth and eyes had softened giving her a serene sort of expression while asleep, an angel sleeping on the chest of a demon; strange world.

It was funny to him how life worked keeping nothing of value close to him, taking nothing with him when he moved from town to town looking for the next drink, the next forgettable face to keep him warm through the lonely cold nights in sleazy hotel rooms.

There was something about her though that was keeping him in this shitty little town, maybe it was the way that two broken people were fitting together almost perfectly like wedging two pieces from different puzzles .

Something within them just clicked, nothing of the fairy tale happily ever after right, but the type of right that could last forever or end in a sudden second depending on what happens between them.

He brushed a stray lock of hair from her face twisting it around his finger absently watching the flutter of her lashes at the disturbance of her sleep, deep sapphire blue met stormy gray as a smile curled angelic lips in a way that seemed happier than she had ever been before.

As her lips came toward his to begin their dance of passion anew his mind whirred and then stopped replying one thought over again till she quieted him with her need; he would keep her till he dared to let her go once the broken pieces of themselves no longer fit together.

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